Sunday, April 29, 2007


It is the last day of April...
and two weeks from now, we will be choosing the next generation leaders of our beloved Inang Bayan.

This makes us stop and think: Who is the right choice? Who is not? Will my vote be counted? Will they cheat? What is going to happen?

Questions, questions! So many we cannot stop asking...

One intriguing question that hounds my consciousness is whether there will be a repeat of the last national election.

This has been triggered by the very fact that people by nature, want to win.
I do...Who wouldn't want to win, anyway?

But what makes us different from each other is the way we win.
Most, if not all cheat to get what they want. They want some things so much they'd do anything to get them. Same is true with the elections in Inang Bayan. This has been proven time and again, some discreet, and others blatant if we are to gauge the 2004 Presidential elections. Garci et al are still free...even running for position in his hometown, thanks to the clout the 'caller' has.

Still others, a small minority, e.g., win despite all odds they encounter.
Thanks to the people who support them and the vigilance they manifest from start to finish.

Barely two weeks from now, voters will troop to the polls and let their voices be heard. This is one glorious moment for our Kababayans to do our duty as citizens of this country. We have the privilege of choosing our leaders...those who will lead us to a better Pilipinas....NOT that corrupt, self-serving TRAditional POliticians
who run to gain clout on anything his hands can handle. These unsatiable lot must be fed to the crocs which they resemble.

The time is come to use that privilege.

"Enshrined in the constitution is my right to vote. Come election day, I will exercise that right. It is my duty to my country and obligation to my people that I keep the sanctity of the process. I will never relinquish this right as it is the great equalizer. I will vote lest I waste the right given to me. I implore everyone to use this right"

-from The Philippine ExperienceBlog

GO out and VOTE!

GO, man....


Thursday, April 26, 2007


I have reservations about some members of the GO Team....

But I have listed the following as my bets:

1.* ALAN PETER CAYETANO- OKs ito.Walang takot sumugod sa bato!
2.* Sonny TRILLANES- His Ideals I share
3.* Noynoy AQUINO- But of course!
4.* Manny VILLAR- OK naman ito. Taga-LasPinas pa!
5.* Sonia ROCO- dahil kay Raul, I will include her.
6.* Koko PIMENTEL- I hope he does the right path as he moves up the ladder.
7.* Loren LEGARDA- Hmm...medyo alanganin, pero, sige na nga!
8.* Chiz ESCUDERO- May koneksyon sa marcos regime ang pangalan, pero baka iba naman ito.
9.* Panfilo LACSON- actually, I have my reservations as far as his Metrocom days are
concerned, but due to his unwavering fight against corruption and his stand on
the Pork Barrel issue, I will vote for him.
10.*Nikki COSETENG- she is th last I want in the Senate, but since she is with GO..I'll GO!

I need two more: and joker isn't part of it!
This isn't a joke, you see!

Will update later......
cuz I am considering the three from KAPATIRAN, too!
Dr. Martin Bautista, Atty. Jess Sison and Atty. Zosimo Paredes.


I listened to some of the podcasts and was impressed with that interview on ALAN PETER CAYETANO. He sure knows his work. He reminds me of Ninoy Aquino's know-how and capacity to deliver. He is one man who says he is afraid of God. I believe in Cayetano and I hope he wins a seat in the Senate. The people need him there.

So many things have been said and done to Alan Peter Cayetano, but he is one person who knows what to do. He has earned the wrath of the husband of the one sitting in Malacanang for exposing some bank accounts owned by pidal et al in Germany.

But APC continues the fight, no matter what.



GO! my friends.....



What's wrong with this unconfirmed Justice secretary, huh?
Seems to me, everything he does is wrong...right from the start.
Everytime he opens his sore mouth, rotten frogs begin to leap out!

Take this:

Imagine saying he'd give PP 10,000.oo to each Barangay Captain who can deliver a TUta senatorial sweep in their respective Barangays? And that the funds will come from his wife's pocket. Really, now?

And what does Comelec do?

