Monday, February 27, 2006

May TAKOT pa ba sa ML?

If people cower in fear, then it is the end.
This line of thought made ML last for 20 long years,
becoz everyone thought,mas maganda ang effect.

Noong UNA, oo...
pero habang tumatagal,
lumalabas ang bali-balitang pang-aabuso ng ML.

Inalagaan ni marcos ang militar noong panahon nya.
Lahat ng pang-aabuso, detention,
at pagpatay ng walang kapararakan eh ginawa nila.

gaya nina Diokno, Ninoy, atbp. nang walang kaso.
Kung meron man, mga concocted cases
that was borne out of the disillusioned mind & paranoia of a dictator.

ML and SOE: pareho yan.
Sa pananalita pa lang, COPY-CAT si ate glue....
o sinumang abogago nya...
este, abogado niya.


Sunday, February 26, 2006


OURs was a sysytem that respected the rule of Law
until ML was declared by marcos.
When people cowered in fear, and made no reklamo.....ML went on for 20 long years,
until EDSA1 made the conjugal dictator scamperingto Hawaii.
There can be no freedom
if people cower in fear and worry
about what they will say
1017 and 1081: they're all the same!
ML or SOE: what's the difference?
Goodness, ang kapal!
To quote Randy David in his column Sunday,26 Feb.
"The Day After"
[he, who was detained by ate glue's men
for marching towards EDSA to attend its celebration...]
>>>"At 9 a.m., on Feb. 24, 1986, 20 years ago, Marcos went live on Channel 4, surrounded by his generals, to announce a nationwide state of emergency. How uncanny that Ms Arroyo should choose the same date to announce the same draconian measure to suppress the same perceived conspiracy supposedly between the extreme Left and the extreme Right. Marx was indeed right: "Events and personages occur at least twice in history-the first time as tragedy, the second time as farce."<<<
Ate Glue is doing a marcosian tactic.....
And she says for the country?.....
or for 'other' interests?
You tell me!
After all, ate glue proves she's truly"small but horrible"!!
She reminds me of a 'wicked witch'
I once had the opportunity to exchange lines with......

Friday, February 24, 2006


TODAY is the 20th Anniversary of EDSA 1,
that Peaceful People Power 'Revolution' that sent Marcos and his cohorts,
including Imelda of the three thousand shoes fame,
packing and huffing aboard a US helicopter away from it all.
I remember an old classmate-friend of my Father
who sent us a Telegram congratulating us for a wonderful bloodless revolution
that ousted a dictator.
Other friends and Companies where Tatay once
had business connections called us, too.
I remember that clearly now.....
my Father was in MManila at that time.
Crowds gathered at UP: old Professors and young students gathered.
Together they marched towards EDSA
and stayed there for the rest of
the day.
Helicopters hovered on the air,
and fear filled the air.
Some shouted that the crowds may be hit
from atop.
Some brought radios and
people listened.
Runners kept the crowd abreast of what's happening
at the other end.
Vans with sandwiches and drinks
were free and people became strangers no more.
The feeling of oneness was there.
It was atime when the BAYANIHAN Spirit
was working.
ALL for one purpose:
To OUST a dictator.
..... what do we have lately ?
Arrests justified as part of a 'coup-d-etat' plan
supposedly to oust Ate Glue from her entrenchment by the Pasig!
Even Randy David, an activist-lawyer and the
top brass of the Army and the PNP were nabbed.....
While I do not condone the part that some TraPos are 'using' the masses
for their own political end,
I abhor the use of force to intimidate the people from saying
what they feel is their right.
I detest the use of 'Law' to cover up their own lawlessness.
I have always supported the RIGHT, not the wrong;
I praise the GOOD, and shun the evil.

