Thursday, May 31, 2007


MIDWEEK had the first TU candidate to concede. Mike Defensor said:
he was dropping his Senate bid “to enjoin my allies and friends who may want, in their desire to have me win, commit acts inimical to the essence of democracy and fair play in an electoral battle.”

ANYONE who has the common sense to read between the lines knows little Mike's message is clear. Goodness, he knows and admits it, albeit indirectly, but the message is there: loud and clear!

HE knows that there are 'magical moments' in there as long as the price is right!
HE is suggesting that there are backdoor anomalies his allies are capable of, just what the Opposition have been saying that there is something anomalous in the Maguindanao elections.

ALL these, the entire nation now knows!

YET nothing is being done to rid the election body of all these manipulators.

WHY can't we do anything about it?!

BETTER STILL, why can't the COMELEC do its own clean up?

THE ANSWER is clear: the COMELEC cannot do anything.

Either it is beholden to the 'fake' one or it is littered with 'brilliant manipulators' whose numbers are up for sale to the highest bidder.....just like Garci.

The discovery of those calls made waves, but after three years, the shenanigans are still working inside the COMELEC. And the manipulators still do what they do best.

THE whole thing stinks!

LIKE it or not, these people will continue to bring down trust and take the COMELEC with them.

UNLESS something/someone good puts a break on all these.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007


SUICIDE seems to be the last resort for most Japanese, be they public official or not. The rate of suicides among them is high. It is said that high-ranking public officials who have resorted to suicide has reached seven since the last war.

It is common knowledge that the Samurais of old go through SEPPUKU. This is a ritual to disembowel oneself in a ritual act of HARAKIRI. Harakiri, literally, means to cut [KIRI] the stomach [HARA]. It is done by thrusting a sword thru the stomach area and slashing sideways to ensure they hit the major organs of the body. That way, they can no longer be revived. This was done to save their honor and their family's. I guess the ritual has faded with the advent of the 20th century.

The new generation of Japanese has come up with different kind of killing themselves. Since gun is a total no-no in this country, some have resorted to CO poisoning, that is, staying inside a closed vehicle and starting the engine. Some have used knives, others poison. Still others, like Matsuoka use ropes, or any alternative to hang themselves.

But the recent suicides...there are two, btw, have brought to mind the way Japanese face society. They do not want to be shamed and as such go through the easy way out.

Analysts said Matsuoka's suicide would be a severe blow to Abe, who partly due to the scandal has suffered a sharp decline in public support ahead of key elections for the upper house of parliament on July 22.

Japanese dailies said Abe's insistence on sticking by a scandal-tainted minister was partly responsible for his suicide, and would cost him a political price.

"There is no doubt that this is the most serious crisis since the Abe administration began," the Mainichi Shimbun said in an editorial.

Late Monday, a sullen Abe admitted responsibility, telling reporters: "As the one who appointed minister Matsuoka to the post, I feel responsible for the action taken by a cabinet member."

Japan has one of the world's highest suicide rates, which experts attribute in part to the lack of a religious stigma against killing oneself.

However, the GOOD thing about the Japanese is that they take responsibilities like it is their very own lives. Hence, the suicides.

Can anyone by the Pasig beat that?

Monday, May 28, 2007


WHATEVER it is, people in government are supposed to serve.
Here, there, and everywhere.
The only difference is the way these politicians face problems when they are found out.

TAKE a look at this news:

Agriculture minister Matsuoka dies after committing suicide

Japan's agriculture minister Toshikatsu Matsuoka has died after apparently committing suicide by hanging. Government sources say wills were found in his room.
Shortly after noon on Monday, Mr Matsuoka's secretary and a security guard found that Mr Matsuoka had hanged himself in his room at a residence for lawmakers in central Tokyo.

Mr Matsuoka was unconscious and in critical condition. He was rushed to a hospital but pronounced dead at 2 p.m.

Tokyo police say Mr Matsuoka was in the room alone after meeting with his secretary at around 10 a.m. The secretary went into the room to look for Mr Matsuoka because he had failed to appear outside.

Police say Mr Matsuoka hanged himself by hooking a rope on the metal part of a door in his living room. They say he was in his sleepwear.

The agriculture ministry says Mr Matsuoka was supposed to attend an Upper House committee meeting on Monday afternoon to answer questions regarding alleged bid-rigging by a government-related agency.

