Monday, October 31, 2005


Yesterday, I had lunch with Hiroko in Hamamatsu.

We had some BUTA YAKINIKU [GRILLED PORK] and some salad.

I didn't partake of my RICE, as usual.

Ayokong maging CHIBI, although I can't be that since I stand tall for a Pinay.

I enjoyed the meal plus++++ the conversation, as usual.

I always do with Hiroko.

That fellow seemed knowledgeable and helps me in every question or problem I may have encountered while living here in the Land of the Samurais.

We got to talk about my coming home during the Winter break.

Apparently Hiroko wanted to join me and my family for that much-needed respite.

Hiroko needs that, too, I'm sure.

I explained that getting an airline reservation would be impossible at this time.

Hiroko said, it's OK.

Trying to pull strings with a colleague in the travel business?

Maybe..... I don't know.

Impossible it may seem, I know that Hiroko has put the plan to visit Inang Bayan early next year stamped on the calendar.

Suddenly, I have the feeling that I'm going to change some of my plans, huh?

Cancel some, accomodate some...Gosh!

If that would push through, then I have to adjust my plans to allow H be accompanied by Maki around the city.

Accomodation is OK, since we have extra rooms at home.

And I've got to ask my "great alalay" to schedule some trips to the Spa for us.

Hiroko would love that Thai Massage.

That would be great!


Sometimes, we do not know when things happen.

There are so many things that is bound to happenin a matter of seconds..

.hence, we need to be flexible in times like these.

Same is true with LIFE itself;



.I HOPE to be able to adjust to situations the best I could as I travel

LIFE's ROADs......


Sunday, October 30, 2005


ALL ROADS LEADto the cemeteries......

TODAY, being the 31st of OCTOBER, all trek up to prepare and be with their dearly departed.

ALTHOUGH sometimes, most people "overdo" it this celebration is one of the "must" for Pinoys all over.

THIS have been handed down to us since the days of the Conquistadores.

BUT Pinoys have that knack of changing celebrations to suit their tastes, hence most, if not all, have turned this religious celebration into one that looks like a circus.There are beers by the cases and mahjongs or pusoy for the masa,not to mention the loud "music" [I call it noise!] that litter the scene non-stop. One wonders whether thay are in some alley disco house or in some beer joints that have littered some avenues.

THERE are tents erected to 'house' the family members who opt to stay near the grave and lots of food to feast on. Less and less, I believe, pray for the repose of their dearly departed's soul.

BUT what I remember most in my childhood was the day after. The neighborhood youth [oh, yes! there were older men, believe me....] who'd "steal" something from just anybody just for fun. They call it 'PANGANGALULUWA". They were the "spirits that roam around on that night to make fun of the living" they say....

ONE can see their flower pots or an old table,"sampayan", old bikes, "papag", simply anything! piled up one after the other at the center of the street and atop will be the 'steal' of the night: an underwear flying like Camelot's colors.

OF course, none of the ladies would own up to the lost underwear....but most residents accept that prank as part of the neighborhood's way of celebrating that 'PANGANGALULUWA" tradition.

AFTER sometime, these things would be retrieved by the owners and the night prowlers would be justifying their deeds as something done "just-f0r-fun"....

OF course, these prowlers are led by someone responsible for the actions of its members.They must "steal" something that wouldn't be deemed as violation of the Law but done for the sake of fun, ONLY.

I remember my Nanay reminding all of us to keep all things locked inside the house lest they be "stolen" by the spirits roaming around at night.Even then, something somewhere would be liable to be "stolen"....

THOSE were the days...when the community was one and people who live in the neighborhood knew each other.....

NOT anymore. Pinoy society have become more and more strangers to each other: among family members, stranger even to the next-door neighboors.Try going to elite neighborhoods/villages and you'll know, feel and see.

AND there were stories of "manananggals"or the "aswangs tiyanak, kapre, nuno-sa-punso" and more....that made us shiver and peeon the sheets beause we, kids, feared these creatures even as we refuse to go to the toilet in the middle of the night.

AH....the days of old....days I also miss because most of those people around me then have already gone the Land where no pain and problems no longer exist....

THESE next three days, I'd light candles and prayfor my relatives who have gone ahead:





Friday, October 28, 2005

ODE TO EICH [dai ni]






H-17.10.29 doyoubi.


FINALLY,the ensemble for Junko's WEDDING is ready.....

all I need is a pair of black shoes ...although boots would be OK, accdg. to Fujita-San, PINORE's a chic black bag....

A call from PINORE , made me drive all the way to FUKUROI,

and I found a small group of ladeies,apparently customers like myself, in a huddle.

It was fun talking to a group of Japanese ladies who enjoy leisurely life and small talk over

cups of green Japanese tea and some O-SENBEI [JAPANESE RICE COOKIES].

The ladies who were all chic with their brand of afternoon dresses seem to be wondering what the hell is this foreigner doing in some Japanese Boutique.

Apparently, that particularly shop's clientele is 99% locals and the remaining 1% is yours truly.....

The owner introduced me as a Teacher, and all seemed surprised.

And all they thought was that ALL Filipinas are BAN-NO-ONESAN.

Literally translated,it means, PANGGABING ATE [elder sister].

This is the term they use for Japanese hostesses as well.

I hoped by our encounter this afternoon,a little, if not most of the impressionthey have of Pinays be different hereon....

I can't blame them...

After all, this is one Philippine 'export' that is much debated upon here and in Inang Bayan.

One thing we agreed on however, as our conversation flowed this master plan:

>we'll go on a tour of Seoul next year... together!

I'm looking forward to that BODY SCRUB! ...and that old type sauna....and more!!!

I had so much fun that I forgot the time.....'Twas late when I left the shop.

I had to rush to the Supermarket for some small buys and the usual grapefruit juice; this thing I can't live without....

Rushing back home,

I was caught in some traffic as it was past five: most employees are heading home or some other place.....





Thursday, October 27, 2005



"I USED to be a CUCKOO and an ol' good CUCKOO, too

But now I've finished 'CUCKOO-ING,

I don't know what to do,I'm growing old and feeble,

and I can't CUCKOO no more

So I'm going to work my ticket if I can....

Back to GILWELL, Happy Land, I'm going to work my ticket, if I can..."

I used to be an Assistant Leader Trainer with the Boy Scouts of the Philippines

National Training Team, and I enjoyed every bit of it.

Those were the days....

>when training on weekends seems to be endless and no one finds me at home to clean my stuff.

>when I'd go home after 7 days of Wood Badge Training and ask Nanay to turn on the lights,because I can't see my own reflection on the mirror:

yeah...that one was quite a shock!

But I just laughed it off and when the skin started to peel off, grrr... it was a horrible sight!

But then, again, who cares?

I enjoyed each night I didn't sleep and worked on projects with members of my group.