Monday, February 20, 2006


Take your pick: anything is free!
That is what one gets if you run for office and "win"
....provided you have the "machinery."
That, I believe is the fundamental tenet of every politician"elected"
or appointed by the hands of gods,
the colors of whom are as black as the pit from where they came.
They are::::::::::
>FREE to grant illegal logging permit, mining permit or even sanction illegal Jueteng, or anything illegal under their very noses!
>FREE to appropriate public funds to cover even the salaryof their 'Hardinero', Cook, or 'Labandera'....
>FREE to manipulate digits and numbers to accomodate their whims...
>FREE to do as they will, after all, "what are they in power for?"
I could go on and on and the list will stretch to eternity...
These will go unnoticed until a disaster comes a-visiting their areas,
and lo!....the public takes notice.
I am not complaining because of personalities or whachamaccalit....
I have been espousing this lines some ten or so years ago.
PINOY ako, and my Father whose death twenty-years ago proved
he loved PILIPINAS more than he loved his own,
because he chose to stay in Inang Bayan,
rather than seek treatment in his native Land.....
makes me think twice.
He always said ours is better than any other country
he had been to. I cannot understand that when I was young.
Now I do.
Like my Father before me, I LOVE this country more
than I do any other Land I have migrated to.
I sincerely hope and pray that all necessary Programs or Plans be implemented ASAP
to save our natural resources.
to desecrate our LAND.
STOP ILLEGALS: logging, mining, and anything that may ruin nature.
STOP even the so-called "authorities" who cut trees.....
or who allow them....
Let us all work together to PLANT MORE TREES
that may help the Country in any good endeavour.
kahit ano!


I've been reeling and seething with something I can't place....
It started when the Trainees assigned to me did not follow the instructions.
IN JAPAN, one has to keep his words,
lest he be branded as unworthy, someone who cannot be trusted.
As in any other place, SHINYOU [TRUST/REPUTATION] is something we earn.
Here, it is EVERYTHING!
And one way is to keep our promise.
The leader and two others didn't.
They were supposed to meet me after lunch,
but they got back to their 'House' a few minutes before 6PM!
And they didn't even bother to call me via the Company mobile.....
When asked why, one of them, R, was defensive, and rattled:
...that she knows what to do,
and that they needed to go around....
et cetera....blah-blah-blah!
She couldn't even look at me straight...
Here, that is tantamount to someone you can't trust!
So today, I called the Plant Manager
and asked that I be included in the next meeting with the Trainees.
He told me to report at 5.
I did!
They were all gathered at the Conference Table.
As I entered the Hall, I saw the Company Owner at his desk
at the far end of the Hall.
He looked my way and I nodded in greeting.
He nodded back.
As we were talking: the Manager,
the 6 trainees and myself,
the Owner came around and started to listen.
He began to sit down as he listened
and became interested in the discussion.
I reported on the happenings since the onset of February
and they were all ears.
No one countered my report
because I was just telling the truth....
The Owner reminded them that once they break the rules,
they will be sent home PRONTO!
The words were strong,
so much so that I feel the warning must be heeded...or else...
The Manager told me to "teach them the proper way of living,
going around daily life in Japan".
..and that "whatever problem they have,
to please contact C-san...."
I translated them all for everyone's ears...
When all of them went back to work,
we [the Company Owner, the Plant Managerand I discussed rules of operations and discussed each Trainee's personality.
SHACHO [Owner] knows each one of them:
it was he who interviewed them back in Cebu.
We compared notes on how we find the
of the Pinay Trainees......
He laid ways and means to follow:
expenditure notebook, shopping,
and the like.
He instructed the Manager to be strict next time,
and refrain from smiling as that can be misconstrued as being lenient and soft.
Having said a piece of my mind
was a load off my back.
I just hope the Trainees
got the message loud and clear.