OK lang daw, sabi ni hambalos! Tutal, sariling pera naman ang gagamitin!
Come on, guys!

You can fool some people some of the time....
But no way can you fool ALL Pinoys ALL the time, man!

Malacanang confirmed albeit hesitantly that million in funds were released...but denies that they are being used to push the election bid of dato in Bicol....or any other Malacanang cohort.

Naman, naman!
Para kayong nakakaloko niyan, ha?

Wala na talagang pag-asa na magkakaroon tayo ng malinis na eleksyon kapag si Hambalos ang nakaupo sa Comelec. Nagiging COME-COLLECT na lang ito. Gone were the days when Christian Monsod manned clean elections as COMELEC head.

This makes me lose respect and trust in the voting system in Inang bayan.
Some OVs said they expect a repeat of the 2004 Presidential Elections. Hence there is a low turnout of voters, especially in vote-rich places abroad. A neighbor says she doesn't feel like posting her Election Kit...."baka ma-"garcified" lang, 100 %."

What now, Inang Bayan? [*sigh*]

Sunday, April 22, 2007


MIGRANTE International exposed a smoking gun about that confidential Malacanang Memorandum to Mrs. gloria macapagal arroyo asking for money from her confidential funds to finance pro-administration party-list groups. The memo was supposedly signed by Ass-Sec Marcelo FarinasII...who, as expected, has denied that the said signature was his.

May aamin ba? May umamin na ba sa kanila? Even in the midst of clear evidence presented, gloria and her cohorts never admitted anything, did they now? DENY is the word. Everything gloria wants, gloria gets and when discovered, all they do is deny. She has earned not only the nick Mrs. pidal and now Denial Queen is more likely to be added to her numerous 'glories.'

THE COMELEC should not hesitate about the party-list groups thing. They must act and act ASAP. The people are waiting. It seems that the people in COMELEC are taking their time to do their act. Why? Waiting for some calls to "garcify" something?

The Comelec should not hide behind technicalities and show its true colors. In view of the general public distrust of the poll body, it should try to recover its credibility by immediately disqualifying the four party-list groups identified in the memorandum. They are

=Agbiag! Timpuyog Ilocano (Agbiag),
=Babae Para sa Kaunlaran (Babae Ka),
=League of Youth for Peace and Development (Lypad), and
=Kalahi Advocates for Overseas Filipinos (Kalahi).

The Comelec doesn`t need any more evidence. The sudden surge of party-list organizations seeking accreditation and the motive of the administration to have more congressmen on its side and prevent GMA's impeachment are convincing evidence.


After wrapping up its own probe, a Japanese non-government organization (NGO) joined calls to the Arroyo administration to end extrajudicial killings and enforced disappearances.

Tokyo-based Human Rights Now (HRN) also called on the Japanese government to rethink its policy of granting Overseas Development Assistance (ODA) to the Philippines.

"To date, the Japanese government has moral obligation to promote the protection of basic human rights in the recipient country, as stated in the existing principles in Japan’s ODA Charter. As stipulated in the four principles of ODA implementation, ‘full attention should be paid to efforts for promoting democratization ... and the situation regarding the protection of basic human rights and freedoms to the recipient country," it said in a statement posted on the Stop the Killings in the Philippines website ( Sunday.

HRN also said it will meet with UN Special Rapporteur Philip Alston on this matter in Tokyo this May and “raise awareness of this grave human rights violation both Japanese and International society."

It noted the Japanese prime minister formally expressed "the great concern among the Japanese on the human rights situation in the Philippines" to President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo on Dec. 9 last year.

Yet, it said the two governments may sign the Exchange of Notes of the 27th Yen loan Package on the occasion of President Arroyo’s coming visit to Japan this May.

"We overstate that unconditional provision of its ODA loan to the Philippines under this situation may send misleading message to the Philippine government that Japanese government endorse or condone the human rights policy of the government. ODA must not have any impact against human security, peace, stability and human rights. We call upon the Japanese government to suspend the Yen loan agreement up until it recognizes the human rights situation and accountability mechanism has clearly improved," it said.