Mr Matsuoka was first elected to Japan's Lower House in 1990 and is in his 6th term.

Mr Matsuoka was appointed to a Cabinet post for the first time as agricultural minister when Prime Minister Shinzo Abe took office last September.

But in recent months Mr Matsuoka has been under fire for huge amounts of water and electricity costs claimed by his fund management group although such costs are free at the office, which is housed in a government building.

Mr Matsuoka has refused to disclose the details of the expenses and has repeatedly told Parliament that he has been reporting the expenses appropriately.

Mr Matsuoka was also recently found to have accepted donations from contractors implicated in bid-rigging over projects commissioned by an agency affiliated with the farm ministry.

THIS came after some investigations regarding the bloating bills, and some bid-rigging. He chose the easiest way out. He wasn't able to attend the next hearing at the Diet, investigating him for padding expenses.

THIS is the same the world over. The investigation, I mean.
People in government who continue to make money out of government projects and/or expenditures do so because they feel it is part and parcel of being in government.
Nikita Krushev even said:
Politicians are the same all over. Some promise to build bridges even where there are no rivers.

...Which is contrary to the very label they have: PUBLIC SERVANTs!

THE news reminds me of the usual happening in Inang Bayan.
But then again, politicians in our country are made of a sturdier stuff:
makapal ang mukz.

HERE, when one is faced with his wrongdoings, they 'feel' it and thus, make every necessary move to make amends. A great number take the final trip: commit suicide to avoid the stigma attached to their names. Yun nga lang, the family are bereaved twice over: they will forever be shamed of the father's "legacy". Marami pa ring manipis dito.

PINOY TRAPOs are made of sturdier stuff: makapal....
They wouldn't do that, would they? Kung baga, pakapalan talaga. Palakasan ng apog, sabi nga!

SOME go away for a while: Look at JocJoc...the friend of gloria's husband. He left the country and transferred from one country to another only to land in mainland USA
and was apprehended.... Ewan ko, kung ano na ang nangyari!

AND.....don't forget GARCI. He was nowhere to be found when he was being investigated and surfaced only when he knew he'd be safe. SANABAWITZ!

A great number of TRAPOs even flaunt their riches: Look at Imelda. She acts as if she is God's gift to Pilipinas! ...and Gloria who dared mouth that she received Divine Blessings.

Simply unbelibabol!


Saturday, May 26, 2007


The election is almost over, with Lanao and Maguindanao about to be counted....

and here we are, fed with more lies!

Who would dare do that, except the master liar herself,

the one they call President....

the one who cheated her way to Malacanang.

The signs are there:
*The snail-paced counting, the manipulation of numbers, thanks to the Comelec Chair and Malacanang lapdog;
*the use of the military to intimidate, manipulate the masses and articulate their presence as mere 'helping the poor' well as
*the machinery that spent billions of pesos guessed it right!...from the coffers of the People of this Nation.

Who in his/her right mind wouldn't notice?

The signs are clear. It tells us the people, who lied and who is lying, still.

While the Nation awaits the proclamation of the winners in the Upper House, the Lower House assured the power-grabber of their strength in numbers.

And the people will have to endure the next three years [or is it more?] of gloria's lies!


Monday, May 21, 2007


Popular Text-message sa Pinas.
It made my day, and I wanna share the chance to laugh
in the midst of all these news that there is a replay of
cheating in Inang bayan.


Si Chavit.... sumaVIT.

Si Pichay, pinulot sa Kangkungan.

Si Sotto, naBULAGA!

Si Pacquiao, na-Knock Out!

Si Oreta, Na-boom tarat tarat!

Si Montano, na-outSHINE!

Si Defensor, napuTOL!

Si Lito Lapid, BINAYout!

Si Goma, na-FLAT!


TILA NAGBABAGO ang ihip ng hangin sa Bayan sa Silangan.

NAGKAROON NG "milagro ng Bayan" sa Pampanga mismo, ang lalawigang sinasabing `Bailiwick' daw ni gloria. Si Fr. Ed Panlilio, na kilala sa tawag na 'Among Ed'sa kanyang parokya, ay nanalo bilang Gobernador. Ang kanyang panalo, laban sa mga bigwigs sa Pamapanga ay laban sa tinatawag nilang "Quarry King" at 'Jueteng Queen'. Maliban doon, ang kalaban ay may makinarya, ...ibig sabihin, pera at nakasandal sa bato. Alam ng lahat na ang mga natalong kandidato at kinikilalang "malapit" sa nakaupo sa may Pasig. Bilang isang `neophyte' sa politika, nakatulong nang malaki ang mamamayang nagbantay sa bilangan. Naisip ko tuloy, marahil, nagsawa na sa kurakot sa paligid nila ang mga taga Pamapanga.