A friend who doesn't tire of sending me beautiful thoughts
remembered again, and sent me some lines.
They're loads of wisdom so I am posting 'em here for posterity.
----"Many eyes, many learns."
....1. Give God what's right -- not what's left.
2. Man's way leads to a hopeless end -- God's way leads to an endless hope.
3. A lot of kneeling will keep you in good standing.
4. He who kneels before God can stand before anyone.
5. In the sentence of life, the devil may be a comma--but never let him be the period.
6. Don't put a question mark where God puts a period.
7. Are you wrinkled with burden? Come to the church for a faith-lift.
8. When praying, don't give God instructions - just report for duty.
9. Read the Bible -- It will scare the hell out of you.
10. We don't change God's message -- His message changes us.
11. The church is prayer-conditioned.
12. When God ordains, He sustains.
13. WARNING: Exposure to the Son may prevent burning.
14. Plan ahead -- It wasn't raining when Noah built the ark.
15. Most people want to serve God, but only in an advisory position.
16. Suffering from truth decay? Brush up on your Bible.
17. Exercise daily -- walk with the Lord.
18. Never give the devil a ride -- he will always want to drive.
19. Nothing else ruins the truth like stretching it.
20. Compassion is difficult to give away because it keeps coming back.
21. He who angers you controls you.
22. Worry is the darkroom in which negatives can develop.
23. Give Satan an inch & he'll be a ruler.
24. Be ye fishers of men -- you catch them & He'll clean them.
25. God doesn't call the qualified, He qualifies the called.


That seems to be the, at least!
Take the CAMERA: it used to be heavy and big,
but lately, camera icons has come up with
still smaller versions.
and lately the MP3s, ad infinitum....
And so the BETA became the VHS,
then came the VCD, and the CD.
Although the TV set has become bigger through the years
with the introduction of PLASMA and all its derivative,
it has evolved and became HOME-TV/THEATER,
but we also have MINI-TV sets good for the bathroom.
Now comes the CAR-NAVI [car-navigation system]
with all its attachments,
and then the PORTABLE TV/VCD/CD Player combi.
The latter is so small, you can bring it anywhere you go.
It is similar to the ordinary school notebook,
or is it smaller?
There's the iPod, and those mini-games PS,...
the PCs with smaller notebooks available on the shelf.
New products come out one after the other.
Your PC may be new today,
but tomorrow a new one comes out and it is outdated!
MINI-CAR Sales have marked up,and has become popular,
even among men.
has been the best-seller these past years.
I drive a LimitedEdition Model.
The list is endless!
Even the famous Japanese noodles have become mini
with the smallest version translated to minicups and minibowls.
RICE are available in small packs,
instant and at every one's reach, anytime!
Same goes with basic viands, dishes, pickles, and many more.....
Minis and Instant are the trend....
It is OK by me for the instant thing,
but what I cannot fathom is the MINI in Winter!
I mean the MINI SKIRT in Winter!
Good if these girls wear something over their legs!
They don't! While they wear some boots or high black socks,
one can glimpse
A Chinoy friend once commented
when I accompanied him and his wife on a tour of Kyoto:
"Kung kelan malamig,saka pa nag-mini!"
Mini, anyone?


An angel came by and whispered some little things,
He swoon and danced; he pranced and sang,
Enjoying each little turn, then suddenly
He went away and was seen no more.
I wondered what happened to that little angel, ....really, I do!
Did he stray away, or just hopped and played too long?
I guess he has completely forgotten one small heart that awaits
Or was it never good at the very start,
and just play all along ?


The clouds came in and the rain,
though dripping in small trickles have been non-stop
since late last night.
Drip, drip, drip, it falls
And the ground is wet.
The sky looks bleak and lonely
,Just like my chest that has grown cold,
Cold from the loneliness here
In a Land faraway from
Home Sweet Home.
Is there anyone listening out there?
....or simply reading a lonely note?
Hey! wait, and say something,
Let me hear some caring words;
Someone lost needs a great big heart:
a true knight who's loyal and true
To care and to hold,
to love at my side.
Shall I
walk alone?

