Saturday, September 29, 2007


The picture says a thousand words.....
and the deepest sentiment we all have.
The hypocrite in glue is on parade again.
Perhaps to project an image to the world,
a person she is not, and never will be:
that of a righteous leader.
Because she is evil incarnate,
dressed as a 'working president'
not for the people, but only to herself
and her family and cohorts only!

*Many Thanks
to The Daily Tribune.


Friday, September 28, 2007

The Land of the FEE & the Home of the Bribe

My favorite Bedan, Rene Saguisag is great. Imagine him saying, and I quote:

The Land of the Fee....and the Home of the Bribe.

It would really have been nice had it been Free and Brave. But naaah! That wouldn't be proper to address the low-lifes in government service these days, especially the big...very big fishes now caught dipping their hands into the cookie jar.

My, Oh my! When will this ever end? Seems to me, bribery has been
a growing business, and the very reason why people want to be in
public service. Not to serve, but to benefit from the bribes.

They go along the flow from the top doewn to the smallest employee. Gaya-gaya, puto maya syndrome, and we cannot help but stare in awe. The lowliest employees are always good followers, right? So it all boils down to 'Follow-the-Leader' Game.

And most of them go unscathe and unpunished. They go to Swiss and Germany and deposit their loot and enjoy a life of luxury.....while the ordinary Pinoy folk go hungry for days on end.

We all know that there are loopholes and problems with ZTE contract. Besides, that project didn't pass through the proper stages. No biddings, and all that. Why? There are people who wanted them done, ASAP. Period. And your geuss is as good as mine.

I just hope and pray that the Supreme Court continue to be the beacon of hope for the people. Without the SC, where would people go for justice? I was thinking on the line of scrapping the entire project rather than a mere suspension. Never mind if ABalos has received the downpayment from ZTE {complete with those women escorts!}....the people must not be allowed to pay for the kickbacks these unscrupulous Pinoy politicos have received by entering into some questionable contracts.

Let the People be vigilant so there will no more be FEEs that are questionable and BRIBEs in future.



ABalos: “Sec., may 200 ka dito!"

200? Thou ba o milyones? Sinumbong ni Neri kay GMA, pero pinayuhang hwag tanggapin. OO nga naman, baka mabawasan pa yung sa kanila, eh!


ABalos: “They lied!" (referring to Joey De V. and Romulo Neri)

HU-DAS lies....and your body language says it all, Dirty Old Man! Tsikboy ka pala, ha? Huli ka! Lumabas pa, kumpleto pati pangalan ng tsik mo. Meron pang libre sa China! Tindi!


Luli: “Naapektuhan yata ang isipan niyang si Joey ng drugs."

Hindi kaya nag-iisip itong si Luli na baka sabihan siyang:
'Huy, unano, tumitingin ka ba sa salamin?'


Luli (ulit!): “He (Joey de V.) is grasping at straw as thin as his hairline."

Ayan ka na naman! Sabi nang tumingin muna sa salamin, eh.
May muta ka, oh....naglalagkit na! Punasan mo muna pati uhog mo,
bago ka makialam, ha?


News: Businessman Jose de Venecia III revealed today(Sept.18 newsclip) that First Gentleman Mike Arroyo is the "mystery man" involved in the controversial national broadband deal.

And now, the mystery is no mystery anymore!
Matagal na namang alam ng bayan yan, kaya lamang, hindi direktang pinangalanan. Akala ko ba, sabi ni ipji, praybeyt sitisen lang siya?
Ows!? Hindi nga?


Miriam Santiago: “China invented civilization in the East and
corruption for all of civilization.”

Oh my gulay! Masyado siyang xiao ren!
Sinabi nang Everytime you talk, your mind is on parade , eh! Kandidato ka pa naman sa International Court sa The Hague,
tas ganyan ang salita mo? And to think, Chairman pa si Santiago ng Senate Committee on Foreign Relations! Aba, alisin n'yo na si Jose Rizal bilang national Hero. May Chinese Blood din yun, di ba? Saka si President Cory! Palibhasa taga-bundok itong si Brenda, kaya ganyan! Napaghahalata!