HRN, which conducted its fact-finding mission on killings and enforced disappearances in the Philippines last April 14 to 21, also sought a "thorough criminal investigation on the all cases of alleged extra-judicial killing and enforced disappearance."

"We call upon the Philippine government to immediately stop the policy targeting civilian organization and individual activists," it said.

The HRN also urged the Japanese government to keep monitoring the human rights situation and accountability mechanism in the Philippines, and conduct constructive dialogue on human rights with the Philippine government.

It sought as well efforts to raise the awareness on the situation within international community through stating the issue before the UN Human Rights Council.

"As Asian friend, Japanese civil society is very concerned the fact that substantial numbers of Filipino people have targeted of extra-judicial killing and enforced disappearance," HRN said.

HRN said it got cooperation from the government and from militant human rights group Karapatan during its fact-finding mission.

OTHER nations and groups worldwide have likewise started to notice. A great number have delivered their protests and specified that action be taken to stop these political persecutions.

BUT the power-grabber in Malacanang continue to ignore these calls. She and her husband remain deaf to the people's pleas for humane and just treatment.
Libel cases have been hurled here-and-there by the husband. Disparecidos are mounting.....while Jueteng and other games continue to flourish not only in the cities but mostly in the countryside.

Just plain and simple enjoying their stay while in power.

WHEN WILL this regime stop?
.When all Pinoys have been maimed for life?
..When all have lost their hopes?
...When everyone else leaves the country to slave themselves to a foreign land?
....When everyone exists like robots in a land that treats them as second-class citizens?




Saturday, April 21, 2007


HOW LONG has gloria been in office as "president" of this '[s]T[r]ong-Republic'? Five?...Six? Oh what the heck! Just leave us alone, glue!

ALL these years, we have been promised a "strong republic"...Strong, ei?
Strong my foot! If this is strong, then tell me what strong means....I do not have any inkling as to what dictionary she may be using.

The past years have seen witness to the numerous killings of journalists who dared write the truth. Slapped with numerous libel cases, the 'bitter-half of gloria...the supposed-to-be first "gentleman" hurled them all especially those who magnified his gallivanting nature to media. Added to that, anyone who dared go aginst gloria-policies are called communists! Then there's this lapdog gonggongzales mumbling inanities, oftentimes on the brink of insanity, mking a mockery of himself and the Justice Department. JUSTICE? JUST TIIS is more appropriate.

The Filipinos have been ruined. Pilipinas have been in the dark for so many years, it is even worse than what we had during the Conjugal dictatorship. At least then, we knew we were under Martial Law. With gloria, she professes we have a "strong" republic!

WHEN are we going to get out of this rut?

is to vote for people we know who have clean slates on everything.


Vote for him....


I, for one, will GO for TRILLANES

along with the entire GO candidates.

WE need change, man!


I guess I haven't really been writing my thoughts. A lot of things remained muddled in my mind. One of them is the Election Kit received by an acquaintance here in this place I now call `home.'

You see, she got a mail from the Comelec with this address:Palacio del Gobernador, Intramuros, Manila. Inside the Kit [which she showed me, she who had always relied on my opinion having no knowledge of these things, she professes]

I found the following:

*Official Ballot

*Inner Envelope [Red Print]

*OAVF No.45-Outer Envelope [Black Print]-the Voter had to provide the stamp.

*Certified List of Candidates For Senators - 37 names were listed in all.

Note: Peter AlanS.Cayetano had 2 asterisks on it, and Joselito's had 3 asterisks

*Certified List of Sectortal Parties/Organizations/Political Parties/Coalitions participating in the party-list system for the May 14,2007 elections: 93 groups were listed...

*Instructions To Voters [Voting By Mail] which was written in both English and Pilipino.

What caught my attention was that the instruction said that no mark must be left on the ballot lest it be rendered invalid.

YET.....I found the Official Ballot itself marked with luminous pink and glaring yellow droplets we often use to highlight reading materials. And there were 5 yellow ones, and one pink-reddish one. What struck me was it penetrates through the other side of the paper!