Sunday, February 19, 2006


Seventy-two hours have passed since that Leyte landslide,
and the rescue operations have produced only muddied bodies
retrieved from the area.
It buried an entire village, 3 Barangays,
and an ElementarySchool
which boasts of landing on the top three in the region
in Math and other Contests.
It has been reported that the area is prone to disasters
and that it lies on the Philippine faultline which runs from Japan,
down to Luzon area, all the way South.
In the past years, Leytenos know that THAT particular area
had been involved in TYPHOONS and similar disasters,
THUS emitting foul odor from decaying bodies.
The residents can attest to that.
I sincerely hope that our WARAY Kababayans
ANOTHER incident
which caught my attentionwas this case about
a Chinese wife of a Japanese National
who stabbed to death two young kids.
She says during investigationthat her daughter
have been bullied in Nursery School,
hence the stabbing spree.
She also stated that she cannot cope withNippongo
and that she can't converse with her neighbors
etcetera, blah-blah-blah!
She added she cannot even make heads and tails of
so she can't send emails via the celfone.
Some people can't cope with situations on hand and go pffft!
COPING MECHANISMS vary among people
and oftentimes, we blame others for something we cannot do!
In Japan, there is BULLYING and most who are subjected to these are kids of mixed marriages.So says the survey.
I do not know, but my PAMANGKINs have lived here contentedly in the past decades
and have assimilated beautifully with the community and school
where they go to.
Personally, I have had encounters with a handful of Japanese
who look down on foreigners.
Oh yes! Whether we like it or not,
my brothers and I are still considered "FOREIGNERS" by virtue of our origin!
Kung baga, hindi PUROng TOYO-JIN, kundi, TONAN-JIN kasi tayo.
SO WHAT!?????
May pagkakaiba ba sa kinakain namin?
Pareho lang yun!
Ako nga, nakakausap ko ng derechahan ang SHA-CHO [COMPANY OWNER] nila,
yung ordinaryong Hapon, naaasiwang kumausap sa mga TOP BRASS ng Kompanya.
Nahihiya daw, or natatakot!
DITO, kahit saan mang lugar,
kung patatalo ka,TALO KA!
AKO, no way patalo!
Kung hindi ako kausapin ng iba?
Eh ano ngayon?
Pakialam ko!?
I have learned to live here as independently as I can....
Yeah, I go out and try my best to interact,
but there will always be some who wouldn't be as receptive of us
as the rest of the community.
As long as I do what is right, and never harm anyone,
I would live as I will and no one can make me feel
unwanted in this place I now call HOME......
Kanya2ng hirit lang yan.
Some may be imbalanced in their emotional development,
or social upbringing...kaya may problemang makibagay sa pamumuhay
lalo na kapag nasa ibang Bansa.
Not this gal....
uh-uh ....not me!

Thursday, February 16, 2006


Today, just like yesterday,
my 'other' celfone/mobile rang several times,
only to find out it was a wrong number.
One time I nearly tripped trying to grab the cel from its holder.
Been trying to stay polite, but sometimes,
I can't help but let out a gasp
as I try my best to sound polite and cheerful.
"Wrong number!"
The ringings have wreaked havoc
on my otherwise peaceful existence....
and I wish it would stop.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006


"IMAGINE all those people, living life in Peace
.....John Lennon made waves as he sang this song.
The message is the song and
the song is the singer,
...or is it the other way 'round?
Whichever way we look at it,
"Different Folks, Different Strokes"
so they say....
But it all boils into one:that of PEACE and HARMONY.
The Japanese WA means a lot of things:
it may mean HARMONY, UNITY,
or the SUM TOTAL.
On the other hand
it can also mean a CIRCLE, a LOOP, or a LINK.
It is close to the word PEACE in the western world,
and an important factor in any
Company, Group or Family.
How I wish we have this everyday.
If only people live in UNITY and discard WAR,
then every word in the song can be a reality
rather than a mere DREAM.
The 2006 Winter Olympics in Torino, Italia,
has made the assembly of people from all walks of life possible.
There, one of the songs I heard was "Imagine"
after a special message delivered by JL's widow, YokoOno.
NoKor and SoKor boasts of parading side byside during the Opening Ceremony.
I wonder if they can sit together and talk to stop the nuclear armaments
being built by the North,
and send back all the Japanese, SouthKoreans andThai abductees
to their respective nations.
I can just imagine the jubilation of their next of kins
and their countrymen.
Imagine: is that all there is to it?
Can we not make this imagination extend to reality ASAP?
What does it take to have PEACE?
Do we have wait for two more decades before we achieve PEACE?
It is possible that by then, the world will be naught.
But then who cares? [sigh*!]
Oh well, just IMAGINE!


