Monday, October 31, 2005


Yesterday, I had lunch with Hiroko in Hamamatsu.

We had some BUTA YAKINIKU [GRILLED PORK] and some salad.

I didn't partake of my RICE, as usual.

Ayokong maging CHIBI, although I can't be that since I stand tall for a Pinay.

I enjoyed the meal plus++++ the conversation, as usual.

I always do with Hiroko.

That fellow seemed knowledgeable and helps me in every question or problem I may have encountered while living here in the Land of the Samurais.

We got to talk about my coming home during the Winter break.

Apparently Hiroko wanted to join me and my family for that much-needed respite.

Hiroko needs that, too, I'm sure.

I explained that getting an airline reservation would be impossible at this time.

Hiroko said, it's OK.

Trying to pull strings with a colleague in the travel business?

Maybe..... I don't know.

Impossible it may seem, I know that Hiroko has put the plan to visit Inang Bayan early next year stamped on the calendar.

Suddenly, I have the feeling that I'm going to change some of my plans, huh?

Cancel some, accomodate some...Gosh!

If that would push through, then I have to adjust my plans to allow H be accompanied by Maki around the city.

Accomodation is OK, since we have extra rooms at home.

And I've got to ask my "great alalay" to schedule some trips to the Spa for us.

Hiroko would love that Thai Massage.

That would be great!


Sometimes, we do not know when things happen.

There are so many things that is bound to happenin a matter of seconds..

.hence, we need to be flexible in times like these.

Same is true with LIFE itself;



.I HOPE to be able to adjust to situations the best I could as I travel

LIFE's ROADs......



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