NATALO RIN si pacman. Alam ng lahat na medyo lumaki ang ulo nitong si manny at pati pagsagot sa mgha tanong sa interviews eh, nakakasuyang pakinggan. Nag-endorso pa siya, ha? Halos lahat naman ng inindorso ni manny, talo rin. Natatawa akong mabasa ang isang text na ipinadala ng aking kamag-anak galing sa Maynila.

NATALO HALOS ang mga artistang kandidato, maliban sa iilan. Natpos na rin ang "maningning" na presensiya ng mga artista lalo na sa Senado. Halos wala nman kasing ginagawa ang mga ito...kaya nawalan na rin ng pasensiya ang mga tao.

KASAMA SA mga natalo ay sina Lito Lapid, bilang alkalde ng Makati. Ang lakas kasi ng loob kalabanin si Mayor Jejomar Binay. Talo sa lahat ng puwesto ang inilagay ng grupo ni gloria! OK!

MARAMI RIN ang nanghihinayang sa mga nawalang boto para kay ALAN PETER CAYETANO. Talagang halatang may nagmamanipula sa mga numero. May nasagasaang malaking isda ang Mambabatas kaya ganun. Halos sa lahat ng anggulo, may gulong hinahain para mapigilan ang pag-upo ni Alan sa Senado.

SA MINDANAO naman....marami pa ring milagro. Isipin na lang na si Chavit na taga Ilocos eh NUMBER 0NE sa Mindanao? Nasapawan pa niya sina Kiram, Pichay at Zubiri? Unbeliabol! Isang maling taktika na ginawa ng kung sinuman ang gumawa noon.

OO AT tila nagbago na ang isipan ng ating mga Kababayan sa pagboto. SALUDO po ako sa ating mga Filipino. Mapagtiis, nguni' kapag nagalit, tapos na ang maliligayang araw ng mga diktador.

NGUNI'T ANG SISTEMA ng pagboto sa ating Bansa ay dapat nang mapalitan. Gayundin ang mga nasa COMELEC na pinangungunahan ng isang taong wala ni katiting na kredibilidad. Gaya ng nag-appoint sa kanya, dapat na ring umalis si abalos bilang Chairman ng COMELEC. Halata ka na, Tatang, kaya 'ALIS D'YAN!'

MARUMI ANG politika. Kasabay nito ay panloloko sa Taumbayan. Harinawang mapalitan na ang mga bulok na politico at bulok na sistema.

Thursday, May 17, 2007


Eleksyon-2007 will be remembered,
in so many ways, as "special" in the history of Inang Bayan.

WHY is that? may ask.

It made people who have lost hope in our electoral process
to choose leaders in our country to trust again,
as long as VIGILANCE is there.

I, for one, felt hopeless when people in my area
prepared their ballots and sent them
via express mails to the Embassy.
I thought, 'malaking dayaan na naman ang mangyayari.
Baka may humarang lang sa mga balotang ito,
sayang naman!
....I thought.

Thanks to people who never stopped being there*
looking after the concerns of Pinoys in this part of the world....
until all ballots were counted, canvassed and totalled
in the Land of the Rising Sun. Special mention to Ms.YukoTakei
who, despite her being a Japanese citizen has her heart cry for
Pilipinas, still!

Although the result ended up with Pangil-inan leading,
I must say that GO got the most numbers here. I had the impression that results tell us that
most electorates have matured in their choices.
They, too need to express their sentiments against
a regime that has been abusive since Day-1.

Another thing: the initial result from Metro-Manila have set the trend.
The opposition garnered most positions at stake in the area.
This is clear indication that our Kababayans have had enough
of mrs. pidal et al.

The same trend is reverberated in almost all areas in the country.
Even pakyaw is silent, a far cry from his smiling presence on
radio, TV and the papers.

And this is no joke:
manny was KO'd by a 90-pounder Darlene in Cotabato!
OK ito!