SPRING is just around the corner
but February is still very much around....
Oh well, I'm mumbling again!
You see, it's a contradiction of sorts.
Spring means another season,
but then February is considered the coldest month of the year.
It's the time when snow melts down and
the breeze it brings make the wind colder and chillier.
Got the picture?
Roger that!
Yesterday it was so hot,
I had to open the windows of my car as I drove to work.
I was blaming myself for not monitoring
the weather update the night before.
I wore a cashmere over my inner!
Goodness gracious!
Is it LOVE that made the day that hot?
I wonder....
Yeah, that's it!
It was the heat from all those who are madly in Love
that made the world go reeling in hot air around FUJI-san
and its surround....
Late afternoon, it was cool.
Rainshowers greeted me as I stepped out of the building
towards my car.
Being the good girl that I am,
I went home straight
to find it dim and lonely.
Lolo has not come home yet
and I thought,I'd spend dinner
ALONE again,
Oh well....
this is my world:
got to LOVE IT

Monday, February 13, 2006

VALENTINE'S DAY, Japanese style2

The rush for CHOCO was up last night as
young girls, as young as 6 or 7, and some LOLAs
gear up for Valentine's Day.
ALL were eagerly searching for the best buy
at the special counter for the Day.
I know....I was there!
I had to buy some more of those
Ah, the obligation chocolates!
Dreamed up by some genius marketeer who convinced women
that not only do they have to present chocolates to their beloved (honmei)
in order to express their emotions,
but also to their bosses, co-workers,
the guy down the hall
who once fixed the photocopier at 2 a.m. . . .
if only to demonstrate that one is a kind,
considerate woman.

Now a must-buy fixture on the Japanese seasonal consumption map,
this giri-choco comprises a market that sings
to the tune of something like 30 billion yen,
spawning an entire industry of impeccably polite,
elaborately wrapped packets of chocolates.
But there you go: obligation is nothing but,
and as any Japanese woman will tell you --
buying a hundred boxes of giri-choco
only heightens the misery when there's no one out there
to whom they can give the real thing.


Happy HANS Day!
Here's some hugs and kisses for Hans....
My LOVE will never change...remember that...
I hope and pray that you find
GodBless DearOne!
The G-Force Loves You!


STORIES of LOVE and love lost
I have frequently heard from friends,
read in books and romantic novels,
and some seen in movies and melodramas.
Some have been confusing,
and some are worth repeating.
Others are so 'kilig-to-da-bones' type,
and some are just cute!
Still others may be good for a telenovela
as in the case of my parents'
LOVE story.
I hope someday to write about it
and share one of the great Love Story,
Today as in any other day,
we should not only SPREAD LOVE
but we should
and make the world go round.....

Sunday, February 12, 2006

VALENTINE'S DAY, Japanese Style.....

Chocolates perhaps, is the world's oldest known aphrodisiac,
and the very symbol of Valentine
as one can glimpse on items for sale in Department Stores and
Supermarkets in February.
Aside from that, flowers like Roses sell like hotcakes days prior to the Day of Lovers.
In the Western world, and also in Inang Bayan,
the girls usually receive something from boys.
Likewise ladies await for something special from the man of their dreams.
Not so in Japan.
Here, it is the girls/ladies who scamper to stores to buy something
for their favorite male friend or boy friend[s]/lover/husbands.
Females swarm the stores [like we did...yesterday! ]
and buy some small things for men/boys who matter to us:
>via workplace or those who make our hearts beat faster!.
I do not know when this "tradition" started
but old folks insist that this is commercialism to the max.
They opine that Department Stores think of ways and means to commercialize
each single occasion in the Calendar in order to boost sales.
I have had encounters with this celebrationfor several years now.
I have to go and buy some chocos [simple they may be] for my male students.
My list includes older men who attend my classes.
I believe I have to, since my social obligation is put to test here....
....and I spent more than I allocated for this occasion!
A month later, on March 15 to be exact,
the Japanese [Oh, well...the young ones...only!]
celebrate WHITE DAY
which is the day when males give something to those who remembered them
on Valentine's Day.
But a word of caution to the wise:
better not expect a 100% return of your'investment'
lest you turn out frustrated.....
as what happened to some young girls I know.......