Thursday, September 27, 2007


Ayan ka na naman, tutukso-tukso....
'Di na natuto!

Kandideyt ka pa naman sa International Court eh ganyan kabilis ang bibig mo.
Nagalit tuloy ang mga Tsinoy sa Pilipins.

Sinumpong? Nag-spark? Inatake na naman?

Filipino Chinese businessmen on Thursday condemned an alleged racial slur made by Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago during the Senate inquiry on the controversial broadband deal between the Philippine government and China’s ZTE Corp. on Wednesday.

In a statement, the Federation of Filipino Chinese Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Inc. said the group was taken aback by Santiago’s "irresponsible and insensitive statements against the Chinese."

"Alleged irregularities in the ‘isolated’ [national broadband network (NBN)]-ZTE transaction cannot be the basis of the unwarranted and regrettable condemnation by Sen. Santiago that the Chinese people invented corruption," the group said, adding:

"While her outburst may have been made in the heat of emotion during the ZTE-NBN probe, the general and sweeping racial slur is directed against all Chinese and ethnic Chinese around the world."

The group also said that Santiago’s remarks became "more deplorable," considering that the senator is the chairwoman of the Senate foreign relations committee.

The group said it is demanding an "unqualified apology" from lawmaker.

It must be recalled that Brenda was asking ABalos why he was "close" to the ZTE officials, and while ABalos was talking,
Santiago cut him off and made an observation:

"China invented civilization in the east, but as well it invented corruption for all of human civilization kaya mahilig itong mga Intsik na ito mag-kumbida sa golf, magkumbida sa dinner, magbigay ng free ticket to China (that's why the Chinese people like inviting acquaintances to golf clubs and dinners and giving free tickets to China). Nakakaintindi naman tayong lahat (It is a common knowledge) that when we are public officials, we are not invited because of our physical or sexual good looks. We are being invited in connection with a certain government project. That is my observation,"



Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Natawa ako dito.....
Grabe talaga sa ka-orocan nitong mga ito!
Tindi sa pagkasinungaling!

In a pre-departure interview Tuesday, President Arroyo said she ordered an independent investigation into the NBN contract amid allegations that First Gentleman Jose Miguel Arroyo and Commission on Elections Chairman Benjamin Abalos Sr. were involved in the anomaly.

“When we learned of alleged bribery attempt in connection with the broadband project I instructed that the matter be discreetly investigated, the result of investigation were reported as uncorroborated,” said Mrs. Arroyo.

Abalos was accused by whistleblower and businessman Jose de Venecia III of attempting to bribe him with $10 million to withdraw his company's proposal to undertake the NBN project. De Venecia, a son of House Speaker Jose de Venecia Jr., is majority stockholder of Amsterdam Holdings, Inc.

Ermita seconded Mrs. Arroyo's statement, saying she had wanted to cancel the deal with ZTE Corporation before leaving for Australia for the Asia-Pacific Economic Conference Leaders' Summit earlier this month.

He said said the President ordered the investigation weeks before the Senate decided to investigate the NBN contract.


May hihigit pa kaya diyan sa pagkasinungaling?!

Before the Senate decided to investigate, trip na pala ni goyang
na magpa-imbestiga ng NBN? Sumalosep!
Eh sino iimbestigahan? Di ba kasama siya sa trip sa China?

Lalabas na iimbestigahan niya ang sarili niya, ang asawa niya
at ang taong nagluklok sa kanya noong 2004?!

Anak ng buwayang walang kabusugan! Wala ring katuturan!
Matutumba ang mga nasa likod ng rehas sa kasinungalingan niyo eh.
Kung bawa't kasinungalingan sa mundo'y parurusahan ng isang kidlat,
malamang, wala nang matitira sa mga ito!

Hirit pa nang hirit, ayan nga at naiipit,
Sawsaw pa nang sawsaw, panay naman ang bugaw!


.................... SANA!