Same is true in Muntinlupa, where the young Biazon edged 'Dong' Puno
and put a 'Ding' on the latter's try for the lone district. Tapos ang laban!

So far, so good. Huwag lang magmilagro si hambalos, ayos!

Kudos to all who made watch the canvassing and the local counting of ballots.
Not only here, but in areas where their presence are needed:
especially those who risked lives and limbs to set the record straight:

Salamat Po!

Sunday, May 13, 2007


THIS is the day when we can show the world

.that we are peaceful loving people;
..that we have the mind and the guts to eradicate rampant corruption in our Nation.
...that we will never allow dictators and regimes to flourish.
....that we shall guard our votes so that no one can ever steal those from us.
.....that we will not allow those creeps to steal our democratic way of life again!

GO and VOTE....


Saturday, May 12, 2007


sa buong Bansa.

Ito ay hindi dahil sa tag-ulan na,
kundi bahagi at pakana ng mga desperado
sa rehimeng pidal.

....yung nga lang, PEKE,
gaya ng pekeng presidente sa pekeng gobyerno
ng mag-asawang pidal at alipores.

00, peke ang pera!
Tig-limangdaang piso raw na pambayad sa mga botante!
Karamihan daw ay kahon-kahon ang dinala sa Kabisayaan
at sa Bandang Mindanao. Alam nila na hindi sila makakalusot
sa Kamaynilaan.

Bakit kailangang bumili ng boto?

Kasi alam nila na kung walang padulas,
tiyak na nag pagkatalo ng kanilang mga kandidato.

Umulan na rin daw ng pera noong 2004 Presidential Elections sa Cebu.
Di maikakaila na napakalaki {daw!} ng lamang ng boto ni gloria kay FPJ
sa lugar na ito. Ito ay ayon kay Osmena na siyang Campaign Manager ng
Genuine Opposition.

Isang tanong: SINO ang may kayang gumawa ng ganitong kabalbalan?
Isang Sagot: May duda pa ba diyan? Eh di yung CHEAT of ALL CHEATS!


Thursday, May 10, 2007


IBA TALAGA ang politika sa Inang Bayan.
Sandamakmak ang tumatakbo sa iba't ibang puwesto.

May pilay, may bungi, at meron ding duling.
Merong may kaya, meron ding waldas.
May mga pala, merong barko ang ka-sangga.
May matinik, may mashin-gan, at may maayos din naman.

Hari ng boksing, Hari ng magnanakaw;
Hari ng jueteng, Hari ng Kidnap-for-Ransom;
Hari ng mga Disparecidos,Hari ng Carnapping!
Hari ng Goons, Hari ng Maton...
Hari ng Shabu, Hari ng Kotong!
En dont porget, meron ding Hari ng Bank Robbery!

Hey! Hey! Hey!

syempre, mawawala ba naman ang REYNA?

REYNA ng sinungaling, Reyna ng daya;
Reyna ng pangako, Reyna ng daldal;
Reyna ng ispreketek, Reyna ng Tsismis.
At huwag kalimutan, meron ding Reyna ng Jueteng!

Anak ng Pating!

Sari-sari, iba-iba
Diskarte dito, pangako doon.
May kumikindat, merong umiindak.
May umaawit, merong nagno-noted!


BASTA ANG alam ko, kailangang bumoto,
Pumili nang tama, gamitin ang noo.
Hwag hayaang madaya, maloko na naman
Bantayan mabuti Yaring ating Bayan!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007


LIKE DAVID who dared fight the bold Goliath, the Genuine Opposition and other Kapatiran Candidates must be vigilant as far as the counting of the election returns is concerned. This is to ensure that all numbers are reported without fail, unchanged and untarnished on into the canvassing of votes.

THE LOWER level, that is, the first stage of counting in the Precinct Level isn't much the problem. I have had the chance to witness first-hand the counting/canvassing of votes there so many times in the past. These teachers, especially in Manila are really doing their jobs. These teachers are always at risk to finish their duties as members of the election precinct they are assigned to, although no one seems to care.

THE BIGGEST cheat could be in the transmission of digits from the Provincial, Municipal Level on to the National Level. This can very well be manipulated by the hands of the devil as was done in previous elections.