I equally enjoyed soaking in the sun as the daily Flag-raising Ceremony went on quite too long for comfort....because some group failed to reach the day's targets...

.I didn't care....

it was alright by me...

I was up and about at the wee hours of the morning doing the works my old members cannot accomplish.

It was my job to fetch the water and the firewoods and all those cleaning of our Teepee and the toilets...I was the youngest, that's why...

>when I attended a 'higher' training in Angeles City under the auspices of the Provincial was an incredible experience.

I had to compete with people whose positions in government and the private sectors were superfragilistik. The place and the eats were subsidized by the Pampanga Council then. We were even made to tour great places in the province as an added bonus.

>when I have to attend Baguio Summer/Christmas Camps every year...

and I have to lead some several hundreds of young Scouts from that one great place in the heart of Manila....along with fellow Scouters Rey, Mommy Santos, Sir Rolly, Maki, John, Gio, Gideon and more...

.I remember Manny Guevarra [he, whose face could rival those of Aga or any other heart throb around], Vladimir Murata,Pua [that 'makulit' boy from Sta.Ana[?] who always ask me which brief to wear], Bryce Abella [that great smile and superb leadership], and many,many more from the "Y" group.

>when I have attended hundreds [I have lost count, really!] of those PTCs, Part 1, Part 2, whatever they call it now...Basic Training Courses in Metro Manila, including those of the Mormons Group....

I miss all of those.....

all of them....

But what I miss most is the time I spent with Edith and Sir JPS.

>>>>> while in Cebu for a big gathering of Scouts in that region. I spent a few days only and had to fly back to Manila after three days because of another commitment.

>>>>>>in numerous activities, mostly Training Courses in almost all areas in the Archipelago.

I miss Sir JPS most:

I wonder where he is now.

Is he alright?

Is he up and about?

JPS was great:

he with that magnetic personality and great mind,

with his smiling eyes that seem to twinkle as he deliver speeches.....

He was also a UP grad and had a brilliant mind that remains unparalled by any of those left in the Bureau.

He once worked as a Chem Engr.but resigned to lead the World Scouts Bureau,Asia-Pacific Region.

A good speaker, I was always impressed at how he deliver talks and lectures. It was my aim then,to be able to acquire even a fraction of his skills....

I tried to call him once and the wife answered.

She said Sir is afflicted with some disease she failed to mention. She, a one-time nurse,didn't want to hand in the phone to Sir, because he was resting....I just wanted to greet him "Happy Birthday"that day: March 15...

He was the one who supported me and believed in me....

along with CB, who recommended my 'jump' from the ordinary 'WoodBadge two-beads holder' to that of an ALT.It was approved by these two heavyweights in Boy Scouting that none were allowed to pose opposition....

In my mind, they are only recognizing real effort when they see one.

IN a society where even the Boy Scouts hierarchy have been "invaded" by heavy politicking, that move was unprecedented.

I know.

JPS and CB were never that popular.

But these two were real great in proposing extensive reform especially in the Training aspect of the BoyScouts.


I wonder how the BSP is going about with its Training.....

I wonder how my friends there are doing....

I want to see them, too... .....

"ON THOSE GRAND WEEKENDS with my dear old friends....

and see the Training Ground...

.Oh the grass is greener back in GILWELL..

.and I hear again the Scouting air...

and in memory...I see BP.....

who never will be far from there....."

Wednesday, October 26, 2005


I had so many things in my mind and cannot concentrate on cooking Lolo's meal today...

so what I did was to put concoct some 'cory style' sauce and put them all together in a pot,

on to the burner via long-slow-cooking,

and voila!POT ROAST with super-duper yummy sauce!


I got the idea from my Nanay who had so many children to feed and she had a hard time doing all chores despite her numerous 'HHelp'.

All she did [at that time] was what I just did...


But hers was a style and skill no one among us[her kids, e.g.,] could surpass,


Her MORCON was simply marvelous,

and her SUMAN was adorable!


I have asked Plapla to teach me how to make SUMAN,...

Marcia, too, but I have not an inch of confidence to do so on my own.

Her version of the SUMAN is done this way:

.Cook malagkit in a kettle: the sabaw must be oodles and oodles of gatang malapot.

Add a pinch of salt...

..When the malagkit is done, it is wrapped in banana leaves and boiled again for about 30 minutes or less.

The SUMAN is best eaten when cold........

with a lil sprinkling of sugar on top.

That was the best and Nanay usually prepare them when we have family gatherings like Christmas and other Celebrations.

How I miss 'em...


Come Christmas, I'd like some SUMAN on my table.

So I decided to make Marcia come to the house before the celebration and ask her and Jovy to share the burden with me and prepare the dishes.

I'm sure Aling Bening [our long-time Cook]would be too old to come to MonteBello this time....but then, knowing Aling B., well...who knows?

There's Benny, her son, who knows the way to my place.


IT'S getting a bit chilly and the wind starts giving out bites that stirs the spines....

the first snow was seen atop FUJI-San and the northern cities of HOKKAIDO.

GOTTA have those FUTONs and BLANKETS out and aired before we are caught in a chilly morning shivering to our bones....





Tuesday, October 25, 2005


I have always hated vegetables in my youth.

As I grow up, my Nanay always reminded us that eating veggies is good for the body.

She often had this rhymes about them.

I remember:

"Mapait nga ako,Iyan ay totoo,Lakas ng buto mo,galing sa pait ko."

...yeah, that's right!


and many more....


Oh those were the days when Nanay would always be with us and continuously guided us on what is right and what is not.

As I went through HS, I learned to eat a little when all my packed lunch had these salads or pickled vegetables in it.

In the NW, most meals were heavyweight meat,poultry and at times, fish. Not much vegetables were offered on the table.

As I travelled down back East,

I had to accept the fact that the Japanese eat vegetables as if a table without them wouldn't be accepted as a meal.


I had immersion on veggies when I went to NISHI MERA,

a small but beautiful village in between mountains in rural MIYAZAKI-KEN, in KYUSHU, the southernmost island in Japan.

This village looked like the outskirts of Baguio,near Loakan Airport, and I liked that.

ONE-SAN [ATE] {she whose skin is something to behold,despite her age!}

had a small cabin located beside the river with the mountain as backdrop.

The only meat they eat is that of deers which roam the area freely.

I saw one as we walked through the woods:it was so big, three men couldn't wrest with it...

ALL meals were vegetables available in the area.

I once commented "ALL GRASS!" and everyone laughed.

ONE-san volunteered to go 'down' the city and buy some meat for me....

but I declined. 'Kakahiya naman...'

The entire week I stayed there, I ate vegetables 98% of the time,

and had some grilled deer meat only once!


So that's one pretty initiation on something I wasn't used to, ei?

Anyway, one good thing happened, though....

I didn't feel constipated and I felt fantastic!

I don't know....