Because if it isn't, then the Voter here is afraid her Ballot may be rendered invalid...following the instruction from the Comelec I mentioned above.

OR is this the way to make things "nice-and-easy" for the Machinery to do what it wills?

Questions remain whether Overseas Voters' Ballots were even counted in the 2004 Presidential Elections. And now, this!

Isn't it any wonder why there seems to be a "low" Overseas voters' turnout as reported in the media?

I am just wondering......

Thursday, April 19, 2007

"The time is ripe for Filipinos to make a decision."

The Armed Forces will support the people whichever side they will take. The military is bound to uphold its constitutional mandate as protector of the people and the state. That's the only principle that should be embraced by the military. That's the essence of the military…It's not to defend a particular person or a particular institution but to protect the people."

LtSG . Antonio Trillanes IV


"Reason tells us that we must not waste our time waiting in vain for promises of felicity that ill never come, that will never materialize. Reason tells us that we must rely upon ourselves alone and never entrust our rights and our life to anyone else. Reason teaches us top be united in sentiment, thought and purpose, so that we may acquire the strength necessary to crush the evil that is affecting our people...

Therefore, o my countrymen! Let us scatter the mist that befogs our intellect, and let us consecrate all our strength to the good cause, with unshakable and absolute faith in its success, and in the ultimate prosperity, so anxiously desired by us, of the land of our birth."

Gat Andres Bonifacio


"A revolution may be conducted against a national government, if such a government has abused the power placed at its disposal by the people, with the purpose of having injustice administered, by using this power to drown out the public voice and at the same time to administer to its own convenience or caprice...

Apolinario Mabini


"Laws can embody standards; governments can enforce laws--but the final task is not a task for government. It is a task for each and every one of us. Every time we turn our heads the other way when we see the law flouted--when we tolerate what we know to be wrong--when we close our eyes and ears to the corrupt because we are too busy, or too frightened--when we fail to speak up and speak out--we strike a blow against freedom and decency and justice."

Bobby Kennedy

Thoughts Via Email From CyberFriend: "HAEL" of Makati


When Nagasaki's mayor was gunned down, it was not much of a surprise that a gangster was arrested. In a country where regular citizens face strict gun laws, the mob does most of the shooting.

Itcho Ito, 61, died early Wednesday after being shot twice in the back Tuesday evening. Tetsuya Shiroo, a senior member of the top underworld syndicate, Yamaguchi-gumi, was captured at the scene and owned up to the assassination, police said.

"This murder, which took place in the middle of an election campaign, is a threat to democracy," Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said Wednesday. "Though Japanese law enforcement is already severe by international standards, we must clamp down on gun crime even further."

The killing -- reportedly linked to Shiroo's demands for city compensation for car damage caused by a pothole -- focused attention on the role of the yakuza in the country's rare shootings.

Of the 53 gun attacks reported in 2006, 36 were blamed on organized crime groups, the National Police Agency said.

Handguns are strictly banned. Only police and some others with job-related reasons can own them. Hunting rifles are strictly regulated.

But the mob has the money, numbers and international connections to run guns.

Even fellow gangsters seemed to think Shiroo had gone too far.

Motohisa Mizuta, leader of Suishin-kai -- Shiroo's Yamaguchi-gumi branch -- notified police Wednesday that the branch was disbanding, according to Nagasaki police official Koji Minami.

Minami gave no reason, but said Suishin-kai most likely "wanted to take responsibility" for the slaying.

Tuesday's attack came despite a sharp drop in shootings in recent years.

The number of reported gun attacks have plunged from 158 in 2002 -- with 70 percent blamed on yakuza -- to 53 last year.

The number of illegal guns seized by police dropped by nearly 40 percent from 2002 to 2006, when 458 firearms were seized.

Even gangsters prefer knives for mob hits, because gun murders typically carry heavier sentences. Instead, mobsters sometimes use guns for intimidation, for example shooting the outside of an office to warn those inside.

