Monday, October 08, 2012


Parang ito ang  tema ng mga taong nais "magsilbi" sa pamahalaan 
sa susunod na taon. Ang palaging tanong: Totoo kaya?

Hmmmm....Alam ko na alam ninyo ang kasagutan diyan.
AT...marami pa rin sa mga kababayan natin ang walang huwisyo
kapag pagpili ng tamang tao ang pinag-uusapan.
 Yung iba kasi, maabutan lang ng dalawang latang sardinas, 
isang kilong bigas at isang daang piso, 
ibebenta na pati kanilang ina.
Tumalon, nagtago ang prinsipyo nila...
o sadyang wala  nga.

Eto at eleksyon na naman.
Naglabasan ang sangkaterbang artista at
gusto ring matawag na "Kagalang-galang" 
na Representante ng Kamara. 

ILAN ang tunay na may malinis na hangarin sa kanila
ewan natin.  Ang masa lalong nakakarindi, ang mga 
POLITICAL DYNASTIES na mas lalong dumarami
at sobra nang garapal sa mata ng tao.

Sa mga lokal na pamahalaan, at sa mga siyudad...
kalapit lang ng Kamaynilaan, 
nandiyan ang  tatay, nanay, 
bayaw, anak, pamangkin, kapatid 
at kung sinu-sino pa!

Tatakbong alkalde si ama...
samantalang  Gob si ina.
Andito si Kuya para meyor,
at si ditse sa representante.
Sa karatig-bayan, andiyan si bayaw....
samantalng si misis ang para sa bise.
Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera...

Ibig ba sabihin nito....
sila lamang ang may "malasakit" sa paninilbihan sa
mamamayan? O sila lamang ang matapang ang  apog
[isabay pa ang kapal ng mukha!] na
tumakbo at nang masarili nila ang kapit sa puwesto?
Mag-isip-isip nga kayo!

Mahiya naman kayo.

Gising Juan! 
At huwag maging batugan.
Silipin ang kalakaran 
Huwag mong hayaang 
manakaw na naman
Kaban ng Bayan
Lilimasin nila yan.
 Buksan ang mata;
Makinig sa balita.
Ayusin ang pagpili
Para sa  Bayang sinisinta.


Monday, September 24, 2012


ILANG linggo naa ang nakalipas, itong si sotto  ang laman  ng balita dahil sa copy-paste part 2 . NGAYON naman, si iskong moreno
[screen name lang yan! hindi ang tunay na ngalan!]


This reflects the kind of supposedly-"public servants" we have in government.
We can only blame ourselves for listening to the lies of these alligators dressed in barong tagalog.

TANDAAN: nasa atin ang karapatang magluklok sa kanila sa puwesto.
Hahayaan pa ba natin silang mangulekta ng pera ng Bayan?

Naman. Naman!

Isko may alagang 200 'multo'

Sunday, August 19, 2012

‘Iskul Bukol’ in the Senate

‘Iskul Bukol’ in the Senate

Sotto just earned a new title:

Copy-Paste King!


Wednesday, May 30, 2012

“told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.”

