Saturday, October 08, 2005



all I have to do is take a look at you

then I'm not so blue....


Goodness,........ of all times!

Kung kailan nakatagal ako nang ganito,

saka pa ako nakaka-feel ng LONELINESS...



FOR reasons I cannot fathom,I feel down and out these past week.

Can I categorize it as LONELINESS for family members who are away from me?

OR is it just one of those blues?


I can imagine the lonelinessand homesickness our OFWs are suffering....

just like that of the image that I see staring back at me in my hand mirror.


...ANYWAYZ, I was sooooo lonely I helped myself to some pints of new O-SAKE [RICE WINE], heheheh...

For a teetotaller, this is a big NO-NO!

So how did I feel?

Well, I feel a bit not myself,

but then I resorted to crying myself out [again!].

I texted Makoy and he answered right away...sending soft words to ease my loneliness.

..God, I love that lil Angel!


Am off the usual track and I sometimes question the rationaleof this all...

I could stay with my family and live happily ever after...


Nevertheless...I feel pain inside....

I don't know how to say it...


Who knows?

God may grant a soul who'll have the patience and the guts to love a fool such as I.


...AM I ALONE in this world?

Is this my FATE?

TO WHAT EXTENT will I make TIIS here?


Weighing things altogether...

I don't think the happiness of being in familiar grounds commensurate to what I earn here.

Nothing can compare to being with those you love and who love you in return.


Please God...

Grant me the PATIENCE to take all these..........


* My apologies for the rantings and ramblings of a lonely soul

who live far away from home.......


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