The name PASIG has been unanimous with that RIVER
featured several times in the nation's history.
It was the main passageway used by our forefathers
as they travel from Laguna down to the central City of Manila.
Recently, Pasig has been converted into a City,
and an important connector to the province of Rizal to which it once belonged.
These past weeks, PASIG has been in the limelightnot only once, but twice!
Not for good reasons, though,
but because it has been involved in STAMPEDES.
Oh yeah, two!
One was that Game show stampede in which hundreds were injured
and nearly 75 [79?] dead;
I don't newspaper says 74,
another 75 and still,
I saw one with figures rising as high as 79!
Now which is true?
Hardly do we get true reports from our media nowadays....
Another stampede occured when a raid produced some 300 people
caught inside a compound, including 59 minors:
a one-stop shop for shabu and related "services".
The irony is that it is located merelyhalf-a-kilometer away
from the nearest Police HQ and the City Hall!
Good grief!
Right under the very noses of the authorities?
I smell somethin fishy here....
And it has been there for several years now!!!!
I bet there are more in the cities that surround the Pasig.....
I wouldn't be surprised if "honest" citizens come out and cry wolf. ....
Just like JUETENG, these diseases must be stopped
lest they eat up the entire nation,
particularly the youth of the Land....
Now who wants to talk?

Friday, February 10, 2006

LOTUS ROOTS:an unusual dish

Unusual, I must say, since I don't find them in the Land of my Birth.
LOTUS ROOTs are called RENKON in Japanese.
They thrive underwater and harvested in mid-December and early January.
They are peeled and cut crosswise to produce the circles
that makes me think of a four-leaf clover.
It is colored white inside.
The other year's summer, farm production was damaged by unusually cool weather,
but last summer was dry and hot, resulting in a normal harvest.
Sinking to their waists in mud,
farmers dig out lotus roots by hand
and clean the muddy roots using water from wells.
It is said people can see the future through the holes in the vegetable.
Therefore, lotus roots are popular in New Year's dishes
as it is believed that the vegetable will bring good fortune
to those who eat it.
The lotus root harvest season reached its peak in mid-December
in time for the New Year's holidays.

GRATITUDE From the Heart

Some of us never fail to say a line or two for all the good things....and bad....
we receive in LIFE as we go our ways.
This reminds me of these lines:
"As we express our gratitude,
we must never forget that the highest appreciation
is not to utter words,but to live by them."
-John F. Kennedy
Thank GOD for the Great Things He has given me and I sincerely hope
He'll continue to shower me with all the Good Things
So I can find myself Enjoying ALL These Good Things At ALL Times.
WHY some people attract bad luck ALL the time
is because they never fail to express gratitude the right way!
What comes out of man's mouth when he is angry is the ugliest thing on earth! said my Nanay in her lifetime.


I overslept and failed to watch the Live telecast of the
Opening Ceremonyof the TORINO[TURIN] Winter Olympics.
It was supposed to be beamed Live via Satellite at 4 AM [jp] time here...
I woke up around 7!
Quite unusual, ei?
Late telecasts gave glimpses of fantastic colors and revelry.
It allowed viewers to takea peek at the enthusiasm of the athletes and the people of Torino.
It also took note of some who demostrated
against what they say the commercialism of the said Games.
I have always watched Winter Games every year.....
perhaps because of the knowledge that I cannot excel in such sports.
It is amazing to watch athletes like Okazaki who is in her early thirties [is she 34?],
yet proved to be as strong a competitor as athletes ten years her junior.
She expounded her views poetically when asked what she thinks:
"I'd like to see the flowers bloom as I tackle the Game ahead of all others."
Yeah, I'd like to see her win and it wouldn't be bad to root for her, would it?
I wanna see ANDO- and ARAKAWA-Senshu
show their skills in the ice rink in the FIGURE-SKATING Competition.
I never miss this competition, even the local ones....
I love to see how gracefully each contestant show their skill as they twirl and spin on their skates.
Then there is the CROSS-COUNTRY, the MOGUL Jump,.......
And lots more!
The Medal-race has begun and it would be fun to cheer for athletes I find great.....
Come and be with me,as I watch the Games...........
Now, let the Games begin!
Buon Giorno Mia Cara,Bambina,.......