His own worst witness

share2915  2767
To a question posed by Sen. Franklin Drilon about his assets, Renato Corona curiously responded that he did not understand certain financial matters: “Pardon me, hindi po ako nakakaintindi ng asset-debit na yan.”
Call him the incredible shrinking Chief Justice. Every time he emerged from his sanctum sanctorum at the Supreme Court and addressed the public, one thing was progressively and inevitably confirmed: He was a letdown. Supposedly the embodiment of the majesty and authority of the Philippine judicial system and ultimate arbiter of truth and fairness in legal affairs, he came off, instead, as a small—and small-minded—man. The nation’s highest magistrate turned out to be a man given to gutter language, melodramatic flourishes, a shockingly self-serving appreciation of the law, and, worst of all, a facility for lying.
Take that statement he gave Drilon, that whatever omissions his statements of assets, liabilities and net worth might show, it was all because he is a simple man unversed in the ways of accounting. This, from someone who had also bragged at his impeachment trial, by way of explaining his millions in undisclosed peso and dollar deposits, that he was a “matagumpay na abogado” before he entered public service. And that successful career in law included, among others, a long stint as an officer in the tax and corporate counseling divisions of SyCip, Gorres, Velayo—the Philippines’ largest accounting firm; 17 years as lecturer in commercial, taxation and corporate law in his alma mater, the Ateneo School of Law; several years as one of the top officers of a commercial bank; an MBA again from Ateneo, and a master of laws degree, focusing on the regulation of financial institutions, from Harvard University.
Given that all such information has long been public knowledge, one wonders at Corona’s mindset. What on earth was he thinking, testifying so brazenly to such patent, and easily verifiable, untruths even as he was under oath on the witness stand? Such ease in double-talk must have taken years of practice. In the end, Corona’s attempt at passing himself off as a simpleton to duck the requirements of the law he was sworn to uphold only reaffirmed how undeserving he is of the august position he holds, which isn’t called “primus inter pares”—first above all—for nothing.
Even his now much touted “unconditional” waiver, brandished by his supporters as proof of his honesty and good faith, had to be pried out of him after the dead-end humiliation of his walkout from the court, which saw the unprecedented sight of the Senate President sternly lecturing the Chief Justice on the fine points of court decorum. Cut the drama, the appeal to emotion and the grand invocation of a “moment of truth,” and what the public got with his original non-waiver waiver was a cheap smoke-and-mirrors act that, in its primary version—before his chastened return to the court two days later—basically tried to pull a fast one over the country.
Had Corona comported himself with dignity and nobility in facing the charges against him, perhaps the public would have regarded his case with greater sympathy. But his piddling, uninspiring performance before the court, consisting of a meandering narrative of sordid family feuds, extra-spartan living (“wala kaming hilig sa mamahaling bagay”—this, despite official records of posh condominium units in his name and Supreme Court reimbursements of pricey meals and purchases), and alleged government vendetta against his person, was a revealing window into the psyche of a Chief Justice who interpreted the law with a self-serving bent and wasn’t above resorting to dishonesty and lame-faced excuses (what Rep. Rodolfo Fariñas aptly termed “palusot” in the prosecution’s closing argument) to try to get away with it.
These are not the actions of an honest, upright person—and what misfortune for the country that they happen to be the prevailing behavior of the one man mandated to guard the truth and seek justice for every Filipino. Though his case appeared to rise and fall on clear-cut legal issues, he himself wrote finis to his so-called “calvary” with his peevish, devious, manipulative defense of himself, in ways that disgraced and vastly diminished his position.
The Chief Justice was, in the end, the worst witness against himself. The tale he told, to quote a certain dramatist wise to the follies of men like Corona, was one “told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.”

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Convicted! 20-3

Only three– Senators Joker Arroyo*, Miriam Defensor-Santiago*, and Ferdinand “Bong-Bong” Marcos Jr.* voted to acquit Corona.
*DO NOT vote for these 3 monkeys  next time!


Sourced from INQ.


Sunday, May 13, 2012

‘Buti nga’

O, tinagalog na yan, ha?!!
Baka wala pa ring makaunawa...o baka naman sadyang makakapagal na?


Thursday, April 26, 2012

WHY the name NONIE

WHEN NONIE was born, he got the name ANTONIO, after Nanay's  hometown saint-patron, San Antonio.  He was initially called Tony, which is the usual petname for Antonio.

WHEN A popular singing contest was aired, there was  a singer whose voice was really great. He has this appeal as well. I suggested he be called NONIE, just like that one on TV. He  is special and he is the youngest. Of course, everyone found him cute and lovable.

THE REST continued to call him Tony but my persistence paid off. I bombarded each free time calling him Nonie. "Nonie, come here...Nonie  sing this song...." They all ended up calling him that way, too. Hah-hah!

WHEN NONIE passed away, everybody: loved one, family, friends, classmates, workers, neighbors were all shocked.! Who wouldn't be?  Nobody thought that Nonie would go first. After all, he is the youngest.  He was full of life. He had great plans. He was just waiting for the right time to finish off his obligations here and off he go to be happy. At last!

BUT GOD had other plans. And we have to deal with the inevitable.

WEEKS HAVE passed. Since then, some of the siblings have rested and some have gone back to their home base now. And I am left with a little free time to research and write my thoughts.  I started to look for the name NONIE in the web.