TAKE THE canvassing of the February election in the last days of the marcos regime. Remember the walkout of those brave souls who can no longer stomach the rampant and aggressive cheating done by the dictator's henchmen? We need honest men and women like them who can stand on their own and call white white, and define black black! We do not need crocodiles in our midst. No need for a 'Hello garci' repeat!

PEOPLE MUST never lose their faith in the Filipinos. Never say die! There are still millions out there who want change now. Let us all change the deteriorating Pinoy image with something we can be proud of. There are Pinays all over the world who feel they must work elsewhere because of the current situation in the country.

MY LOLO often wonder why we can't change arroyo. He and others like him are aware of the situation in Inang Bayan. Apparently, Pilipinas is being monitored by the international community. One would wonder why there are always international `observers' every time we conduct elections. Can you guess why?

BE A DAVID against the daunting GOLIATH of this regime. They can have the machinery: the guns, the goons and the gold. The military men are ordered to cheat for the CHEATs! They use the people's money to run the election. Even the unconfirmed Secretary of Justice, that Gunggungzales has been saying he'd give each Barangay Captain in Iloilo PP10,000. each if they can deliver a TUTA sweep there.

BUT AGAINST all odds, we can have the votes and the numbers we need to oust a well-entrenched corrupt TRAPOs here and now.

VOTE for conscience.

VOTE with your heart.

VOTE for the future.

VOTE clean!

GO and VOTE, Kababayans.....

Our country needs all of the Davids in us......

Don't let Inang Bayan down!


Interviews bring out the best and the worse among people.

The same can be said with the interviews of candidates running for positions,
be it local or national level.

Some grab these opportunities gratis-et-amore. These may be the candidates whom journalists believe to be good choices for the position.

Some well-oiled ones dole out ' payolas ' to please the journalists who are potential backers in broadsheets and tabloids.

Remember, media still plays a major factor for all candidates, big or small.

Common answers are basically similar, in tone and content.
Take this one: "I have big dreams for this province."-so says Christopher de Leon, a neophyte who is running for Vice-Governor of Batangas.

Yes, it's true.... I have always admired de Leon for his roles in the movies. He can deliver his lines well and "pang-Famas talaga!" But I don't buy all the crap that he says.

Same goes with other candidates. There's manny pacquiao saying that he was promised by no less than gloria to get everything he wants for the people of GenSan! Knowing gloria as a "USER" of people in every way she can, who'd believe her? Only manny and his simple mind. What does he know about legislation? Does he know filing a Bill from listening to that bell so he can rest in-between rounds?

Everything they say and do are practiced prodded by their image-makers. Most are rehearsed....or there are idiot boards so they won't get get lost on answers whose Qs have been earlier distributed among the attendees.

Some come out 'orocan' or kung classy, Tupperwares'...if you know what I mean. Remember that woman who lied and lied then one day came out with the '' stuff? Did anyone believe her? I doubt it. That one turned out to be a comedy, pramis! It was spoofed by almost everyone I know......

TRA-POs are like that: they have BIG "DREAMS" for this and that, and all boils to the personal 'dreams' of these politicos.

It's good if they fulfill those 'dreams' for the sake of their countrymen. But a hundred percent of them fulfill their own...only! A couple of years into their tenure and one can see "the difference" in their lifestyle. New houses, numerous cars, private helis, planes, even! And acquisition of multiple-digit bank accounts in the Bahamas and somewhere near the Lake in the Alps, not to mention a string of queridas waiting at plush mansions here and abroad.

To think that what they are stealing are the taxes we pay makes me real angry!


Monday, May 07, 2007


OO nga, isang Linggo na lang,
Tapos na ang Boksing!

Sabi namn ng iba,
tapos na talaga!

Alin nga ba?

Tapos na ang makinarya ng rehimeng mapaniil?

O tapos na dahil desidido na sa isipan ng Bayan
na burahin ang mga mapang-api?

Paalala ay mahalaga:

SINO ba ang aking iboboto?

Matino ba ito?

O may sukbit na baril para mamaril?

Holdaper ba ng Pera ng Bayan?

Matino ang Pinoy.

Yan ang alam ko.

Hindi ipagbibili yaring kanyang boto.

GO and VOTE from your heart!


Naglibot ako sa mga Botante rito.
Sumilip din ako sa mga blog sa internet.
Kung baga, nakikibalita, nakikipagtalakayan
tungkol sa nais ng ating Kababayan.