Still, public concern remains high amid a widely publicized turf war between Japan's two largest underworld gangs earlier this year. The feud ended a yearlong lull in gang violence.

The boss of a gang affiliated with Tokyo-based Sumiyoshi-kai was shot dead in February, in a killing believed to have prompted at least three more shootings at gangland headquarters in Tokyo.

"I want the law to protect the general public," said Shinichi Tada, a 44-year-old manufacturing company worker in Tokyo.

"I do not want Japan to be like the U.S.," he added, referring to Monday's massacre in Virginia Tech University, where a lone gunman killed 32 people and then himself.

Yakuza are typically involved in real estate and construction kickback schemes, extortion, gambling, the sex industry, drug-trafficking and gunrunning.

Noriyoshi Takemura, criminologist at Toin University in Yokohama, said tight weapons laws make Japan an attractive market for gunrunners.

"There are not many guns made in Japan. The tighter the control is, the higher the price goes up," he said.

Tuesday's attack appeared linked to a dispute between Shiroo and the city. Shiroo reportedly clashed with city officials in 2003 after his car was damaged when he drove into a hole at a public works site.

In a typical mob extortion attempt, he tried unsuccessfully to get compensation from the city after his insurer refused to pay, NHK said, adding that Shiroo intended to kill himself after shooting Ito.

GUNS and possession of these items continue to rise at an alarming rate. It is said that even kids can own one. The lax in procurement of such deadly weapon makes America one of the world's most dangerous place, next to Iraq and Afgahnistan.
It is ironic, moreoever that the US remains one of the 5 world's heaviest suppliers of arms to Africa and other places where wars continue to kill millions....


Tuesday, April 17, 2007

BWM blacklists Arroyos, 21 other admin bets in House

Twelve candidates and 12 party-list groups identified with the Arroyo adminis-tration were placed on the Congress blacklist by the Black and White Movement (BWM) on Tuesday.

The group during the launching of its “black list-white list” campaign at the Club Filipino in San Juan also named 12 individuals and 11 party-list organizations seeking congressional seats to support in the May 14 elections.

It, however, failed to include senatorial aspirants from either the opposition or the administration.

The Black and White Movement said the objective of the campaign would be to elect at least 79 individuals of “moral courage” in the House of Representatives who would exact accountability from the President for the unabated corruption, extra-judicial killings and the alleged cheating in 2004 through impeachment.

“It’s simple, we’ll vote and campaign for candidates in the white list and we’ll campaign against those in the black list,” it added.

Those who have been thumbed down by Black and White include Rep. Juan Miguel “Mikey” Arroyo of Pampanga and Diosdado “Dato” Arroyo, sons of

President Arroyo; and Ignacio “Iggy” Arroyo, the Chief Executive’s brother-in-law.

Also placed on the blacklist are world boxing champion Manny Pacquiao,

Speaker Jose de Venecia Jr., former Commission on Elections Commissioner Virgilio “Garci” Garcillano, Representatives Luis Villafuerte Camarines Sur) , Matias Defensor (Quezon City), Renato Unico Camarines Norte), Raul Gonzalez Jr. (Iloilo City), incumbent Cagayan de Oro Vice Mayor Michelle Tagarda-Spiers; and Erwin Genuino, son of Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corp. Chairman Efraim Genuino.

The party-list groups banned by the group were Agbiag! Timpuyog Ilocano Inc., Akbay Pinoy, Aksa, Alagad, ALIF, APEC, AVE, Babae Ka, Bantay Bayan, Butil, COOP NATCCO and Kakusa.

The young Genuino is running for congressman against Makati Mayor Jejomar Binay’s daughter, Abigail, in the second district of the city while Spiers is running against former Cagayan de Oro Vice Mayor Tony Soriano.

The young Binay, Soriano, incumbent South Cotabato Rep. Darlene Antonino-Custodio, former Rep. Apolinario Lozada, former Dagupan Mayor Benjamin Lim, Danton Remoto, Liwayway Vinzons-Chato, Dr. Joey Montemayor, incumbent San Fernando Mayor Sabas Mabulo, Cholo Roco, Benjie Gengcos and Malou Acosta have been placed on the white list.