And wonders of`s what I`ve found:

Nonie meaning and name origin

Nonie \n(o)- nie\ as a girl's name is a variant of Ann (Hebrew), Nona (Latin) and Nora (English), and the meaning of Nonie is "He (God) has favored me; ninth".
The baby name Nonie sounds like Nonnie and Noni. Other similar baby names are Tonie, Bonie, Ionie, Jonie and Lonie.


AND, according to Wikipedia:

2382 Nonie (1977 GA) is a main-belt asteroid.


Then  lo and behold!
 There`s this juice named NONI  based in HI!


Well, the name may be not that popular,
and it was used by girls mostly doesn`t matter;

in our heart, your name lingers on

and on....

and on.....

got it, Lady Love?

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


SANSAN  WROTE  to say she read the post and was happy I did that. She avers she can't write even in her native  Chinese, because she would be choked with emotions once she gets started. Besides, she admits she has communicative competence in English but putting her thought is writing? No, she wouldn`t dare, she says.

TO THINK they have a great love story didn`t even crossed their minds, even when Nonie was still here with her. They just found the SECOND CHANCE and did everything to enjoy that. Both thought that God, in His mercy made them find each other again after a separation of more than twenty years. Twenty long years!

GOD MADE it happen. She left him because of some customs and traditions that never die. Traditions that bind people to follow blindly even if it hurts. Which they both did. They did not want to hurt Tatay. Nor Nanay. Nor Ming Shu. 

FOR THE last seven years, they shared their love. They met regularly. Five days each time. Once each season.  They had twenty days. Out of 365 days, they had 20.  Twenty sweet days they shared. But each day of the year does not end on  both parts without each of them communicating several times. Without Nonie saying: " Good Night. I Love You!" Each single day!

Nonie, Sansan knows you`re still around; she feels it. She  just knows.  She knows you stayed true to your promise. To love her till death.

"In next life,he will be there waiting for me and he will be strong enough so we will not fear to love each other, I will be born for him again,we will meet to love to be husband and wife in next life. As he promised. "

SURELY, LIFE  always  gives a second chance, don`t you think?

Friday, April 20, 2012


The past few days were hot and it was mid-morning in Manila. I was watering the pavement next to the garage  when I heard the sound of someone yelling. I knew it was Eddy. I  opened the door and she ranted: "Get dressed. Nonie is in the hospital, comatose and you have to be there."  I immediately  changed clothes, made some last minute instructions to Jay and  ran to the waiting  car, an SUV and soon we headed to St. Luke`s in QC.

As I entered the ICU on the 3rd floor, I saw a man lying on the bed....I  was shocked. This isn`t Antonio. Not my youngest brother.  This  is an old man...not the vibrant one I remember from days and years past. I couldn`t believe my eyes....but there he was, tubes everywhere. His face grey.

I said in a loud voice: "Ano ginagawa mo dyan? Ang bata mo pa, para magkaganyan! Tayo na ant uwi na tayo!  Ang lakas ko pa, pero ikaw....."
It was surreal. Totally unbelievable!

The last time my other siblings and Nonie met, it was exactly a year ago.  Emo showed me pictures he took when all of them went to Tagaytay.  Emo captured Nonie's signature smile. The smile we often a young boy,as  a teenager, as an  adult. What could have happened?

We siblings were there everyday. As Nonie struggled to wake up, and wait for the love of his life to arrive, his body grew weaker. The strong will was overwhelmed  by his weak body and went to join The Creator a day before San san arrived. We were all speechless. We have lost our Nonie. Nanay's Nonie. Sansan`s Nonie.


Nonie was 9 when he saw a picture of a young girl of 11 in a swimming pool. He told Sansan he fell in love with her that time and decided "...this girl belongs to me." That  picture was taken by Tatay when he went visiting relatives in Taiwan. After all, Sansan is also family, although not the immediate one. When Sansan`s father decided to send Sansan to Manila to study English, Nonie offered to accompany Tatay at the airport. Nonie knew Sansan when he saw her.  She was looking for Tatay but a young boy approaced  and embraced her. She said she was surprised. After all, she didn't know Nonie. She only knew Tatay had a daughter as old as her and some older siblings as well.