Napagtanto ko, sukang-suka na sila.
Ganun din naman ang aking abang isipan.
Ayaw ko sa masama, ayoko ng kurakot!
Dapat alisin na, kalakarang TRA-PO!

Sari-sari ang bumubuo, iba-ibang kulay:
May sinungaling, may bugot,mayroong nangangako.
Maraming asawa, may kabit ang iba!
Kawawang pamilya, Bayan din nagmumura!

Sa gitna ng lahat mayroon ding matino:
Makabayang tunay, pagkatao'y sinasanto.
Ito ang piliin nang maahon na tayo
Sa kahirapang buhat sa korapsyong arroyo.

Pulso ko, Pulso Mo, alin nga ba rito?
Piliin na natin Kandidatong hindi loko.
Isiping mabuti bago isulat:
Pangalang may tatak iwasang ilapat.

May sabit, may sukbit, may starlet na bitbit!
Alisin, iwasan, pagka't ito'y kurakot lamang.
Tingnan ang malaya, matino at masinop
Sapagka't kasabay nito'y Takot sa May Lalang.

Mga Kababayan, eto na ang pangalan
Baka sakaling maisama sa inyong listahan:
Bagama't wala ako sa Bayang Sinilangan,
Puso ko'y nasa Pilipinas, Bayan Kong Mahal.



1. AQUINO, Benigno III
2. BAUTISTA, Martin
3. CAYETANO, Peter Alan
4. ESCUDERO, Francis
5. LACSON, Panfilo
6. LEGARDA, Loren
7. PAREDES, Zosimo II
8. PIMENTEL, Aquilino III
9. ROCO, Sonia
10.SISON, Adrian
11.TRILLANES, Antonio IV
12.VILLAR, Manuel


Napakarami kasi, kaya iisipin ko pa.
Pero narito po ang aking mga nasa listahan:

PEP Coalition
A Teacher


GO and VOTE!

Sunday, May 06, 2007


ANO BA talaga?

UNA, sinuspinde [for the second time!] si Mayor Jejomar Binay ng DILG dahil daw sa napakaraming kaso na isinampa ng kalaban niya sa pulitika sa Makati.

Ngayon lumabas naman ang utos na ipagpaliban muna ang suspension makalipas ang election period!

Nagbago ng desisyon.


Baka natauhan ang mga galamay.O yung may pakana ng lahat ng nangyayari sa rehimeng srroyo?

Sa pagkakaalam ko, bawal ang suspension sa panahon ng eleksyon. Bawal ding maglipatng puwesto, o kaya'y mag-hire ng bagong kawani sa gobyerno.

Dapat alam ng mga taga-DILG yan.

Nguni't tila walang kaalam-alam sa Batas ang mga Gunggung na nasa Gabinete ni glue. Yung unconfirmed 'Justice' Sec na lang, eh....palaging ginagawang circus ang Batas, pa kayang nasa DILG?

Baka naman itong si Puno eh, "iba" ang pinagkakaabalahan kaya ganun at huli na ang kanyang desisyon sa bagay na dapat ay una pa lamang napagtuunan na ng kanyang opisina.

O baka nagbago na naman ang takbo ng utak ng manipulador ng gobyerno? Hindi maikakaila na ilang ulit nang atras-abante ang kalakaran sa rehimeng ito!

Ehem! Pakiayos naman ang mga kilos, nang walang mabuking, mga Ginoo!

AYAW ng Pinoy ng ganyang walang isang salita.

Kayo rin!

Saturday, May 05, 2007


Samu't sari ang balita sa internet at sa major dailies sa Inang Bayan.
Nakakatawa ang iba, nakakalunos naman ang karamihan at ang iba ay naghahatid ng desperasyon ng alagad ni gloria tungkol sa nalalapit na halalan.

Ito yung reklamo ni Manuel Pacquiao. Sabi ng kampo ni pacman 20Milyong piso daw ang halaga sa pagpatay sa kanya na iniutos diumano ng kalaban niya na si incumbent Rep. Darlene Custodio. HU=DAS he think he is, anyway? Akala yata niya malakas na siya sa GenSan. Kapalan lang yan, di ba, manny?