Saturday, September 22, 2007


Gloria suspended the NBN contract.....

for now, that is! Talk about that famous line: "Back off!"
Who's backing off, now, baby?

There are many more where they come from,
so everyone keep an eye on them, will ya?


Luli got pissed off and showed her true colors.
She is as bitchy as you-know-who. Good if she has the looks
and she can probably be ignored, but wait.....
has anyone noticed how she looks? OMG!

These people aren't a bit happy, you see.
If and when someone gago court Luli and ask her to marry him,
that fella may be in for the money!
The money they stole from their wanton destruction of
the People's Coffers, kiddo.

But on second thought, they have the moolah to
make retoke here and there!
Hah-hah! Lalabas nun, lahat sa kanila fake!
As in peke, hah-hah-hah!
Wala na bang orig sa inyo?


Nakisawsaw na rin si Ignacio.
Siyempre pa, para ipagtanggol ang kapatid.
Alam ng lahat na inako ni Ignacio ang Jose Pidal account,
kaya eto na naman. Makakapag-isip ang lahat kung ano
na namang pakana ang niluluto ng mga ito para mapagtakpan si IPJI.
Remember, sabi ni ipji na isa lamang siyang
'private person' at hindi nakikialam sa gawaing politikal?
Come on, hwak sinungaling. Magagalit si Sta. Teresa de Avila
sa ganyan, ha?

Eniwey, nagbanta si Ignacio na maaaring mademanda si Joey dahil
hindi puwedeng makialam sa anumang transaksiyong panggobyerno
ang kamag-anak ng Pangulo, Bise-Pangulo, Pangulo ng Senado
at Speaker of the House.

Uy! Nagsalita! Eh ano ba ginagawa ninyong lahat, ha?
Look, before you say anything. Simple lang yan, di ba?
Hindi na kailangang i-memorize yan, noh?


Kinaladkad din ni Mikey mouse ang mga kakosa ng kanyang ina
sa Malacanang para magplano ng moves against JdeV.
Balak nilang palitan {more likely, takutin!} itong si Speaker.
Asus! Kumambiyo si madam....Baka mabuking na naman., eh.

Ayun, hands off sila.
Hmmmm Bakit kaya?
Ilang baraha kaya ang hawak ni Joe, da tatay?


Tumigil na nga kayo!
Nakakahiya kayong lahat!

Woe, says me!
Shame and scandal in your family....
Woe...says we,
Shame and scandal in your family!


Friday, September 21, 2007


Seems to me, halos lahat na lang yata ng mga nasa gobyerno [pasintabi po, kung meron pang natitirang malilinis d'yan!] eh 'kumita, mangotong, mangurakot, mag-number-padding, mandaya, mangupit, mandanbong at kung anu-ano pang katarantaduhan basta lang makaisa sa anumang transaksyon sa gobyerno!

NATIONAL PASTIME na yata ito ng mga opisyales na sumumpang gagawin ang lahat para magsilbi sa taumbayan. Nawala na talaga yung
true essence ng salitang PUBLIC SERVICE o ng katungkulan bilang PUBLIC SERVANT!

Pulos na lang mga Anak ng Buwaya!

Wala na ba sa diksyunaryo n'yo ang salitang matino, masinop, mapagkakatiwalaan, matapat, at kung anu-ano pang magagandang ugali na turo noong araw?

Wala na ba?


As expected, Joe de Venecia played his cards well.
To say the least, who is afraid of anyone if he has the right cards
all stacked up in his closet, anyway?

This was apparent when the controversial son of that familia-escandalosa called a meeting at tha Palace by the Pasig to plan out ways and means to control the continuing damage done by the bombshell that Joey de V. exploded the other day.

In the said meeting, goyang was quoted as saying "No! No!" when someone insinuated the ouster of J. deV. Why kaya? Takot dahil maraming alam ito sa mga pinaggagawa ng famosong familia ecandaloso?