The 11 party-list organizations that the group is supporting include Akbayan, Anakpawis, AMIN, A Teacher, Bayan Muna, CIBAC, Gabriela, Kabataan, Partidong Manggagawa, Minero and Sanlakas.

The group said it would actively campaign for and against those on the lists through the Internet and its network of grassroots organizations.

Source: The Daily Tribune

MakatiDistrict2 Voters, consider this:

(Huwag Iboto)
Erwin Genuino

PARTY: Kampi
Bakit hindi dapat iboto:
PAGCOR Chairman. Kilalang malapit na kaibigan ni FG Mike Arroyo. Tiyak na hahadlang sa impeachment at isusulong ang charter change ni GMA.

(Dapat Iboto at i-Kampanya)
Abigail Binay

Bakit dapat iboto:
Anak ni Mayor Jojo Binay. Isang abugado at kilalang aktibista. Tiyak na maninindigan at susuporta sa impeachment.

Muntinlupa Voters, Consider this:

(Huwag Iboto)

Dong Puno
PARTY: Kampi
Bakit hindi dapat iboto:
TV host and journalist. Kapatid ni Ronnie Puno. Malamang na hahadlang sa impeachment.

(Dapat Iboto at i-Kampanya)
Ruffy Biazon

PARTY: LP-Drilon /GO
Bakit dapat iboto:
Incumbent Congressman. Bumoto pabor sa impeachment ng 2005, abstain ng 2006. Malamang na maninindigan sa susunod na impeachment.


The Black-n-White Movement has come up with a Black and White List.
The WHITE List is a list of candidates who the group recommend to voters,
while the Black one is a big N0-N0!

I have decided to post here the White List only.
I don't see the rationale behind printing the names of
those who I do not believe in, anyway.

WHITE LIST (Dapat Iboto at i-Kampanya)

Bayan Muna
Anak Pawis
Partidong Manggagawa
A Teacher

Please choose one from any of the listed Group above.

Thank You.

Friday, April 06, 2007


TongueTwisted did it again!

T2 posted this in Ellen's blog.
I find it true and ....
no doubt, exactly fits the present situation.
Read on....

Tignan ninyo ang pagkakapareho ng nakasulat sa Bibliya sa tunay na kaganapan ngayon,
mahigit dalawanglibong taon ang nakaraan ngunit tila kailan lang naitala.

Ang huling linggo ng Lent at nagsimula ng Domingo de Ramos at nagtatapos ng Sabado de Gloria.

Mula sa makapasok ni Kristo sa Jerusalem sakay ng humenta (mule)
at salubungin siya ng mga taong may dalang Ramos (palm leaves)
hanggang sa araw ng Sabado de Gloria, ang araw ng kawalan ng pag-asa,
paghihintay, pagkatakot, at pagdadalamhati,
lahat ng mga araw na iyon ay puno ng pighati, pagtataksil, kaguluhan at kasamaan.

May pagkaka-pareho pa ng mga pangalan ng ating mga pinuno.
Ang pitong araw ng Lent ba ay katulad ng pitong taong paghihirap ng ating bansa?

Sa Bibliya ay palaspas ang iwinagayway, sa EDSA, mga banner.
Bida ang mga taumbayan, naipagwagi raw nung araw na iyon ang pagpasok ng kabutihan.
Hossana, sigaw pa. Nagbunyi ang lahat. Pero hindi pa nagtatagal,
nagsimula nang sirain ng mga Escribas at Fariseos ang diwa nito,
natakot sila na ang kapangyarihan nila ay mawala dahil nakita na ang tunay na pinagmulan ng kapangyarihan,
baka mawala sa kamay ng iilang nakikinabang. Ang mga sumunod na araw ay nauwi sa panggigipit,
pang-aabuso, pagkulong, pagpapahirap hanggang sa tuluyang pagpatay.
Nandito na nga tayo ngayon sa Sabado de Gloria.