They went to school together. Nonie always accompanied her to UST on the way to Mapua.
He fetched her, too. They talked about almost anything under the sun. They shared their thoughts and feelings. Sansan knew Tatay would be angry and she did not want that. She is afraid of Tatay and her Father, too.  Tatay was too old to be angry, and their affair might cost not only Tatay's life, but Nanay's too. So Sansan  tried her best to make Nonie stay away from her. To leave her.

Sansan made plans and soon got  involved with an American of Iranian descent. She got herself pregnant so Nonie will leave her alone. But she couldn`t believe her ears when Nonie offered to marry Sansan instead,  leave Manila and start a family somewhere else to escape the wrath of Tatay and Nanay. He was barely 19 then. Still a student. No work and quite young to face the world.
Sansan refused.

Sansan raised her daughter in New York. She stayed there until the husband  died in an accident. She soon returned to Taiwan with US$500. to her name. She also wanted to serve her Father who was sick then. By this time, Tatay died and she returned to pay her ;last respects to Tatay. Nanay accepted her as if nothing has happened. She rerurned to Taiwan and refused all emails, letters, even chocolate boxes sent from Tokyo where Nonie was based at that time as a scholar under the tutelage of  Mr.Sakata, a long-time friend of Tatay`s  even before the last World War. She had all posts and boxes returned to sender, instructing the postmaster that there were no forwarding address left. But the letters kept coming weekly, Christmas cards every year  and other messages came regularly.

Fast-forward 2005. Sansan  was now a businesswoman, a  government consultant, and a University Professor.   Nonie was with Marubeni IIda Company in Makati then when he was made to resign by the woman he married to assist her in the dwindling small company they both started. By this time also, Sansan's Father has died.  She felt it was time to contact Nonie. She then sent him a Christmas card. She just wrote `Merry Christmas' but  she wrote her address on the envelope. She has made another plan.

A month before Nonie`s scheduled arrival, she married a  colleague in the office. She even adopted a boy  to show she had another baby with another man, a ploy to ward off Nonie. To make him leave her alone. Of course, the arrangement was only one for show. She was  not  truly in love with the Taiwan guy. Neither was he.

She introduced him to Nonie when he arrived. But Nonie`s eyes kept darting to  her. She was unaware. Her Mother told her after Nonie has left that "Nonie loves you!"   His eyes  followed you wherever you go and he kept on giving dagger looks to the husband, too.

But Nonie was humming to himself  the entire day. He was singing by his lonesome self. "What are you singing?" she asked Nonie.  "Kumusta Ka!" was the answer.  When Sansan asked Nonie to explain the meaning of the lyrics, he refused, saying  " hurts here..." pointing to his chest.

The trip to Taiwan on the way to Japan had been a regular one in the succeeding years. They met once each season of the year for five days. Five beautiful days. Sansan recounted." If one year has 365 days, the wife [here] has Nonie for 345 days while I have him for 20 days only. But our love  continues and we communicate morning, noon and night, and whenever possible. He doesn`t sleep without saying Good Night to me. As soon as he wakes up, he emails me, Good Morning, I love you. He never say `I Love You` to  Giri....but he always say it to me."


Nonie was willing to leave Giri in 2006. That was also the year when Nonie started to faint and suffer blackouts. He never had himself checked in the hospital.  Giri  didn't bother as well.
Nonie wanted to divest himself of his company share of 50%. He gave 20% to Greg when he graduated from college. He planned to give 20% also to Jovit  and the last 10% to Poochie . He was giving up all his shares in the company and stay in Taiwan for good.

But Sansan refused. She told Nonie to wait untilJovit who was still in  high school then, to graduate in college. By then,  he will be free of the obligations as a Father. Nonie was adamant.  Nonie said "they're not kawawa.  Giri  have  the kids. I only have you."  Sansan`s heart prevailed. They waited several years more. But not after a really big fight. With  Giri.

Giri often shouted invectives at Nonie. The sons, too. Nonie was the silent type, just like Tatay.
He never  shouted  nor showed  anger at anyone, unless necessary. He always had a ready smile for everyone. He never say bad words to anyone, most especially the children he cared most...and of course to the mother of his children.  One time, perhaps intentionally, Nonie left his phone open during one of  their  fight. The time when he told Giri  he was leaving her for good. Giri  emailed Sansan to stop taking Nonie away from her. Sansan replied:  "IF you treat Nonie badly again, I will take him out of there. Never ever say bad words against Nonie again. Do not say he is a bad man, a liar, and all those things.....Promise me!"