Hindi ko alam kung anong klase nga itong takbo ng utak ng boksingero. Kaya raw siya tatakbo sa GenSan, eh nangako itong si glue na ibibigay sa kanya ang bawa't hilingin niya para sa kanyang bayan. Hindi ba alam ni manny kung ano ang salitang pangako para kay glue? Alam ng lahat na walang isang salita itong si glue. Pangako'y laging napapako! Isa pa, hindi ba alam ni manny na ang lehislatura eh iba at hiwalay sa ehekutibo? Anak ng pating na nagkaduling-duling! Puwede ba, manny, mag-aral ka muna!
O kaya naman, mag-boksing ka na lang! Tutal, doon ka magaling. Sabi nga: Enhance your asset, cover your liabilities. Kung bibe ka, lumangoy ka na lang! Kung ibon ka, lumipad ka!

NAKAKATAKOT: Mga patayan, barilan at kidnapan naman.Walang alam ang mga kamag-anak sa pagkawala ni JayJay Burgos.Taga-Bulacan daw itong batang Burgos. Ganundin ang barilan sa kampo ni Villanueva sa Bulacan.

Ganun na pala kagulo sa Bulacan? Akala ko pa naman, dahil sa malapit ito sa Kamynilaan, eh walang ganyang mangyayari.

OO at alam ng lahat na magulo sa Masbate, dahil sa mga hired goons ng mga politico doon. Ranchero style baga. Halos lahat, may dalang baril. Kaya marami raw NPA doon!
Ganundin naman sa bandang Norte. Kadaming mga hustlers...lalo na yung may mga sabit!


1. DESPERADO na nga ba si hoNASAN ? Aba'y nakipagkita ang balitang fugitive ng mga coup d`etat sa panahon ni dating President Cory kay glue sa Malacanang. Anong dahilan ng isang hinuli ng kapulisan na makipagkita sa pretender? Para ano? My goodness naman, oo. Ginagawa pang tanga ang lahat ng taumbayan!

ISA PA, wala namng nagawa sa Senado itong si hoNASAN nung nasa mataas na kapulungan siya, db? Tagamasid...taga-tanggap ng pork barrel, taga-plano ng kalokohan! I will never vote for any man/woman who do not do his work well! Sayang ang boto kapag ito ang pinili ninyo!

2. DESPERADO na nga ba ang rehimeng arroyo at sinuspinde ang Alkalde ng Makati na si JEJOMAR BINAY? "Wrong timing!" sabi ni joker....ta[N]ga administraston TUTA yan, ha? Ganun din ang sinabi ni pitchay [kahit na ayokong itanim siya sa senado]. TUTA rin yan! Sabagay, OK naman kay Mayor Binay kasi nga, Pinoys Love the Underdog...NOT the DOG!

I always think that Binay has the upperhand in everything as far as Makati and its constituents are concerned. No comparison kay lito lapid, isang capampangan at isang tagamasid sa Senado. Tagamasid, [buti nga, hindi tangamasid...nakatanga lang, na nakatingin!] kasi wala namang nagawa ang "senador" na ito sa kanyang 3 taon sa senado. Chairman nga siya ng Silent Committee sa Senado eh.

I hope and pray that MAYOR JEJOMAR BINAY WIN and win big...para ma-supla naman ang kahangalan ng nasa maling upuan sa may Pasig.

3. DESPERADO na nga ang rehimeng ito ni arroyo. Kahit anong paraan gagawin, mapanatili lamang ang kanilang clout o lakas sa Kongreso. Aba'y biglang nagkaroon ng mga kabuti sa PartyList Groups! Nandun ang grupo ni iba pang kahina-hinala ang mga pinanggalingan! Mabuting i-check muna sa B & W Movement List sa para sa kumpletong listahan. Mahirap nang magoyo na naman ng mga peke. Naglipana ang mga peke sa buong Bansa!

Mga Kababayan:



GO and VOTE!


Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Open Letter of Sen. JOVITO SALONGA to gma

May 1, 2007

President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo

Malacañang Palace, Manila

Your Excellency:

Election Day, May 14, 2007, is less than two weeks from today. On behalf of the Trustees and Officers of Kilosbayan and Bantay Katarungan, we are humbly and respectfully sending this Open Letter to you in the hope it will serve all Filipinos for the common good.

Our Trustees are non-partisan and independent. Almost all are senior citizens. Some were in the Government years ago, but while they have retired from serving the Government, they have not retired from serving our people. All of us receive no compensation or allowance – we serve gratis et amore.