Medyo sa mga huling balita, eh...nag-announce itong si JdeV. na kakampi siya ni gma. Aru-Juice Ko! Nanung buri mu? Baka naman may kapalit yan, ha! Ayaw ni Mang Pacquing yan!

Kung ako ang Speaker? Gagawin ko ang ginawa ni Joey. Tila mas maganda pa sa paningin ng mga taumbayan itong si Joey kahit lumabas pa ang maanghang na pintas ni luli [na akala mo nama'y may ipagmamalaki....mweh-heh-heh!] na siya ay dating durugista, na inamin naman ni Joey, ha.

Gawin naman kaya?

Sana naman. Para naman maiba ang kay Speaker sa kanyang mga ka-KAMPI. Heh-heh-heh!

NOW is the time to save your name, JdeV. I have never believed in you, kasi masyado kang TRAPO. But if you do something FOR the country, the entire nation will surely be benefited. Get out of that Natioanl Pastime Brotherhood NOW....while there is still time.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007



The cat is out of the bag!
Joey de V., the Speaker's youngest son by his first marriage, named MikeA. as the mystery man who pointed a finger at him at Wack Wack Golf Club and said: "back off!"
And that is no mystery anymore....

This statement of Joey earned him a series of reactions, naturally.

To the arroyo clan, well, expected na yun: asar sila kay Joey de V. Nag-react pa si Luli, and made allusions to the receding hairline of Joey and his previous addiction daw.

To the people who wanted the truth: this is a good one! Merong malaking isda na tumukoy kay Mike A.

I am inclined to believe Joey de V. Bakit? Kahit na sabihing naging addict itong si Joey deV., eh ano ngayon? He has probably been gone through hell and now is making a difference in his life by doing something for the country!

The hell with Luli! Does she feel beautiful to say those words? She acts as if she is the most sought-after woman in the world! She acts as if she is not a sinner, herself, condemning someone she knows from way back. Kung hindi ba naman, eh,. paano niya [luli-lay] nalaman na adik itong si Joey? Hirit pa, paslo naman!

But Kudos to Joey for saying what we know from the start and saying them where they should be heard: a public forum!




Those opposed to President Arroyo had failed in two instances to muster the minimum number of signatures to impeach her. It's been said that because De Venecia didn't allow any of these attempts to prosper, he got concessions from the Palace, a form of blackmail that the First Gentleman is said to be tired of. Congressmen believe that if De Venecia will give his blessing to any impeachment bid against the President, this can finally prosper.

"Lakas has still the numbers, plus the minority bloc," if Lakas will break its coalition with Kampi to side with De Venecia, said a source in Congress. Lakas has 95 members in the House, while the opposition, including the progressive party-list representatives, has about 30. The smaller parties in the coalition have yet to say where they stand in this controversy.

Congressional employees expect this silent war between the Speaker and the President to "erupt soon." And if it gets uglier, "JDV will do a Villar," one of them said.

In 2000, then Speaker Manuel Villar Jr. skirted the process to approve the impeachment of President Joseph Estrada, who earlier backed his speakership bid. Villar read nonstop and unintelligibly the impeachment decision and banged the gavel to seal it, ignoring objections from the floor.


That, my dears, is the 200 Billion Dollar Q these days.


Mekeni, ABE?

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe recently resigned from his post as
Prime Minister. He did so, because it was his responsiblity as head of the ruling party, as head of the Government. He reiterated that word over and over again: responsibility. Spelled rightly, in case some people have forgotten the word, here it is: R-E-S-P-O-N-S-I-B-I-L-I-T-Y!

Mr. Abe resigned after a series of flak involving his Cabinet memebers.
His 'men' have been resigning, one after the other and admitted their involvement in some scandals in government.

True to his image as a gentleman and true to his words, Mr. Abe announced his resignations after polls have been resonating the Japanese people's disgust over
the scandals. Besides, Mr. Abe's popularity have been declining, as per the polls being conducted in newspapers and telephone calls. Even men on the streets have been interviewed, parts of which were aired in national television.