Is it the fresh mountain air?...

or the clear sweet water from the mountain spring?

[which, BTW, is free; one has just to place his own water pipe from the source, and presto!

you have sweet, clear, delicious water flowing freely right into your faucet:365/24!].


If there is any wonder why the Japanese are known to have long lives, well, EUREKA!

I think I found the answer:



Nowadays, I always have vegetables of all sort on my table.

I have learned some great ways to prepare veggie dishes so it will last long.

Besides, there are TSUKIMONOs [PICKLED VEGGIEs]

that are simply marvelous!




Better start now, before it is too late.....



Last week, it seems someone among the people here forgot to close the door of the big car properly.

This morning, as I prepared to go out and do my rounds the big box didn't start!

The doors were left open, hence the battery was busted and I have no one left here, except my lonesome self!

*&^%$!!!! ...

and my car was at the furthermost in the garage!

Great! I have no idea HOW this thing works.

Ang alam ko lang gawin, sumakay sa kotse at paandarin.


So what must I do?

I called Lolo and he was angry...

He told me to do something;

He'll be in hot waters if the money do not reach his people that day.....

I am supposed to go to the bank for the employees' salary.

Today, being the 25th is payday and the drivers expect the bank transfer by 1 o'clock.

Pity the families who wait for pay day.

So I walked my way to Bank #1 and withdrew the amount.

Then I walked my way [again!] to Bank #2 and transferred the corresponding amounts due each driver.

I walked BRISKLY for around two hours flat....

and my upper thighs ache....

Goodness!Lolo came home around 6 and listened to what transpired.

As usual, he listened poker-faced and just blurted out "OK!" more, no less.....

but wait, did I see a hint of a smile on his withered face?

Anyway, I am off to OFURO [HOT BATH ]to ease the pain in my legs...

I am sooo tired.....

I feel sleepy....



Monday, October 24, 2005


GOING OUT of the house on simple errands like shopping ....or even just plain walking around the neighborhood would likely make one meet familiar faces.

Some are people you met in some community projects or some parents you brushed elbow with in some volunteer group meetings somewhere.

More often, it is the Lola next door.

Perhaps, the fact that I am of mixed ancestry makes me stand out among the locals here.

But among Pinays I meet in supermarkets or even in airports, they never approach me;I talk to them. They always say they thought I am one of the locals.

I dunno why they say that.Is it because I have almond eyes, and that make melook like a Japanese? Some Pinays say so ; I don't agree!

Except for the skin texture, I take after Nanay,and that is final!


ANYWAY, as I go out of the house each time...I have grown accustom to greeting people as I go my way.

AISATSU [GREETING] is a way of life here.

One must greet everyone in the neighborhood.

A proper greeting such as OHAYOU GOZAIMASU [GOOD MORNING]


But sometimes,if the other party is beyond hearing,

a simple nod, a slight bow is enough.


I HAVE always liked the way some locals do it.

I never knew how;

Even the school I went to never discussed the right way of bowing.

When I was employed by the YAMAHA Resort,

I was guided by the Team Leaders there.

Bless them!


I'd like to think I now do it with grace,as most educated and refined Japanese ladies do.

It takes some practice, and the right angle to do so.

There are many ways to bow and/orgreet someone, depending on their rank.

Bowing also indicates the kind of person doing it.


COURTESY have also been a trademark of Pinoys of old.

Our forefathers may have been respectful and courteous.

This is one Pinoy characteristics that must be retained and taught by parents and the school.


Lately, there have been a decline among our youth about good qualities that make good Pinoys.

I hope and pray that GMRC or that subject which tackles Good Behavior and Proper Manners be made longer and integrated in other subjects in school.

After all, the school must develop a sound mind in a sound body alongside a pure and compassionate heart.






Sunday, October 23, 2005



from the simple living of eons gone past to the high-tech gadgets of recent years.

A long time ago, man was contented to use tools and gadgets and make do with what was on hand;

Nowadays, there are influx of new gadgets:hand-held TVs, Video, navigating tools,and automatic toilets that flush when onewalks away, and more...

CARS and other vehicles have come up with models one after the other that in six-months time, your car is considered 'old'because new models keep on turning up fresh from the car plants.

Same is true with all other equipments,food and clothes to name a few.


the problem of waste management comes in....

and some sectors cannot seem to handle the situation.


A lady NGO worker from Africa observed several years ago that Japan has thrown practically everything into the dumps.

In her speech, she exhorted officials to think twice before doing so.

She made waves with her speech, ending it with that Japanese word:

"MOTTAINAI!" Literally translated, it means:"SAYANG!"

............I agree.

If only these gadgets were recycled.....


Late last week, news came out about hybrid cars and ones with recycled parts.

This is good news!

In a country that comes up with new models in a sec.,my car seems to be old, compared with new ones that these plants keep on producing.I used to think like all others who want theirs to be of the latest model;NOT ANYMORE. For as long as my car can bring me to my destination,it is okay by me.


Japan sells second hand car parts to Thailand,Australia, Russia, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and other Asian nations.After all the 'good parts' and those needed [ordered] by the said countries, the rest of the car are placed in machines that make them compact, then sent to steel factories where they are melted and made into new iron sheets.


RECYCLING has been done by countries like Japan and China. The latter leads in making clothes out of pet bottles and sell them worldwide. The plastic are grinded and processed.

I have some parka made out of these pet bottles.


RECYCLE SHOPS have sprouted hereabouts.

I have accompanied some PINOY TRAINEES several times in the past [those with YAZAKI]

and they had a field day buying components,radios, TV sets, and other items.

Other items up for sale here are cabinets, golf clubs, hats,

...say it, they have it!

Some even sell brand bags, coats, boots, practically everything!

I must admit, though,I have only bought a flower vase here.

I hate wearing someone else's wear,

if you know what I mean....

RECYCLING has been accepted by almost everybody.

After all, there would be mountains of debris and waste products would literally choke everyone here if they don't do that.

For old folks like Lolo,he hates the idea.

He wouldn't buy, much less enter any recycle shops around.

He is of the old caste, thus makes him a snob.

He has warned me repeatedly not to litter his home with other people's things.

He believes it's bad luck.


RECYCLING: good or bad?

Although I believe it is good, some people need to educated HOW to do it.

>Is Inang Bayan ready?

>Do we separate our garbage before passing it on to local garbage collectors?


Come to think of it,

the more pressing problem is sanitation

and the proper way of throwing garbage.

But then again, that would be good discussion for another day.....


Saturday, October 22, 2005




....believe me!

I have always tried to control tempers since my youth.

You see, when I can't all hell let loose and I end up saying things I regret later. And how....

Sundays always find me going out for lunch, or shopping for some eats at the grocery.

Often I start the day at home, preparing some breakfast for my Lolo who loves to poke fun [that is how he sees it; I don't!] at all things.