It's never too late

>>>>>>>>>>> to start something new.... they say. I wonder if this is true.

A friend of mine phoned and told me her intention to start learning a second language.
I know anyone else would offer her a hand of support, but Michiko-san is 60!
She said she wanred to enlist my services!
Sure, I was astounded!
Who wouldn't anyway?
I have known Michiko since a dozen years ago.
She works in the same Company Lolo is connected to.
She has a daughter, Rie-san.
Oftentimes, Rie would call me to inquire on certain English words she didn't know.
I willingly translated some as she pursued her Vocational Studies
in a School in Nagoya.
Lately, Rie have been involved in work and her Boyfriend of many years.
Thus, Michiko, the mother, who is about to retire in a few months,
have enough free time in her hands.
And to fill this up, she decided to study English
once more.
I said "once more" since most High School students here
have had encounters with English.
This begins in Junior HS, going to Senior High
in preparation for College English.
However, not all go to University.
A lot more stop after Junior High and
find work. Some marry and have children.
Only a few percentage find their way to College/
They claim that
the pressure of learning a second Language
made them quit..
Added to that, the cost of Education here
assures the few moneyed elite to achieve
that Diploma.
Michiko, after her golden years have decided to embark on
a lost love: that of being able to talk to a foreigner
with ease and confidence.
Never too late, indeed!
She sounded like a young lass as she explained her
Shall we allow a Golden gal to find her dreams?
Surely, no one would dampen a spirit like hers, now,
would we?

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Enjoying What We Choose

Life consists not in holding good cards but in playing those you hold well.
-Josh Billings
I realize that as I travel LIFE's road....
I have never been dependent on my relatives,
more so with my siblings who are now happy [I presume!? ]
with their own families.
I was left to decide on some important issues that haunted my existence
after my parents died.
I have to live alone lest I be considered a parasite by people
who just entered into the picture.
I decided to stay here to help an old man who live alone
and who had trouble keeping house.....
and who have lost his CashCards for the -nth time....
>>Not that he is a fool,
but because he is struggling with his faculties
which have been deteriorating little by little in the past decade.
Sometimes I wonder if I am doing right........
staying here............ away from people I know, that is.
Oftentimes I wish I was in another area,
in another hemisphere, in another land
where I can pursue further studies
or better still, work in some projects close to my heart.
But good or bad, I am here,
and I might as well enjoy my time while I help an old man....
He is still strong in body, although he reminds me of old folks who have lost themselves in spirit as their age bring them to that phase of life where they return to being babied....
I guess I have to be here not only for his sake [he often gets into my nerves! ]
but for the memory of my Father whose Yamato Spirit was so strong.....
May God give me strength of character and Spirit to do as I may...
and ENJOY LIFE, too....
as I embark on this journey until when, I have no idea......
Until then, I have to face the SUN and be GLAD....
for my lot is here.
Gotta accept that lest my mood bring me somewhere else.....

Wednesday, February 08, 2006


The greater our knowledge increases the more our ignorance unfolds. -John F. Kennedy
How true!
I never realized it until someone asked me about Music and Mp3's and all that...
I always like to listen to good, soft music,especially when I wanna read books before bedtime.
BUT I never indulge in knowing all those stuff...
ALL I have is the old-style CD player I bought several years ago....
and that small one which I passed on to " I" when she was infanticipating...
[for her unborn Baby to listen to Mozart...for brain stimulation daw!]
Other than that, I never particularly invested time and money
in anything that pertains to that.
I felt totally ignoramus about all these stuff when asked by a kamag-anak.....
I guess all these stuff and many more proves
that we cannot have domination about everything!
>>>>Not that I am perfect in some other areas,
but that I feel no one amongst us can truly claimthat we know all!
I don't!
More so with Computers and the IT!
I am so BOBO at it
I have to ask others for stuff like avatars ad infinitum!
I never even knew how to resize pictures!
Someone offered to resize them, but I refused....
Tinkering with my PC a few days later,
I found that I have a resizer right here IN my computer!
Being ignorant of all these things,
I lost all my data: pictures I cherished and some other things
I wanted to keep while away on vacation.
Sayang talaga!
I am still learning....and mind you,
I wanna learn as many things possible.
BUT sometimes, in the process called LIFE,
we cannot accomodate everything we wanna say and doin a jiffy.
So bear with me and allow me to do things
my way....
in my time....