Mr. Abe's real intention for the country is beyond doubt, a noble one. He envisions a 'Beautiful Country'...and in fairness, he is a good man. But because he is an 'O-BOCHAMA' or what the Japanese say: A "HAKOU-IRI MUSUKO" [a son who grew up in a box], his conservative plans are not in line with the times.

Even if he was born to moneyed parents, Mr. Abe was often seen [before, as an ordinary lawmaker] as commuting to-and-from work via the train and subway system, in Central Tokyo, an impossible sight for our lawmakers
in -da Pilipins!

the popularity of a mekeni have plunged to all time high, yet, she remains gripping the seat by the Pasig. Scandals have erupted and the stinking gloria still raises eyebrows and throw tantrums....and remains defiant.

This prompted Mayor Jejomar Binay to give an unsolicited advice:


The 200 Billion-dollar Question is:

Will she do an Abe?

Your guess is as good as mine!





Hanep bumanat ni luli!
Doesn't she look at the mirror and open her eyes? Or does she look at the mirror with no lghts on? Hence, she doesn't know what's going on? Or is she as good {like her mom:the mom of all liars!} as her mom in pretending?

HU-DAS she think she is? Does she feel beautiful inside and out?

The gall! Like mader:like doter!They look the same on all angles!

My jaw dropped when I saw that news item. It's one thing to deny, and another thing to jeer at your opponent and say you have a receding hairline when your face wouldn't even pass for audition as the crocodile's bait!
Not even KingKong would take a look at her! Sanabawitz!

Maybe, they removed all the mirrors in Malacanang, that's why!

Bagong Alphabet, base sa ZTE anomaly:


H I J K Patay C GMA.

Q R S T U & V

W X Y Z.

Now I know my ZTE.

This will bring down GI-M-EE

Galeng-galeng! Kahit na sa gitna ng hirap at dusa,
nakaka-elib ang mga Noy-Pi! Hirit pa rin ng biro at text brigade!

UUbusin talaga ang pera ng Bayan ng mga buwaya.

BTW, alam mo ba ang pangalang ng kanilang barakadahang-kompanya?

Arroyo's Buwaya Company, Inkorporeyted.

Whatever goyang wants, goyang gets!

....and she knows everything!

First, she denied knowing anything about that anomalous ZTE contract.
But then, she was right there...."like a thief in the night!"
{as per Malacanag Press release; What a fitting description!!}
in China for the signing of the contract.
She and her husband played golf along with JdV and Abalos last year!

Hay naku! Deny pa ang Lola ng mga mandarambong!
Buking na, hihirit pa!

Monday, September 17, 2007


Ang lola, nagpapatawa! Hah-Hah!
Kahit na hindi siya puwedeng humilera kay Pokwang o kay Ai-ai,
(malayo sa kalibre ni Ruffa Mae, anoh! Kahit na sa mukha na lang...ngiii!)mukhang gustong pumapapel na naman nitong
Lola ng mga Sinungaling!

I do not know if unknowingly, or upon advise from her Badvisers....

........or just being plain-gloria, da gah-gah,
she committed another contradiction in her small world of contras.

Soon after Erap's verdict was handed down by Sandiganbayan,

gloria created the Procurement Transparency Group, which will monitor procurement for public projects and report irregularities to the agency heads concerned. She also formed a Pro-performance Infrastructure Monitoring Group.

But what is needed in dealing with the problem of graft and corruption are not new government agencies but resolute action against grafters. We already have many government agencies charged with bringing corrupt officials to justice. What is needed is the political will to go after these officials and not to let up until they are all behind bars. Source: INQ7 Editorial

Transparency daw, oh!
Hindi kaya dapat magsimula yang Transparency na yan sa kanya?

*WHY impose that gag-order among the people summoned for questionings by the Senate?
If one wants tranparency, then why is gloria afraid to face the Senate probe?

*WHY deter people working supposedly-for-the people to face public scrutiny?

*IF she is clean, WHY be afraid to be asked...or explain how things go on with her cabinet?

Transparency? Hah-hah!

Nagpapatawa ang lola!

