Monday, October 24, 2005


GOING OUT of the house on simple errands like shopping ....or even just plain walking around the neighborhood would likely make one meet familiar faces.

Some are people you met in some community projects or some parents you brushed elbow with in some volunteer group meetings somewhere.

More often, it is the Lola next door.

Perhaps, the fact that I am of mixed ancestry makes me stand out among the locals here.

But among Pinays I meet in supermarkets or even in airports, they never approach me;I talk to them. They always say they thought I am one of the locals.

I dunno why they say that.Is it because I have almond eyes, and that make melook like a Japanese? Some Pinays say so ; I don't agree!

Except for the skin texture, I take after Nanay,and that is final!


ANYWAY, as I go out of the house each time...I have grown accustom to greeting people as I go my way.

AISATSU [GREETING] is a way of life here.

One must greet everyone in the neighborhood.

A proper greeting such as OHAYOU GOZAIMASU [GOOD MORNING]


But sometimes,if the other party is beyond hearing,

a simple nod, a slight bow is enough.


I HAVE always liked the way some locals do it.

I never knew how;

Even the school I went to never discussed the right way of bowing.

When I was employed by the YAMAHA Resort,

I was guided by the Team Leaders there.

Bless them!


I'd like to think I now do it with grace,as most educated and refined Japanese ladies do.

It takes some practice, and the right angle to do so.

There are many ways to bow and/orgreet someone, depending on their rank.

Bowing also indicates the kind of person doing it.


COURTESY have also been a trademark of Pinoys of old.

Our forefathers may have been respectful and courteous.

This is one Pinoy characteristics that must be retained and taught by parents and the school.


Lately, there have been a decline among our youth about good qualities that make good Pinoys.

I hope and pray that GMRC or that subject which tackles Good Behavior and Proper Manners be made longer and integrated in other subjects in school.

After all, the school must develop a sound mind in a sound body alongside a pure and compassionate heart.






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