Sunday, October 23, 2005



from the simple living of eons gone past to the high-tech gadgets of recent years.

A long time ago, man was contented to use tools and gadgets and make do with what was on hand;

Nowadays, there are influx of new gadgets:hand-held TVs, Video, navigating tools,and automatic toilets that flush when onewalks away, and more...

CARS and other vehicles have come up with models one after the other that in six-months time, your car is considered 'old'because new models keep on turning up fresh from the car plants.

Same is true with all other equipments,food and clothes to name a few.


the problem of waste management comes in....

and some sectors cannot seem to handle the situation.


A lady NGO worker from Africa observed several years ago that Japan has thrown practically everything into the dumps.

In her speech, she exhorted officials to think twice before doing so.

She made waves with her speech, ending it with that Japanese word:

"MOTTAINAI!" Literally translated, it means:"SAYANG!"

............I agree.

If only these gadgets were recycled.....


Late last week, news came out about hybrid cars and ones with recycled parts.

This is good news!

In a country that comes up with new models in a sec.,my car seems to be old, compared with new ones that these plants keep on producing.I used to think like all others who want theirs to be of the latest model;NOT ANYMORE. For as long as my car can bring me to my destination,it is okay by me.


Japan sells second hand car parts to Thailand,Australia, Russia, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and other Asian nations.After all the 'good parts' and those needed [ordered] by the said countries, the rest of the car are placed in machines that make them compact, then sent to steel factories where they are melted and made into new iron sheets.


RECYCLING has been done by countries like Japan and China. The latter leads in making clothes out of pet bottles and sell them worldwide. The plastic are grinded and processed.

I have some parka made out of these pet bottles.


RECYCLE SHOPS have sprouted hereabouts.

I have accompanied some PINOY TRAINEES several times in the past [those with YAZAKI]

and they had a field day buying components,radios, TV sets, and other items.

Other items up for sale here are cabinets, golf clubs, hats,

...say it, they have it!

Some even sell brand bags, coats, boots, practically everything!

I must admit, though,I have only bought a flower vase here.

I hate wearing someone else's wear,

if you know what I mean....

RECYCLING has been accepted by almost everybody.

After all, there would be mountains of debris and waste products would literally choke everyone here if they don't do that.

For old folks like Lolo,he hates the idea.

He wouldn't buy, much less enter any recycle shops around.

He is of the old caste, thus makes him a snob.

He has warned me repeatedly not to litter his home with other people's things.

He believes it's bad luck.


RECYCLING: good or bad?

Although I believe it is good, some people need to educated HOW to do it.

>Is Inang Bayan ready?

>Do we separate our garbage before passing it on to local garbage collectors?


Come to think of it,

the more pressing problem is sanitation

and the proper way of throwing garbage.

But then again, that would be good discussion for another day.....


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