She should explain first the numerous allegations, scams, goings-on at the military, and more to the people, before she say something as if she is mother incarnate, that lola-of-all-liars!

Thursday, September 13, 2007


O sige na nga,
tapos na ang pagmanipula sa hatol kay Erap,
pero, kwidaw, meron pang appeal yan.

Pagtuunan naman natin itong si goyang.
Akala yata niya, makakalusot siya.
Astig pa ng smirk nya, gusto pang umepal.

Humanda ka na lola, at kasunod ka na.
Mawawala ang pagka-isnabera mo sa selda!

Sa dinami-dami ng mga naglalabasang baho
galing sa saya ni goyang,
hindi na yata mabilang ng paa at kamay ko,
teka at manghihiram muna
ako kay Mang garci at kay Mang bedol,
pagka't magaling itong magbuhol-buhol!
Isama mo pa si chavit na type sumabit
sa kahit anong bandwagon, pakana o kotong.

Humanda ka, manang, at ikaw na ang susunod!

Aabangan ko talaga yan
saan man pumaroon!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


PLUNDER, ~says Brenda (maybe it's one of Brenda's shining moments, ha?)
and a horde of other legal luminaries~ a crime where the perpetrator raided the Kaban Ng Bayan ang used it for himself. It involves malversation of public funds.

ERAP's crimes, according to the Sandiganbayan involved the commissions
from the BW shares of stocks and the jueteng payoffs.

Plunder? More like BLUNDER to me, even if I didn't take Law 101....
.........or to anyone with sentido-common!



they're all and the same?
HU ever do those is beyond shame!

Now, pray, do tell: who has more guilt?
The one who lied and lied and lied
or the one who faced his Nation and
faced trial twisted they may be?


Chavit, sumabit....said he has been vindicated!
Oh, come on! A crook like him shouldn't say that!
Baka magbiro ang tadhana, baka mabulok (sana!) si Chavit
sa seldang may dalawang gulong. Nakakasuyang makita o marinig
na nagmamalinis ang iba, sangkaterbang muta naman ang nasa mata.

And he added that Erap's conviction isn't complete unless
he goes to Muntinlupa (the National Penitentiary).
Shouldn't the authorities check everyone in government and
in the jueteng operations, too?

Anyone who isn't guilty of illegal activities throw the first stone.
Can anyone do that, now?


ERAP was found guilty, while his two co-accused were acquitted.
Why is that?

Hindi ba co-accused nga, eh.
Dapat pareho sila ng verdict....di ba?

Hindi ko maintindihan.

Sa totoo lang, lahat ng iyon,
hindi ko maintindihan.


GOYANG gloats and goats around.
Kailan kaya ang verdict para sa kanya?

How about FAIRNESS given on every citizen, including Malacañang's friends who are presumed to be innocent even as everybody and his mother know that they are guilty, while Malacañang's foes suffer the full brunt of the law?

The list of un-indicted culprits gets longer by the day:
* Barely four days after Edsa II, the new government hastily signs a controversial $470-million hydroelectric power plant, and turns it over to the Argentine firm Impsa. Has anyone been indicted?

*In 2002, the Senate blue ribbon committee looks into the Diosdado Macapagal Avenue, supposedly the most expensive roadway--5.1 kilometers costing P1.1 billion--built at an alleged overprice of P600 million. Has anyone been indicted?

*In 2003, the Supreme Court nullifies the Piatco concession agreement to build a new airport amid allegations of massive payoffs. Has anyone been indicted? So bribes truly were given and taken, but there are no bribe-givers nor -takers around who can be charged?

*Before the 2004 elections, the Supreme Court strikes down the P1.3-billion Comelec computerization contract with the MegaPacific consortium. The Court issues a direct order to the Office of the Ombudsman to file graft charges against the erring Comelec officers. The Ombudsman drags its feet. The Kilosbayan had to file a petition before the Court to compel the Ombudsman to comply, which it does belatedly, and only half-heartedly.