I know, I know...he is old enough so let it be. He won't change...not at this time, anyway.

But sometimes, he gets to my nerve!

He starts his day off with O-SAKE [LIQUOR]. Anything will do: whiskey, local rice wine, beer, shochu [gin-like concoction...just anything!

A Chinoy business friend once came by. We showed him around the area and ate out. He was amazed at how Lolo drank. "Talo ako," he commented. "Buti, hindi pa nasusunog ang atay ng Lolo mo." This friend used to describe his drinking spree with Tony and the rest of his barkadas as "case-to-case" basis, meaning they finish up cases [take note, plural po iyan!>..<] of SanMig in Inang Bayan.

He is nice to talk to when he is "normal">>>>meaning when he isn't drinking. He jokes around, and popular among his colleagues. He talks good business and plays a fairly good game of golf. He can be charming with his friends and business associates.

But when he starts the bottle, the torment starts. He'd start using foul language and shout. Well, maybe this is due to the fact that his left eardrum has been busted, which, eventually makes him talk on top of his voice.

I take leave when this starts, lest I start hearing curses and badmouthing, things I don't wanna indulge in. Either I go out of the house and stay in my area ...0r....I go out and drive to some window-shopping spree, et cetera...

I do this after I have prepared his meals, and OTSUMAMI [PULUTAN]. I always prepare his meals since he refuse to eat O-BENTO [PACKED LUNCH] sold by convenience stores or delivered by O-BENTO delivery companies. He needs to cut on his cholesterol level.

He used to get sick some years ago. This was due to the fact that he was living alone and thus, has to eat out always. His meals weren't "controlled" thus make him eat whatever he can lay his hands on at convenience stores.

Nowadays he has regained some semblance of health, except, of course for his drinking.

This is my ordeal...every time he is around.

It's a good thing he doesn't come home every day. If he did, then that wouldn't be as bearable as the existing one.

He was adVised by his doctor so many times in the past... to cut on the O-SAKE [LIQUOR] drinks. He even vowed he'd stop. Alas! a year hence, he is still into it and no sign whatsoever he'd stop.

But what can I do? Nakakawa namang iwanan. Walang mag-aalaga sa kanya. His 'other' relatives refuse to even talk to him. Makulit nga kasi....



Thursday, October 20, 2005


I've been scanning some diaries when a thought crossed my mind:

it was as if I was looking at some frame of a cinenovela that had happened before:

>>it was about my parents and my elder brod.


Jim had always been Nanay's "favorite"....or so it seemed to most of us since he began school.

He always was ahead of his batch.He later ended graduating as Class Valedictorian in HS with 6 Gold Medals in so many fields... He was even elected Boy Mayor of Manila that time.....

How Nanay was sooo proud to come up the stage and help don the medal on him!

I can only recall Nanay's countenance that day!

She was full of hope and pride!

No one can take that away from her.

We felt equally proud, too!

But of course! After all, we belong to one family with distinct family name in that neighborhood.

Almost everyone knew us.....

with the entire neighborhood extending their Congratulations, salutations...

That was real Cool!



When he entered college, he was still top of the class!

He earned such scholarships that he whisked through college in a breeze.

At home, he always had the best "ulam"...with the rest of the brood making 'tiis' because Jim had to eat better because he is the family's HOPE for a better tomorrow.


He later passed the Licensure Exams with flying colors, having placed third over-all.He became a legit and licensed Chemical Engineer.

Of course, at that time, he was still living with us.

A few weeks later, he was hired by a leading food corporation.

He must have been good,since he was placed at the Quality Control section of the Company.

He used to sweet-talk [now I call it that!, but then I was awed by it all] my Nanay about things he would buy her once he got his first salary...blah-blah-blah!

He even had Nanay tell him where she wanted the new oven range and washing machine placed, that is, to replace the old one Tatay bought.

After three weeks, he suddenly moved out of the house leaving Nanay and the rest of the family bitter over his decision.


Nanay used to say: "Natakot kayanin ang responsibilidad..."..."Ayaw tumulong.." "Hindi pa nga nakakasuweldo,..umalis na!"

and all those bitter remarks.

We learned later that he moved in with his gf,a nursing student from Mindanao.

They rented an apartment somewhere in Mandaluyong.

He never extended help in any form to our family who were struggling to make both ends meet. At that time, it was a crucial issue: that of extending financial help to the family. We were 8 in the family, and all were studying....

My father was suffering from his Ulcer at that time and couldn't work.... so I guess, my family needed every penny we can have.

I tried to look at it as something my brother had to do.

But my mother looked at it as abandonement in time of need.

A year later, I graduated from college and had taken on the burden [is it?] of providing for the family until my father got well.


A couple of years later, my brother separated from his gf.

I know.

He visited me in Alabang carrying a baby girl,and planned to give that baby to me.

I was hesitant to do as he says, and asked why.He confessed he separated from the gf and was having this problem about the baby.The baby, of course, having been uprooted from familiar surroundings did not stop crying. That wailing and the thought that the mother might be looking for her...made me tell Jim to bring her back to her mother.The gf then decided to go back to Davao and tell her parents about her single-motherhood.


NOW...why am I writing about all these?

It is common for young people to think of themselves and forget the parents who treated them well when they were still helpless.

When the time for us to graduate comes,

most, if not all,start to think where to spend the first "suweldo."

I'll make a wild guess: it'll all be for personal things> none for the parents who reared them up and guided them to be the person they are now.

ALTHOUGH most people now say that helping the family is a thing of the past... ...

Well, let me tell you something:

IN ASIA....WE HAVE STRONG FILIAL RELATIONSHIP and we are family-oriented.

The same is true in Korea, China, or even in Japan.

Tumutulong din monetarily ang mga anak sa magulang sa gastos sa bahay.

OO at merong instances na well-off ang parents.

Sa ganitong panahon, ayos lang na huwag magbigay kada suweldo.

Pero kapag nangangailangan ang magulang, hindi ba dapat din, na kahit konting pagtingin, mag-share din tayo????Ewan ko... but this is just my personal opinion....

I won't elaborate on what I've done,

but ...>"let your good deeds speak for itself"<, Nanay used to say.

Remember, in The Ten Commandments,

there is ONLY ONE Commandment that has a PROMISE:



I believe in my heart that this is true.

Treatinmg our parents well and with respect bring us Good Karma...

.It did to me, and it might do the same thing to all of you!

Besides, there is an old adage that says:




Kapag minaltrato mo ang magulang mo,makikita/mapapansin yun ng anak mo.



God Bless, everyone!



I am prospering....

physically, spiritually,

mentally, emotionally,

socially, and financially.


I am in tremendous success....

I am open and receptive to new ideas;

My GOODNESS is flowing to me

freely, joyously,

endlessly and ceaselessly.

The LAW OF INCREASE is working for me NOW.....