Magandang pangitain iyan dahil pagkatapos ng Sabado de Gloria, sigurado ang muling pagkabuhay.
Muling babangon sa pinagkasadlakan upang tuparin ang misyon sa lupa.
Ang pagbabalik sa kaayusan, kalayaan at tunay na kasaganaan.

Sa Pasko ng Pagkabuhay ay bagong pag-asa ang naghihintay para sa lahat.
Lalo na sa ating mga Pilipino. Isang aral din ang iniwan sa atin ng pasyon at buhay ng Tagapagligtas:
Hindi kayang pahirapan, saktan, patayin at pagkatapos ay ilibing ninuman ang katotohanan,
ang kabutihan, ang diwa tunay na makapangyarihan.
Ito’y babangong magmuli upang wakasan ang kasamaang pilit naghahari-harian
at ibalik ang tamang daan para sa matagumpay na paglalakbay.

Happy Easter to all.

Need I say more?

As for me,


Happy Easter, one and all!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007


To: MamaPanDoc


from oppression and killings,
from plundering the Nation's coffer,
from lying and cheating in the elections....
and from military takeover!

The Supreme Court ordered the release of Satur Ocampo
even if he is charged with a capital offense.
Your Certified Tuta, gunggunggonzALIS manipulated
every nook and cranny so that anyone who
go against the tide are branded a commie and
thus be arrested and "interrogated".
Some never came back home....
Some were never seen anymore.
A lot came back, lifeless...
forever maimed and shut out.
It was good and great that the Supreme Court,
the last vestige of Justice,
saw the Light and made things right.

There are many more languishing in jail,
for crimes, they themselves do not know of.
Imagine the families affected by your actions your folly. They, too, have hearts that cry, just like you.
That is, IF indeed, you have a heart.

I hope that there remains...
even a faint glimpse of humanity in you.....

..........a heart that aches and cries everytime
something happens to a member of your family.
Most families do, you know...
more so now since you have been in Malacanang.

How long will this last?

How long will the People suffer?

Can you sleep at night?
Can you really, really say
that you can have a peaceful, undisturbed sleep?
Every single night?

Lastly, ARE YOU HAPPY?....Knowing that there are those
who hate and curse you to high heavens?
Are you?

Give this a thought this week, will ya?
Anyway, it's Maundy Thursday in Inang Bayan,
a time for reflection and repentance.
A time to correct what we have done wrong to anyone,
or in your case, to everyone!

A Pinoy who has a heart that cries and
feels for those oppressed by your regime.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007


ALAM ng lahat na si ducat ay nang-HOSTAGE nung isang Linggo
ng isang bus na may lamang 32 kabataan......
[yung ibang news account 26 lang daw! Ano ngaba?!Pati
sinabing numero, mali-mali na!]
at 2 guro sa isang Day Care Center na si ducat mismo ang

Palabas man yun 0 pampa-PO-GI points ng mga buwaya,
naisip ko lang...

Ang TAUMBAYAN eh matagal nang naka-hostage sa kamay ng
mapanlinlang na MGA mandurugas.

Kasangga niya ang militar sa kayang maitim na balak.
Hayun at naka-deploy na naman sa Kamynilaan ang mga
troops na may dalang baril. Lisensiya nila ang pumatay,
laban sa mga rebelde at komunista raw

Kapag ang isang tao/mamamayan eh nagsalita nang salungat sa sinasabi
at dinedeklara ng Malacanang, siya ay babansagang Komunista!


Nakakatawa ang mga kilos at salita nitong mandarayang sinungaling na ito.
Tuloy, hindi pa man nagsasalita, eh ayoko na siyang pakinggan!
Nakakasuyang pagmasdan ang kanyang mga appearances sa TV.
Para bang halos lahat na lang eh...put-up at arte na lang
para sa mata ng publiko.

Hanggang kailan tayo iho-hostage ng mag-asawang escandaloso
ay nasa sa Smabayanang Pilipino nakasalalay.
TAYO ang hawak ng ating kapalaran.
Tayo rin ang maghuhusga sa kasalanan ng
mga ibinoto ng Sambayanan.

