Wednesday, October 19, 2005


'TWAS A GOOD DAY yesterday and my beddings enjoyed some airing [finally!]

under the warm Autumn sun....

A far cry from last week when the skies loomed dark with clouds and rains that kept on pouring non-stop.

I was able to finish my laundry in a jiffy

and had the plots re-arranged to accomodate the new batch of green grass to be planted over Lolo's 'golf-practice area' inside the main garden.

This is one area has developed a 'bald' area due to his constant swinging practice.

Well, the planting could wait till Sunday, when Lolo will have to do it himself.IF he is strong enough to swing his golf club so many times for practice alone....well, he IS strong enough to patch up those holeshimself....tee-hee!


I was alone last night and the moon shone brightly overhead.Not that I saw it from my bedroom, not that.I had the shutters down. I saw it shine when I went out to transfer the solar lights that line the pathway.I failed to put them back earlier when I had them placed in the garage where the sunshine were unhamperedby the house's silhoutte.


And I hoped that the moon shone also to the one I love....Goodness, am I being mushy? ...or...lonely? Hmmm.....

I wondered what he is doing at that very moment.

Oh, well....what am I to say?

He did call me up yesterday..after his day's usual....

So I don't have much to complain about, do I?


The one foremost in my mind nowadays is my big Balikbayan Box.

Those [there are two, dear...2! ] must be packed by mid November and picked up a week later.

That would ensure being delivered in time for my arrival in December...

That in place, I would have to think of my check-in baggages by December...

All these in check, then I can clean the house

in preparation for welcoming the New Year here...

General cleaning of one's house is a necessary chore and no one but I can [will?...must? should?] do it.


Today promises to be a good day with the sun up as usual, with cold wind in tow.

Got to get those mineral water and some fruits for my empty stomach....

plus some TONYU as well...

What's that? dear would be good for another day....


Have A Nice Day, everyone!


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