I am making the right investment, the right move in business




HE is my GUIDE,


He is supplying ALL my needs in all my ways.




*"Surely, goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life."



Wednesday, October 19, 2005


'TWAS A GOOD DAY yesterday and my beddings enjoyed some airing [finally!]

under the warm Autumn sun....

A far cry from last week when the skies loomed dark with clouds and rains that kept on pouring non-stop.

I was able to finish my laundry in a jiffy

and had the plots re-arranged to accomodate the new batch of green grass to be planted over Lolo's 'golf-practice area' inside the main garden.

This is one area has developed a 'bald' area due to his constant swinging practice.

Well, the planting could wait till Sunday, when Lolo will have to do it himself.IF he is strong enough to swing his golf club so many times for practice alone....well, he IS strong enough to patch up those holeshimself....tee-hee!


I was alone last night and the moon shone brightly overhead.Not that I saw it from my bedroom, not that.I had the shutters down. I saw it shine when I went out to transfer the solar lights that line the pathway.I failed to put them back earlier when I had them placed in the garage where the sunshine were unhamperedby the house's silhoutte.


And I hoped that the moon shone also to the one I love....Goodness, am I being mushy? ...or...lonely? Hmmm.....

I wondered what he is doing at that very moment.

Oh, well....what am I to say?

He did call me up yesterday..after his day's usual....

So I don't have much to complain about, do I?


The one foremost in my mind nowadays is my big Balikbayan Box.

Those [there are two, dear...2! ] must be packed by mid November and picked up a week later.

That would ensure being delivered in time for my arrival in December...

That in place, I would have to think of my check-in baggages by December...

All these in check, then I can clean the house

in preparation for welcoming the New Year here...

General cleaning of one's house is a necessary chore and no one but I can [will?...must? should?] do it.


Today promises to be a good day with the sun up as usual, with cold wind in tow.

Got to get those mineral water and some fruits for my empty stomach....

plus some TONYU as well...

What's that? dear would be good for another day....


Have A Nice Day, everyone!



IJIME also means BULLYING....

or teasing

or hazing.

It can also refer to the person doing the bullying....

A lot have been said about this problem based usually in schools from the elementary grades way beyond the HS level.

Threatening someone is punishable by law,but some get away with it because victims refuse to report such abuses to parents, or school authorities.

Some of these abuses lead to deaths....some become rejects of society,

refusing to live normally with the rest of the community.

Others simply become recluse and depend so much on parents for their existence.

In a country where independence is generally the rule once a person reaches his/her twentieth birthday,this is something of a burden not only to the parents but to society in general.

LOOKING into the heart of the problem is a must.

This is a society that boasts of high-tech gadgets have long been immersed in improving life but has neglected the necessary things in life:that of family and inter-personal relationships.


Huwag naman sanang magkaganito ang Pilipinas

habang nagtratrabaho bilang OFWs ang ating mga kababayan.

Ang pagkakawatak-watak ng pamilya

ay isa sa mga dapat isipin ng ating pamahalaan.


Tuesday, October 18, 2005



remains one of the biggest problems here.

On second thought, it is also one of the main problems in schools or communities elsewhere.


BULLIES abound when none of the neighborhood kids or elders, for that matter,

fight back, or remain silent and allow these abuses to go on.

BULLYING starts at home, I believe.They start when parents allow their kids to do as they please...and when parents allow one, two, three times their kids to do as they want, then the kids know that they have won the battle.

Remember the adage? >>>"THE HAND THAT ROCKS THE CRADLE..."

Parents have the basic duty to train a child they bring into the world the best they could.



It is when kids bully other kids in the neighborhood and in school that problems of delinquency is magnified.It is in school where kids start to abuse others physically, mentally and oftentimes, socially the weak ones or the quiet type.


BULLIES in this country have often posed problems beyond control.

There were times when such bullying acts went beyond the normal kicking, or fistsights.

There were money involved and when victims can no longer bear the brunt of physical and mental abuse, they resort to suicide.

There were ocassions when the bullies kill their victims.

More often, vice versa.

The percentage of BULLIES are so much here that the problem sometimes are uncontrollable.

It remains one of the biggest problems of the School system.

I suspect one of my students is a bully.

At the onset, he was loudmouthing everyone.

I tried to befriend him and allowed him to say what he feels.

Later as I gained his confidence, I tried to praise him at the same time correct [in a mild manner] his actions.


LOOKING BACK, I am glad I have heard of only a few bullies reprimanded by our School Guidance Counselors in Inang Bayan.

But with the current set-up in schools these days, some schools have reported that they were asked to delete the position of Guidance Counselors from their Plantilla as ordered by the DepEd......

I wonder then what will happen to our school system from hereon....






Monday, October 17, 2005


We have cleared half of October yet the rain never stops....

There is a looming typhoon [#20] on the Pacific side and it has been unusually slow in its movement.That posed some problems since I have not touched my laundry since Saturday!Goodness Gracious!

The local weather bureau predicted continuous rains till the day after next. DOSHO?

All the other areas can have sunshine today except the KANTO area, which includes Tokyo, Kanagawa and our -KEN.


Latest news here vary but this one is capping all headlines:

Koizumi visited YASUKUNI TEMPLE yesterday,

to the despair and subsequent outrage of China and Korea.

Why, this is an INTERNAL AFFAIR of Japan!

Why show outrage to some internal affair, I really cannot fathom.


China and Korea have been both annexed by Pre-WW2 Japan.

There have been reports of abuse and carnage made by the Japanese Imperial Forces in Nanking and elsewhere.

With Japan's defeat, the Land of the Samurai have made apologies and paid reparation packages to the two countries, including the Philippines and other nations annexed/invaded by Japan.



>>how many times would these countries want Japan to pay reparations?

>>how many times must Japan apologize?


China and Korea want the Japanese to stop going to YASUKUNI Temple where Japanese war dead are buried.

Specifically, the two countries are pissed off by the Prime Minister's action of paying homage to the country's war dead.

It must be noted that the war dead included the remains of the leaders of the last war.


I AM FOREVER at sea and I do not know why...

That action is an internal affair!

I do not believe that China nor Korea, for that matter, should dictate to tthe people of Japan what to do and what not to do.

The Japanese do not dictate other countries what to do with their internal affairs, do they?

Neither do the Japanese ask something in return for any AID, OR HELP they give.

Unlike the US which almost always have hidden agendas behind their "help",

the Japanese have never manifested that in any way...any time.



we may have committed sins against others and in time accepted we made mistakes,

thus make amends for our sins and promised never to make the same mistake again.

But some people we crossed in the past would be relentless and continue to harass us and extract monies from us,everytime...or else.... litter our backyard with threats and missiles aimed towards our shores.