Dasal ko na lang, sana, eh magwakas na ang lagim
na ihinasik ni gloria at ng kanyang kampon.
Harinawang magsisi na at ibalik sa Kaban
ang mga nakaw na Salapi ng Bayan!

Malapit na.

Sa Eleksyon:
Boto ay bantayan.
Iboto ang may malinis na pangalan.
Iboto ang matino at may pagmamahal sa Bayan.
Bantayan ang ating karapatan.
Huwag hayaang ma-garci na naman!

LABANAN ang kasamaan!


GO out and VOTE!


Monday, April 02, 2007

Devil with a toothy grin

"Hell is here.
ALL the devils are here."

-William Shakespeare

SEEMS true these days, huh?!
In Inang Bayan, I mean!

So, then....

WHO works for the devil?

Care to answer?

I think you know what I know.

These are the fat, cheating leeches
who care not for the people.
They just sit there and gallivant
in some European town and deposit our money!
All for the world to see!

Now look at those men in uniform
who makes people queasy:
How come the dark angels
keep "watching for the ...."
what was that again?
Rebels? Ahh.. Oh!
Well, OK!
Rebels in the slums of MetroManila?
How come?
Oh, I see, government agents are
saying that the rebels have invaded
the slums, huh?

Some say the devil is a wacko.
She doodles, and diddles
and say strange words
most of the time...

I won't be surprised.
She has done that so many times.
One day she promises this...
then make a turn-around the next day!

Liar? Yes!
Wacko? Yes!
Schizo? Yes!
Crazy? Yes!
Devil? Most say so!

I just hope that a double whammy
happen to stop the devil and da esposo
from doing more harm to Inang Bayan
and squeeze more blood from its burdened people.


Sunday, April 01, 2007



"All that is necessary for
the forces of evil to win in this world
is for enough good men to do nothing!"


Like it or not, the evil forces are here....
right under our very noses. And the only way to
stop them from further looting our country is
for the Pinoy voters, in and out of the country
to UNITE and choose from the heart.

OUR voice can be heard worldwide.
Use our pen and make a difference!

First, choose your candidate:
:We know that those candidates who dance, sing,
and bring sexy dancers with them are big N0-NOs!
They just want the audience to feast their eyes
on the flesh parading onstage, and when elected...
they'll gobble the money and stash them on their
European bank accounts.

Never choose those who are known goons,
or gamblers...even womanizers!

You may tolerate tham now, but there will
come a time when all these things will become

Choose candidates with character: those who
are their own man and can stand the test of time.
Not that BAD character, Kaibigan....not that one.
One who is not easily corruptible, and whose heart lies
with the people...the MASA.....
the Common Tao!
Even when no one is looking, these people must have done
something sans the kleig lights and the write-ups done
by "envelopmental journalists" who receive regular payolas
from their candidates.

Choose one who knows what he is doing:
one who has the training
, the know-how
on Legislation: for those who are running for Senators,
or those in the lower Chamber of the House....
and those in the Local Council;
Management when running for Mayors, or Governors.

I know, I know....
Things can easily be learned,
but without proper training, a surgeon cannot
operate, can he? Nor can anyone just make a building
without an architect to guide the carpenters to make
that building safe.

Choose a candidate who has VISION: a vision he has
for the COUNTRY he is serving.

Otherwise, that candidate is just up for grabs for the
highest bidder and for the highest grease money.

Finally, GUARD your Vote.
Never again must the Nation be robbed of its
free-will similar to that "Hello-Garci" incident
when glue a.k.a. Mama PanDok said sorry on nationwide
television! Remember?
My take is: why say sorry if you really, really have
not done anything wrong, ei?

Geez....the truth is written all over,
and yet, the officials she appointed looked the other way!


don't forget:

Go OUT and VOTE!

Let's all do it!

...."For that time has come
to fulfill each vow.....
for I may never pass this way again!"

Mabuhay ang Sambayanang Pilipino!!