*During the 2004 elections, we learn that fertilizer funds had been diverted to GMA's campaign. Marilyn Esperat, the journalist who exposed the scam, was murdered in cold blood, in front of her own children. The gunmen have been convicted, but the charges implicating agriculture undersecretary Joc-Joc Bolante remain frozen. Why? Because the moment he is charged, he can be extradited from his sanctuary in the United States.

*Just the other day, the Supreme Court issued a temporary restraining order to stop the controversial $329-million broadband deal given to ZTE Corp. of China. Yet President Macapagal-Arroyo affirmed the next day that she would honor all contracts entered into by the government, citing the familiar refrain about the rule of law.


JUSTICE? For whom?
Justice is swift for the elite and the haves.
Maybe JUST-TIIS for the rest of the Nation!

Hanggang kailan ka magtitiis?
Hanggang tamaan ng kidlat si gloria
nang tuluyan nang mawala sa mundo?


Humayo ka't gumising,
sa pagkakatulog at pagkakahimbing...
Bawasan na itong blunder at plunder.
Baka bukas makalawa'y panawan na ng isip
Malinaw na langit, hindi na masilip.



BEEN out with workloads and travels here and there for sometime.
Besides, the heat was unbearable! Kaya medyo hindi ko rin maasikaso itong aking blog.
Anyway, since today the Sandiganbayan found Erap guilty of plunder, I felt the urge
to put into writing what I feel. Kakainis kasi, eh!

First, allow me to say that I am not an Erap fan, nor did I like him as a politician. Kaya hindi puwedeng sabihin na kaya ako asar kay goyang, eh, dahil nasa kampo ako ni Erap. No, not that. Asar ako sa magnetik ang kamay, lalo na't tax na binabayad ko ang pinag-uusapan....o Kaban ng Bayan ang involved. Yun lang po.


So, kanina, in-between workloads, (as usual), I peeked into the net to see some Balitas. And what do I see? Erap guilty!

By stroke of some angels hovering around, or is it because I am the "iyakin-type"? Napaluha ako! Nakakainis!

Yup! I know! Maybe, because goyang turned out to be worse than Erap, that's why! We all know what goyang has been up to in the last seven years, right? And compared to goyang, Erap is a saint. No kidding!

The people expected someone better than Erap when gloria, apparently staged a coup with the able help of the Army Generals who, eventually turned out to be the country's General Problems! And so on and so forth...blah-blah-blah- siz-boom-bah!

Guilty si Erap, sabi ng Thief!


BEEN reading as much as I can also, and something caught my attention:
That Press release to the Malacanang Press Corps. Kakatuwa, eto:

The press release said Ms. Arroyo “came and went like a thief in the night” because she arrived in Boao “in the wee hours of Saturday,” April 21, and “left at 3:30 p.m. of the same day, but not after witnessing the signing of five landmark economic agreements…
that, in her own words, would…raise the competitiveness of our country.”

The President was there to deliver the keynote address during the opening session
of the Boao Forum for Asia.

As if to invite more malice or ridicule, the press release as titled, “So much investments, so little time for PGMA in China.” Reminds one of those once-in-fashion flirtatious t-shirts that said, “So many men, so little time.”

The press release also gave away a detail about the broadband network deal that has been elusive to critics, who have been asking the government, to no avail, to release copies of the contract for scrutiny. What kind of contract is it? Well, the press release says it’s a “supply contract.”

So much for what the press release called “an avalanche of Chinese investments to the tune of US$904.38 million.”

Malacanag Press Release yan, ha? Sila mismo, natumbok ang diskripsyon kay goyang:
"like-a-thief-in-the-night!" Hindi ba't gabi rin nang nag-swear in siya sa harap ni dabidi? Tska yung proclamation nya nung 2004: sa gabi rin ginawa? Mahilig! Mahilig sa gabi ang lola!

And how much was da dagdag...or ander-da-teybol dito? Di hamak na kakaunti ang kay Erap na ikinaso, di ba? Mas malaki ant engrande ang kay 'little one'.....

O seclusion perpetua rin sa kanya, ha?