Despite the fact that we have declared to all and sundry that we have bowed in shame and made amends by way of huge packages of reparation programs and aids, harassment to compatriots living and doing business in their shores continue to be treated as lepers of old. Their shops have been ransacked, burned,broken into and more...

The oil drilling along the territorial lines have been drilled by China with its pipes intruding diagonally towards the Japanese territory.



On another front, I am glad Pinoys are not as vindictive as other nations.


Sunday, October 16, 2005


LATEST NEWS from Inang Bayan are a-buzz about the "canonization",

not the spiritual aspect, though,

of protesters led by the "walking Priest', Ex-'VP' Teofisto Guingona

and Jamby Madrigal, a known staunch ally of ERRap.


ATE GLUE doesn't seem to know HOW to deal with her opponents.

Seems to me she was ill-advised by her BADvisers or did she do it herself?

....the strategy, I mean?


SENDING firemen to douse water on the protesters was indeed a wrong trick to do.

Wrong move!

It was caught by media and published in newspapers,shown on 'LIVE' reports on TV with accompanying side remarks from reporters.

But of course!

NOT ONLY does that action put Inang Bayan in bad light,

it also makes listeners/viewers abroad think that the present situation seems to be a repeat of the conjugal dictators' strategies.

BESIDES, it wards off investors and tourists alike.

No matter how much the DoT spend for media blitz to sell RP to foreign tourists,

nothing can compare to honest leadership to project a credible nation.



PEOPLE no longer are afraid of the use of force.Stopping people from protesting, or saying what they feel only lend credence to some nondescript politicos.

Take a look at Jamby Madrigal. This one reeks of money and is known as an ERRap alalay.

No one took notice of her except the fact that she used judy ann santos in her campaign ads.Now, it seems people are noticing Madrgal because of that water-dousing 'baptism' last Friday.

Personally, I do not like Madrigal.I did not vote for her last election.

But if she is really working to find out the truth, well and good.

I'll rest my case and wait for further developments.


PSYCHOLOGISTS often say that once we tell kids not to do one thing, the more they'll try....Why not allow people to say what they feel and take it from there?

IF ATE GLUE is telling the truth, then let her defend her position before the people. There is nothing to be afraid of if we face the people with clean hands, do we?

Killing the impeachment proceedings only made people suspect that something is a-miss.

LET the people talk and air their sides.

LIKEWISE, let ATE GLUE say her side.




LIKEWISE, ATE GLUE cannot stay glued to a position she doesn't deserve.





Whoever sits in Malacanang

[or any other public servant, for that matter]

and works NOT for the people would surely receive

harsh critique from taxpayers like us.


LAST NIGHT, around 6:30...I walked to KAKETSUKA area,

some 500 meters away from my place.


As I approached the Temple, I saw the Blessing Ceremony being performed by

SHINTO OBO-SAN [SHINTO MONKS] at the main hall.

It was open for all and from where I stood, I saw the last rites.

The monk took a branch with green leaves and swung it

over the head of this year's over-all leader.

The leader then went to the center altar and bowed.

As if on cue, the rest of the congregation, also bowed.


It's as if they all acted on cue!

But don't get it is part and parcel of ceremonies here.

[ Same is true when greeting visitors who pay respects to the departed. ]

All bowed and lowered their heads.

Then they clapped twice and bowed again.

I did, too. I also prayed for personal intentions.


AFTER that, the parade started.

Policemen in white jackets [for better visibility] and luminous vests stood at focal points

to direct traffic flow and stop other vehicles from entering the parade routes.

THE RAIN hampered the entire proceedings.

There were few people last night than the year before, they say...

.AS the rain continued to pour....I decided to call it quits.

I then bought WATAGASHI [COTTON CANDY] and walked home.

Besides, I was soaking wet already!

AS I walked home, I couldn't help but savor the sweet WATAGASHI

[which is supposed to be a NO-NO since I am in my southbeach diet: day 4! grr..].

Oh well....

I believe walking was good for me, but with a sweet tooth?



WAS it the walk that energized my being or is it the sugar in the cotton candy that made me stay awake a little longer?I can't tell...but I was able to finish writing a good enough piece for my other blog last night...tee-hee....








Saturday, October 15, 2005


.....IT WAS A CLOUDY DAY and rainshowers were everywhere as we went out for lunch.

Having GYOZA [vegetable dumplings] and CHA-HAN [SINANGAG sa atin, Chinese style nga lang], my companion and I decided to view the COSMOS MATSURI at Asaba-Cho, Fukuroi-shi.

It was the last day of the two-day Matsuri where fields of Cosmos were planted by JA [NOKYO-an association of Farmers & the one in-charge of agri produce here:e.g., selling, agri-mix,seeds, et cetera] were a-bloom.

ACRES and acres of Cosmos flowers are in bloom,and vehicles of all sorts lined up the long road beside SHOWA Company.

Several tour buses were seen and people walked despite the rain, young and old alike.

We did walk! We didn't bother bring the umbrellaand walked some hundred meters towards the stalls. Flowers were everywhere. And so were hundreds of people who came and witness the bloom.

It reminded me of the SUNFLOWER Festival near our place. That one looked like a miniature of that famous scene where Sophia Loren walked amidst the Sunflower looking for her lost love. Next year, I gotta have that picture taken among the sunflowers, ala-SophiaLoren!


Alas! I wasn't able to bring my digi-came...and I didn't catch the Cosmos-in-full-bloom..I wanted to save that scene sana...

COSMOS are softer to look at unlike the Sunflower which has sharper features.

Cosmos comes in different hues of white,pastel pink and magenta.

There was a sign that picking flowers are not allowed, although anyone can come a-picking starting tomorrowfor free. Gotta do that, and get the seeds for my garden....

As usual, there were stalls of food and JA produce: early harvest of

MIKAN [TANGERINES], YAKIMOCHI*[ GRILLED RICECAKE] dipped in soy sauce!and more....

[----Note* YAKIMOCHI also means SELOS/NAGSESELOS!Hence, my companion said," C, YAKIMOCHI?" then smiled sheepishly....Engs ba sya? hu-hu! ]

There was a scheduled MOCHINAGE [THROWING OF RICECAKES]but it was raining so we decided to call it quits.

On the way home, we passed by KAKETSUKA Bridge,some 500 meters away from the house.It is celebrating its MATSURI [FESTIVAL] this weekend along with several other towns.KAKETSUKA is famous for its 600 or so year-old YATAI [PORTABLE SHRINE]. It is said that it was made out of a single tree. If that is true then the said tree must be enormous!

TONIGHT at around 7, I'll walk towards KAKETSUKA and buy that

WATAGASHI [COTTON CANDY]. This one I like; it reminds me of Tatay who used to make them at home for all of us....

Despite the rains, life goes on....


LATE AFTERNOON, I went to PINOREand ordered a formal suit am gonna wear for Junko's wedding on December 4.

I didn't bring any formal wear here with me, so I have to look for some good wear.

