Saturday, October 15, 2005


LATE AFTERNOON, I went to PINOREand ordered a formal suit am gonna wear for Junko's wedding on December 4.

I didn't bring any formal wear here with me, so I have to look for some good wear.

I wouldn't be caught going to some wedding na mukhang basahan, noh!

I did find some good ones but the size didn't fit.The ladyshop-owner will confirm the ordered ensemble any day next week. Great!

Then off I went for some good eats for Lolo. I had to prepare something since I had plans to dine out.


No matter how late I go to bed,sigurado, maaga pa rin akong gigising.

I believe na ang katawan ng tao, may sariling orasan. Body clock, sabi nga....

Oh well....

Basically, I am a day person.

Whenever I sleep late, siguradong pulos hikab na lang ang susunod na araw.

I seldom take a nap...If I do, then my sleeping cycle would be totally disrupted and I wouldn't respond to that positively.

You see, I work from 3 PM when school here ends.

That is the time when we, at JUKUs [CRAM School]start working.

The last lesson usually ends around 6,6:30.I have to prepare some print outs and some games,but that would be easy for me,now that I have established my routine here.

Kapag inaantok ako, mapapansin ng mga bata yun, kaya 'no way' is it acceptable, right?

Buti na lang, Sunday ngayon and there are no classes.Thank God for that!


Last night, a friend and I went to SHIDAX, a local Karaoke-box. It is a building with small cubicles for barkadas and big rooms for big companies.We were met there by Naoko's bf. Although we sang our hearts out, something's missing....

Oh how I wish my loved ones were here with me.....

Anyways, before that, we had dinner at some Korean Barbecue House.

Went home quite late.....something I rarely do

.After shower [to get rid of those tobacco smell,since Naoko's bf smoked like a dragon!],I went to bed....and reviewed the day that was.....


I Thank God for all the Good Things He Has Bestowed Upon Me....

I wish that all good things happen to those I love as well....




I received some Chikka text from Makoy :and PMs from A., aside from several calls from Hiro.

...and Cards from Dons, Jovy & Co.,

...Love you all!


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