Friday, October 28, 2005


FINALLY,the ensemble for Junko's WEDDING is ready.....

all I need is a pair of black shoes ...although boots would be OK, accdg. to Fujita-San, PINORE's a chic black bag....

A call from PINORE , made me drive all the way to FUKUROI,

and I found a small group of ladeies,apparently customers like myself, in a huddle.

It was fun talking to a group of Japanese ladies who enjoy leisurely life and small talk over

cups of green Japanese tea and some O-SENBEI [JAPANESE RICE COOKIES].

The ladies who were all chic with their brand of afternoon dresses seem to be wondering what the hell is this foreigner doing in some Japanese Boutique.

Apparently, that particularly shop's clientele is 99% locals and the remaining 1% is yours truly.....

The owner introduced me as a Teacher, and all seemed surprised.

And all they thought was that ALL Filipinas are BAN-NO-ONESAN.

Literally translated,it means, PANGGABING ATE [elder sister].

This is the term they use for Japanese hostesses as well.

I hoped by our encounter this afternoon,a little, if not most of the impressionthey have of Pinays be different hereon....

I can't blame them...

After all, this is one Philippine 'export' that is much debated upon here and in Inang Bayan.

One thing we agreed on however, as our conversation flowed this master plan:

>we'll go on a tour of Seoul next year... together!

I'm looking forward to that BODY SCRUB! ...and that old type sauna....and more!!!

I had so much fun that I forgot the time.....'Twas late when I left the shop.

I had to rush to the Supermarket for some small buys and the usual grapefruit juice; this thing I can't live without....

Rushing back home,

I was caught in some traffic as it was past five: most employees are heading home or some other place.....





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