I wouldn't be caught going to some wedding na mukhang basahan, noh!

I did find some good ones but the size didn't fit.The ladyshop-owner will confirm the ordered ensemble any day next week. Great!

Then off I went for some good eats for Lolo. I had to prepare something since I had plans to dine out.


No matter how late I go to bed,sigurado, maaga pa rin akong gigising.

I believe na ang katawan ng tao, may sariling orasan. Body clock, sabi nga....

Oh well....

Basically, I am a day person.

Whenever I sleep late, siguradong pulos hikab na lang ang susunod na araw.

I seldom take a nap...If I do, then my sleeping cycle would be totally disrupted and I wouldn't respond to that positively.

You see, I work from 3 PM when school here ends.

That is the time when we, at JUKUs [CRAM School]start working.

The last lesson usually ends around 6,6:30.I have to prepare some print outs and some games,but that would be easy for me,now that I have established my routine here.

Kapag inaantok ako, mapapansin ng mga bata yun, kaya 'no way' is it acceptable, right?

Buti na lang, Sunday ngayon and there are no classes.Thank God for that!


Last night, a friend and I went to SHIDAX, a local Karaoke-box. It is a building with small cubicles for barkadas and big rooms for big companies.We were met there by Naoko's bf. Although we sang our hearts out, something's missing....

Oh how I wish my loved ones were here with me.....

Anyways, before that, we had dinner at some Korean Barbecue House.

Went home quite late.....something I rarely do

.After shower [to get rid of those tobacco smell,since Naoko's bf smoked like a dragon!],I went to bed....and reviewed the day that was.....


I Thank God for all the Good Things He Has Bestowed Upon Me....

I wish that all good things happen to those I love as well....




I received some Chikka text from Makoy :and PMs from A., aside from several calls from Hiro.

...and Cards from Dons, Jovy & Co.,

...Love you all!


Friday, October 14, 2005



Estas en mi corazon

y a un que estoy lejos de mi

es el tormento mayor

esta fatal separacion

Estas en mi corazon

y en mi amarga soledad

el recuerdo de tu amor

dis minuye mi penar

Yo bien se que nunca masen

mis brazos esta ras

prisionero de un carino

que fue toda mi ilusion

Pero nada ha de poder

que te dejo de querer

porque una unico dueno

estas en mi corazon



You are always in my heart

Even though you’re far away

I can hear the music of

The song of love

I sang with you

You are always in my heart

And when skies above are grey

I remember that you care

And then and there

The sun breaks through

Just before I go to sleep

There’s a rendezvous I keep

And a dream I always meet

Helps me forget we’re far apart

I don’t know exactly when, dear,

But I’m sure we’ll meet again, dear

,And my darling, till we do

You are always in my heart!


THANK YOU, LORD...........

.........for another year;

....for another lease on life;

....for the opportunity to touch as many lives as I can;

....for the chance to share some thing to people I love;

....for making me what I have become now;

....for making me think the way I am;

....for making me feel the way I do;

....for granting me all the good things in lifemore than the basics I need;

..............and many more!


I thank you also for all the tears and laughters, the great moments I spend with loved ones and friends;

I thank the people who made my day: be they friend or foe,or just plain acquaintance, or a mere bystander who helped me in some ways in some nook I've been to

....I thank the Great One who continue to guide, help,enlighten me on things I should do and what must be done as I travel Life's Highway;

....I thank people who have directly or indirectly hurt me, or have hated my guts and have betrayed me behind my back.They may have their reasons, and that I fully understand.

And ....I thank all those who love C. despite her guts,misgivings and her stgraightforwardness:

I thank God for that great Gift: the LOVE I get from my closest; THEY make me carry on despite all odds.


Today I become a year older,




OFTENTIMES, we hear people sing praises to people who have done extraordinary feat:

artists, beauty pageant winners,thespians, or even kid geniuses...

SUCCESS seems difficult to find for most of us.

Others have the 'knack' for turning anything into gold.

Others bask in the glory of achievement while others wallow in the pool of unending woes.


Hence, I am sharing some WORDS TO LIVE BY......

It works for me...I sincerely hope in my heart it'll work for you, too!


*****1. NEVER AGAIN WILL I PITY OR BELITTLE MYSELF.====Oftentimes we indulge in self-pity. This isn't good.Believe in yourself!

2. NEVER AGAIN WILL I GREET THE DAWN WITHOUT A MAP.====Plan ahead, ika nga. Ang taong walang plano,mahirap makausod sa buhay. Remember the 5 P's:Proper Planning Prevent Poor Performance.

3. ALWAYS WILL I BATHE MY DAYS IN THE GOLDEN GLOW OF ENTHUSIASM.====Yes, there will be days when we feel down and out and can't decipher what's eating us out.Pero kailangang labanan ang ganoong isipan. What we exude is like a magnet.Kapag pulos simangot, meron kayang ngingiti sa atin?

4.NEVER AGAIN WILL I BE DISGREEABLE TO A LIVING SOUL.====So far, ito ang mahirap gawin. Even I find myself with uncontrollable passionkapag yung kausap mo, eh nagpipilit mang-inis ba.But I try to control my temper. Iisipin ko na lang, gunggong yung kausap ko, and any amount of reason would be usueless sa mga walang isip. Iwas na lang....

5. ALWAYS WILL I SEEK THE SEED OF TRIUMPH IN EVERY ADVERSITY.====I used to cry and hate all those who crossed my lines. Eventually, I learned that we live in a world with different people and as such, different characters. Let us learn to acceptthings we cannot change. And if ever we encounter failures, make that as our springboard to learnso that next time, we won't make the same mistake.

6. NEVER AGAIN WILL I PERFORM ANY TASK AT LESS THAN MY BEST.====Sabi nga, always put your best foot forward.There will be lapses, I know, but the point is, Try to do it the best you can.

7. ALWAYS WILL I THROW MY WHOLE SELF INTO THE TASK AT HAND.====I guess this is the same as the previous one.But this one needs concentration.Remember, pangalan natin ang nakasalalaysa bawa't gagawin natin.

8. NEVER AGAIN WILL I WAIT AND HOPE FOR OPPORTUNITY TO EMBRACE ME.====Sabi nila, tamad daw ang Pinoy. Like the Pinoy ican, Juan Tamad, we wait and wait unti opportunity comes our way.I did. I never wanted change then;not anymore!I believe, if we want to be successful, we must be aggressive. Sabi nga sa kanta:"MAGSIMULA KA...." Let us be involved in any good undertaking. Start at your own backyard,then go to your community, then GET INVOLVED IN NATION BUILDING. Waiting for manna from heaven to come is a defeatist motto, and we are not LOSERs!