Unknown to Giri, all replies were edited an reworded strongly by Nonie before being sent back to Giri. Sansan is  Taiwanese....and her long stay in America did not alter her grammar, but she could express herself well, only not perfectly.  Nonie was speaking through Sansan in those emails!

 Giri promised and wrote a handwritten apology to Nonie.  She  begged Nonie on her knees not to leave her. She  swallowed her pride and  knelt in front of Nonie. He decided to stay after Sansan  advised him to stay and wait awhile....after the youngest graduate from college, least.

Things got better after that. There were less fighting and bad mouthing. There were lesser tensions. Things appeared to be smooth...until this year. Until this March. Until  I saw him in the 3rd Floor ICU of St. Luke`s in QC.


What most do not know is that Nonie suffered blackouts six or more times in the past 6 years.  He told Sansan so. He was bedridden the entire February. He passed out again in March. He woke up all alone with blood on his nape. Then he lost consciousness again last 26 March. He locked himself [a habit, says one of the sons] in the room as he was about to take a bath. He entered the room at 5PM, and was admitted to the hospital at 7 PM. They live near the boundary of Manila and QC.
Why it took that long, I often wonder. Traffic, perhaps?

The doctor took the medical history of Nonie and asked Giri if he has had blackouts in the past. She  said there were none. Sansan who is in far off Taiwan knew Nonie had passed out 6 times in the past. She had insisted Nonie to go visit a doctor and have a medical check-up to see what is wrong. "Sayang!" was the usual reply. Besides, Nonie never had cash on his pocket. He only had a Visa CC. That way, his cash transactions were monitored and directed by Giri, she being  the comptroller in the company. The  small cash he had were  all  sukli...and he kept them hidden under the carpet, inside his car.

During the first week, things were  better. Nonie could move his right arms and legs. When  Emo and his wife were there,  Nonie tried his best to  survive. He did not want to let go of Emo and his wife`s hands when they were about to go home. He did not want to be left alone in the ICU. He seemed afraid. Of what?.....Now, I wonder.

Earlier, as he held Emo`s hand, he started scribbling something on Emo`s palm. Emo did not understand at first, so he called another brother,Boy. Boy took a paper and a ballpen and placed both on Nonie's  right hand. Black bag, H20, coke and more. Giri heard what Nonie was trying to say. Soon enough, Giri was nowhere to be found in the vicinity of the ICU. She flew home and started wrecking the safe of Nonie. She forced open Nonie's last vestige of privacy and took something that does not belong to her. That Black Bag belonged to Nonie and it contained Nonie and Sansan's life savings. The savings intended for the house and business they  both will share. Soon.


Meanwhile Nonie suffered another stroke and he has to undergo angioplasty. Hospital policy dictates that existing balance be paid before they  do the procedure. Giri  said: "Ganyan din nangyari sa Tatay ko, ayun, namatay rin!   Isa pa, hindi ako pwedeng mag-release ng pera ngayon. Hindi pwede."

Wow!  Nonie's sisters were there and one of them gave 500K. All for Nonie.

On the fifth day, Nonie suffered another stroke. His condition worsened.  It was one of those arteries again. A  friend, Marcia  came visiting  and mentioned something about RCB {Rapid Cellular Balance} pioneered in the Philippines by Dr. Robin Navarro. Since Giri was just waiting for Nonie's last breath, Eddy decided to try RCB.   So we rushed to Pasig Crossing  and brought the medicine to St. Luke's.  Giri  asked Boy: "Pang ilang araw ba yang gamot nyo?"  Boy said "Five days, initially...kasi pag OK ang reaction, itutuloy natin." Giri replied:  "Dalawang araw na lang ang balak ko dyan, eh!"   Giri did not sign the waiver to administer the medicine from outside St. Luke`s, and so the medicine wasn't given. The next day, Nonie died.....