We believe we cannot keep quiet in the midst of the many problems that confront our people, as a result of massive poverty, endemic corruption, and worsening violence and criminality. The coming elections should be an occasion for national renewal, as in other democratic countries, but in our view, the way the May 14 elections are actually being conducted could make our problems worse than ever and lead to undesirable consequences.

The Administration has repeatedly assured our people that the coming elections will be honest, orderly, peaceful, and credible. Since majority of our people believe otherwise, immediate steps should now be taken by your Administration to regain the people's trust and confidence at this crucial hour. These steps include the following:

1. The Commission on Elections is supposed to be an independent, impartial, and competent Commission, worthy of the people's trust. But the Chairman of the COMELEC and at least two of his fellow Commissioners are seriously tainted because of their track record and their palpable bias in your favor. In fairness to others, Commissioners Romeo A. Brawner and Rene V. Sarmiento have earned public trust due to their meritorious performance. Commissioner Nicodemo T. Ferrer's trust rating is still undertain.

Madam President: You have the rare opportunity to do something positive by appointing a person of moral integrity, competence, and impartiality to the 7th and only vacancy in the COMELEC. But you have not done so. We respectfully and humbly urge you to do so even at this late hour, since it is certain many problems will confront the COMELEC immediately before, during, and long after the May 14, 2007 elections.

2. Many of our people, including the Trustees and Officers of Kilosbayan and Bantay Katarungan, cannot see any merit in deploying the military in the poor areas of Metro Manila up to and after the elections. Peace and order is the main responsibility of the National Police. The role of the military is to protect and defend our people in case of foreign invasion. But why the lack of regard for this basic distinction, unless – as keen observers believe – your Administration has a wrong, horrible agenda in mind?
3. We bear no personal grudge against Chief of Staff Hermogenes Esperon, who has been linked with the dishonest elections in Southern Mindanao. Whether correct or not, the poll surveys show that he has the lowest trust rating among your distrusted allies and subordinates. We recall a similar figure during the last days of Marcos before EDSA I – Chief of Staff General Fabian Ver. As Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, there is a lot you can do to avert a similar social upheaval. We respectfully urge you to do so as soon as possible.
4. The broadcast and print media have just reported that you have asked the AFP and PNP to stop the election-related violence, which has already claimed 31 lives and many serious injuries of an undetermined number. The banner headline today is that the military, in line with your order, is setting up "more checkpoints nationwide." We recall that this was what Marcos also ordered in the 1969 elections, described by Newsweek and Time (November 24, 1969 and February 16, 1970) as the "dirtiest, most violent" and "most corrupt" in modern Filipino history. But even more violent and more corrupt was the February 7, 1986 election which culminated in the EDSA I People Power Revolution. We hope this kind of an election – violent and fraudulent – does not happen again, for your sake and for the sake of our suffering people.

Sincerely yours,



I hope gma listens...
but looking at her actions in the past 6 years....
well, well, well!

gma has turned to be more brutal than dictator marcos himself.
She has earned the distrust of Pinoys here and abroad by her actions
and pretentious stand on anything legal.

Stong Republic, she says....
I say Strong Military!

VOTE WISELY, will ya?


Tuesday, May 01, 2007

3 held over forging Fukui absentee ballots

From The Yomiuri Shimbun

A former senior Fukui city official and two others have been arrested on suspicion of violating the Public Offices Election Law by placing the name of a particular Fukui City Assembly election candidate on the absentee ballots of elderly nursing care facility residents, police said.

According to the police, the three are Shonen Biyama, 63, the former head of the Fukui city government's health and welfare division and former adviser to the facility; nurse Hiroko Sakai, 59; and dietitian Reiko Maeda, 38.

The three allegedly fabricated the ballots of elderly residents of the Silver Villa Iwai nursing care facility in the city and sent them on April 17.

About 100 people are registered as residents of the facility, with 74 of them found to have voted by absentee ballot.

After retiring from the city government in March 2004, Biyama had served as an adviser to the facility until late April.
(May. 1, 2007)

FUKUI-ken is a prefecture in Honshu, the main and biggest island in Japan, northwest of Tokyo. It faces Japan Sea.


READING this news made me think:

Mabuti pa sa Japan, nakikita ng awtoridad ang mga mandaraya.
Arestado pa yan, ha!?

Sa Bayang Sinilangan, ganun din kaya?

Sana, ano?