9. ALWAYS WILL I EXAMINE EACH NIGHTMY DEEDS OF THE FADING DAY.====Self-examination leads to fruitful and more productive endeavours the next day, and the next... Let us learn from past mistakesand make amends for anything we did.Kung baga, may assessment,db?Ganun din nmn sa business [o sa trabaho]may performance rating, right?

10. ALWAYS WILL I MAKE CONTACT THROUGH PRAYER WITH MY CREATOR.====PRAY! Pray to whoever you believe is the Great Being.Iba-iba ang tawag natin sa Maykapal, pero pareho rin yun. Let us give thanks first before asking for anything.Ang hirap sa atin, hingi na lang nang hingi,ayaw magpasalamat. Show GRATITUDE to our Creator by doing good deeds too.




Thursday, October 13, 2005


All problems come from MEN*........

EVER NOTICE how all of women's problems START with MEN?

MEN tal illness

MENstrual cramps

MEN tal breakdown




When we have REAL trouble,

it's a HIS terectomy.


*With apologies to MALE READERSof this Diary.....

This entry is only for PUN!

I was going over my lessons for adult classes when I came across the above words.

Just thought I'd share it with women readers...

just for FUN! =========================


YESTERDAY, I went to my usual rounds then bought some fruits and mineral water at IY.

Before that I tried to weed some grass that borders that place which faces my room.

Some have gone berserk and invaded the plots.

I was so engrossed with my garden that I didn't notice the time.

Time do fly when you love what you are doing....Indeed!

And so I was off to my adult class.I have to be there in twenty minutes!



It was when I came back home that I noticed I was wearing an old pair of socks!

Eh may butas yun!

I did not notice I was wearing that socks...

I wonder if anyone noticed that....



You see, I use always use socks.I

f you live here or in the NW, one has to get used to wearing bobbie socks even at home.

More so in the Land of the Samurais.

But I use the old ones at home.

The other night, I used one that has become thin at the heels.

It was black. Nanghinayang akong itapon,puwede pa nmn kasi...

Then yesterday, I failed to change it!

Nakakahiya ang medyas ko!


SOCKS are common here.

WHENEVER ONE ENTERS a Japanese home,

it is imperative to remove the shoes.

Not doing so is deemed unethical.

Para mo nang binastos ang may-ari ng bahay kapag hindi mo tinanggal ang sapatos.


I remember one time when some Pinoys came by and used my Karaoke.

It was the height of summer and most, if not all, do not wear 'medyas' at home.

As soon as they entered, I knew my Lolo would make reklamo....

Sobrang umalingasaw ang ere.....

The carpets would have to be scrubbed clean...and I had to do it!


Cleanliness if foremost in any Japanese setting.

Although this also depends upon each person involved,removing one's shoes when one enters one's abode is a must here.

Therefore one must be responsible for his own personal hygiene.

And with that follows the use of socks.


There have been varied stories about socks:some are hilarious, others are embarassing.

I was embarassed yesterday and felt so guiltyI wasn't able to sleep....

Did they notice?

Did they see?

How did I walk?

Was anyone looking at my feet?

So many questions kept reeling in my head....


Alas! I have to let go, or else, this guilt-feeling will keep me crazy

and I must focus on the tasks at hand.


BTW, I did some test-drive in one Car-Shop in Hamamatsu on my way home yesterday.

The LEXUS was enormous!

Despite my "butas-na-medyas" thing, I felt like a zillionaire

driving one of the luxuriest new cars around.

I wasn't aware then that I had ona pair of "butas-na-medyas"...

Had I known, I wouldn't have felt as excited.....


I guess I have to discard of these pair, huh?

Mahirap na.......

and I've got to check it all before I go out of the house!





Wednesday, October 12, 2005



>Prospective Employer to Applicant: " So why did you leave your previous job?"

> Applicant: " The company relocated and they did not tell me where!"


> > > > Bisaya 1: " Gara ng kutsi, siguro kay Miyur iyan."!

>>>> Bisaya 2: " Dili bay!"

> Bisaya 1: " Kay Hipi?"

> Bisaya 2: " Tuntu ka man. Kay FATHER iyan. Gisulat niya sa likud o,> 'SAFARI'."


> > > > Misis: " Sir, mananawagan po sana ako sa mister ko kasi dinala niya> ang limang anak namin."

> Radio Host: " Ok, go ahead!"

> Misis: " Honey, ibalik mo na ang mga bata, isa lang naman ang sa iyo> diyan!"


> > > > Hello! Heto na naman ako. Gulung-gulo ulit ang isip ko. May nais> lang sana akong itanong sa inyo. Alam ko matutulungan niyo ako.

> Ang BIRDS FLU ba ay past tense ng BIRDS FLY?


> > > > Nakisakay ka sa FX, ng ikaw ay mautot.

Buti na lang malakas ang tugtog.

> Bawat pag-utot, sabay sa tugtog.

> Nang ikaw ay bumaba, ang sasama ng

> tingin nila sa iyo, bigla mong naalala...

> .....naka Walkman ka pala!





EACH DAY when I awaken,I will follow this plan of battle before I am captured by the forces of sadness,self-pity and failure:

> IF I FEEL DEPRESSED, I will sing.

> IF I FEEL UNCERTAIN, I willr aise my voice.

> IF I FEEL POVERTY, I will think of wealth to come.

>IF I FEEL INCOMPETENT, I will remember past sucess.

> IF I FEEL INSIGNIFICANT, I will remember my goals.


Henceforth, I will know that only those with inferior ability cannot be at their best...

and I am not inferior....

There will be days whenI must constantly struggle against

the forces that which would tear me down.

Those such as despair and sadness are simple to recognize.....

but there are others which approach with a smile and the hand of friendship...

and they, too can destroy me....

Against them, too,I must never relinquish control:

* IF I BECOME OVERCONFIDENT, I will recall my failures.

* IF I OVERINDULGE, I will think of past hungers.

* IF I FEEL COMPALCENCY, I will remember my competition.

* IF I ENJOY MOMENTS OF GREATNESS, I will remember moments of shame.

* IF I FEEL ALL-POWERFUL, I will try to stop the wind.

*IF I ATTAIN GREAT WEALTH, I will remember one unfed mouth.

* IF I BECOME OVERLY PROUD, I will remember a moment of weakness.

* IF I FEEL MY SKILL IS UNMATCHED, I will look at the stars.....


And with this knowledge, I will also recognize the moods of he on whom I call.

I will make allowances for his anger and irritation of today,

for he knows not the secret of controlling his mind.

I can withstand his arrows and insults....

for now I know that tomorrow he will change and be a joy to approach.

* No longer will I judge a man on one meeting;

* No longer will I fail to call on he who meets me with hate today.

This day he will not buy gold chariots for a penny,

yet tomorrow, he would exchange his home for a tree.




I try to follow these lines as much as I can.

There are days when I succumb to losing control,

but they have been far and in-between since I started.

I hope these lines will provoke change in most of us...