All the days we were there, we kept on talking to Nonie, telling him that Sansan is on her way to Manila. Nonie wanted her to come to her side in case anything like that happened. They have talked about these a lot of times in the past.  Sansan brought with her Nonie`s Taiwanese passport. She is willing to bring him to Taiwan for treatment and has made arrangement for his hospitalization there. Sansan  also specified that in case Nonie wakes up and remain invalid for the rest of his life, she is willing to bring him to Taiwan still, and take good care of him for the remaining days  of his matter what. Regardless whether he be on a wheelchair. Anything! For Nonie.

She can`t come sooner because the Cultural Office in Taipeh was  closed due to  Holy Week. She just waited and wailed and cried her heart out. She wanted to reach Manila as soon, but she was helpless. She arrived a day after Nonie expired on 11 April 2012.

His remains were brought  to a small room in Arlington a day after he died. He was buried beside Giri`s  grandparents....on the left side of the lot. When we visited the grave two days after the interment, we were surprised to see garbage atop it.  Sansan wailed and cried. She said she never was so angry in her life before. "They treated my Nonie badly even after he died. They didn't give him the best; they did not respect  him  in his lifetime. Even in death? Why treat him like this?"  

She decided to make the grave beautiful. She hired the caretakers around, all seven of them, to flatten the grave, plant blue grass which she did herself  near the head area and bought 100 flower arrangements more [we bought two at the gate before]. The place looked  great and she felt better.
The two guards asked why  we brought so many flowers. People kept looking. They say they have never seen such thing done before.  Well....they haven't heard the great love story Sansan and Nonie shared, have they?

I do not know if I can condemn such love...such passion. I have never thought Nonie could be so romantic. He never confided  in any of his siblings. We all thought he was happy with his family here. We never thought it was only a front,....a window to show his neighbors and friends. That he was living a life miles and miles  different from the image he projects  in the neighborhood   was unbelievable. Had he told me these things, I could have sided with him, because he knew I never wanted that woman to be his wife here. That woman is a snob and hated me for my guts to tell her pointblank that she is a non-entity as far as I am concerned.  Besides, I knew Sansan  and him had a relationship when he was just 17, she 19. But I never mentioned any of these to anyone because Nanay told me it was a secret.

Their  secret is no secret anymore.
They were willing to come out in the open.
They did that when Nonie visited us in Japan.
Both of them were sweet to each other.
Both were  looking good.
Both were happy.

I hope Nonie is happy now.....because he is free.
Free from the obsession of Giri.
Free from the crazy little things she did whenever he opened his luggage
and found ALL of his briefs with kissmarks on the crotch area.[she did that, huh?]
Free from the pictures of her and her children which she always put on Nonie`s luggage,
Nonie`s pockets and inside his wallet.
Those pictures which Nonie threw  away  as soon as he saw them....
Free from the invectives hurled at him by his very sons....
Free from the disrespectful actions of his sons towards him and towards Nonie`s siblings.


Theirs is a great love story.
A story that transcends barriers:   place/country, language, age and culture.
A love story that spanned 32 years!
Separated for 25 years [the years he spent looking for her; she spent those years hiding]......and 
spending the last 7 years together:  the happiest for them.

I hope and pray that both of you be happy.
If not in this lifetime....may it be in the next.
Where Nonie proposed to be born first,
perhaps 10?...20 years  ahead. And he'd look for Sansan.
Where Nonie instructed Sansan to wait for him and he'd surely look for her.
Just like the way he combed Taiwan to look for her for 25 years.

Rest awhile and smile.
Wait till she joins you.

In the meantime...sing your songs.
Hum it to she can sleep....dreaming of you.

Good  Night, Little Brother....Good Night!

*From your siblings  who love  you

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Regalo sa Bayan

About time!
Sana managot din ang iba pang mga magnanakaw sa Bayan
sa iba-ibang paraan. Soon.

Here's CDQ, one more time!

Crowning glory
PDI 12-14-2011, Wednesday

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Finally, Congress has voted overwhelmingly to act on the presidential complaint and impeached Renato Corona. That’s the second best Christmas gift the House of Representatives has given the nation. The first of course was impeaching Erap (Joseph Estrada) 11 years ago.

The articles of impeachment against Corona are legion and richly deserved. The crux of them being, as one of the eight articles puts it, a monumental failure to live up to “the stringent (constitutional) standards that (demand that) a member of the judiciary be a person of proven competence, integrity, probity and independence.” Corona has proven himself only, as specified by the other items on the laundry list, to be incompetent, dishonest, fraudulent and a lackey to his sponsor, Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

Not surprisingly, Edcel Lagman is howling his head off. Which only shows how if you’ve gotten used to seeing an upside-down world, you’re going to complain that it’s upside down when it’s been turned back on its feet. “The derogation of our democratic institutions,” he rails from his imagined heights, “is almost complete with the emasculation of the House of Representatives, the violation of civil liberties, the impairment of the rule of law and now the destruction of the Supreme Court and the judiciary.”

But of course it is a brilliant description—of the Arroyo regime. Well, maybe not that brilliant since it understates the pits to which his own sponsor plunged this country. “Derogation of our democratic institutions” does not quite come close to capturing the enormity of “Hello, Garci.” Just as well, the “complete emasculation of the House” does not quite encompass what Arroyo’s representatives did to the impeachment complaint against her. That one, for all the lofty rhetoric that accompanied it, was just a pathetic version of MC Hammer’s classic rap, “Can’t Touch This.”

I leave the readers to supply his own examples of “the violation of civil liberties, the impairment of the rule of law, and the destruction of the judiciary” during Arroyo’s time. They will suffer from an embarrassment of riches.

Not surprisingly as well, Corona himself is howling at the moon. That is at least how the public sees it. He himself sees it differently. He sees it as rallying the troops to fight those that threaten to destroy the courts and democracy. “I am here. I am not going anywhere. I am your defender and most of all I am your chief justice. Together we will face these challenges and fight all who dare to destroy the Court and our system of justice under the Constitution.”

That’s all very fine, except for one thing. You are not the one defending democracy, you are the one destroying it. You are not the one preserving the courts, you are the one scuttling them. You are not the one upholding the Constitution, you are the one trashing it.

And, oh, yes, you are going somewhere: straight to the dustbin of history after a short and completely forgettable tenure as chief shyster.

Corona may imagine he is John Paul Jones announcing to the world that he has just begun to fight, but to the people of this country he merely cuts the figure of an Arroyo clone. Arroyo was a fake president, Corona is a fake chief justice.

Arroyo became president by calling up Garci in the midnight hour, Corona became chief justice by being appointed by Arroyo in the midnight hour. Arroyo was proclaimed president to the chirp of cicadas with no audience in attendance to protest or boo, Corona was proclaimed chief justice to the baying of dogs with no audience in attendance to rant or decry. Arroyo refused to step down after being found out to have screwed the vote, brazening it out, fighting and clawing to keep her post. Corona has refused to step down after being found out to have screwed law, brazening it out, bristling and clawing like a cornered rat.

Arroyo was sent packing by an Edsa masquerading as an election. Corona will be sent packing by justice masquerading as an impeachment.

Corona’s impeachment is the best thing to have happened to democracy in a long time. Corona’s impeachment is the best thing to have happened to the courts in a long time. At the very least, it begins the process of cleansing the Supreme Court of its dregs, not unlike the way Jesus Christ rid his father’s temple of seedy merchants. Corona is not the Supreme Court, he is merely a squatter in it. Corona is not the institution of law, he is merely the despoiler of it.

At the very most, rather than befouling the Constitution and the separation of powers, it deodorizes them. Corona’s impeachment reminds us of what the Constitution and the separation of powers really are.

The Constitution is not just a piece of paper, like the one you find in toilets, to be used the way Arroyo’s justices have used it, and flushed afterward along with what they put on it. The Constitution is what constitutes the people. The Constitution is the flesh and blood of the people, the heart and soul of the people, the will and voice of the people. It does not exist to be bent by crooked judges, it exists to flail at crooked judges.

Just as well the separation of powers is not there to assure a division of spoils, each branch having its own preserve to rule like a fiefdom. The separation of powers is there to assure that each branch serves the people, each branch checking the other to make sure it is acting in the interest of the people and not merely its own. That is what Corona’s impeachment is all about. It makes sure the Supreme Court acts on behalf of Juan de la Cruz and not of Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

Corona and Gloria: They are the crowning glory of tyranny. Impeaching one and jailing the other:

That will be the crowning glory of P-Noy.


Pasko na nga!

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