Bless Jay...

I was suppose to be ecstatic yesterday,
but some things kept me awake last night....

I had an early night and slept as soon as my head touched the pillows....
BUT I awoke in the middle of the night and couldn't sleep till 3 am or so...

J had been bothering my subconscious, I guess.
I wonder what's happening to him now.....

Is he OK? Is he feeling right?
Did he make contact with Mak already?

So many things on my mind....

I pray to GOD that he finally see the light....
May GOD Bless him, wherever he is right now....
and that he be able to do what is right for his own sakes....

Tuesday, February 07, 2006



It's been a full cycle since then....and I thank God for the good times and bad.

I sincerely hope the bad would be less and the good ones multiplied
as I venture into another cycle...
Praise God for all these wonderful years....

Sunday, February 05, 2006


A good friend called to tell me that a news bulletin about an accident in MManila came.
It was a stampede, he says.
I immmediately turned the TV on and lo!
It was the NHK and scenes of ambulance and people milling around greeted my eyes....
Details were not clear that time,so I turned on the net.....
I saw via rival networks' sites' updates and numbers!
PANIC seems to be the culprit..... or is it?
I wonder.....
In my personal opinion,
events such as these need a more detailed PLANNING STRATEGY.
This is the organizers' responsibility.
You see, in Management and PLANNING,
there are 5 P'sthat must be followed:
ProperPlanning Presents PerfectPerformance
or put it another way, but with the same essence,
PoorPlanning Presents PoorPerformance.
I am not saying I am perfect,
neither do I claimI know all....
BUT aren't these big networks STAFFed with people whose know-how and expertise brainstorm on ideas on the Whats, Where, When, and the HOW!?
People's lives mustn't be taken for granted
given the number of people who wanted to try and take their chance in this
"instant rags-to-riches" money game....
After all, it is these networks who have inculcated the mentality of going for the easy money
in our Kababayans' malleable minds....
By airing/feeding such "instant money" programs tothe viewers,
the big networks also, in some ways must be blamed for creating such mentality prevalent among the MASA.
Isn't it time for the MTRCB [or whatever Board it is that regulates such programs on TV/radio]to work and work hard to regulate the programs?
Not only do these programs inculcate tardiness and the INDOLENCIA de los Filipinos.....
It also kills and kill they did as the crowd panicked and stampede ensued.
Allow me also to state that I have nothing against ABS-CBN.....
I am grateful to them for giving methe chance to work after graduation.
I did enjoy my stint with them,albeit short.
I resigned because some principles cannot be bent by mere moolah, or by a better slot....
and I have no regrets, whatsoever.
Some people aren't destined to be what others aspire for.I say what I say because I have to.
My instinct tells me to do and say what I believe in.
Saying what one feels about whatever is happening in our midst is a duty all of us have
and we must be aware that whatever we feel we must do.....
let us do it for the betterment of this country
we call our own.
for we may never pass this way again......

Friday, February 03, 2006


Got an INVITE to join Camp Pag-ibigat Balara Compound, QC!
It's been ages since I got one!
While in College, I used to be part of a group of people
close to the organizers of the Original Camp Pag-ibig.
We were always tapped to join the multitude of Volunteer Youths
who comprised the Camp Staff.
Some of us lent our 'expertise' on Bases set up for the participants.
Participants here meant the HANDICAPPED or the PHYSICALLY DISABLED.
Most of the Core Volunteer Group have gone their own ways and
some have left the country to work/stay in another.
This is a Day-Camp held every February,more or less
on the second Saturday-Sundayof the Love Month.
It is held for two days.
Not only was it fun to join....but that feeling of being able to make someone happy
makes our adrenalin surge no end.
How I wish I can join them once again....
but distance makes it impossible!
Here's wishing for a successful Camp Pag-ibig 06!
Kudos to the Staff as well......
This year, it will be sponsored by the Quezon City government.
I wonder if the original organizers:the DCS, Manilawill be joining them......

Thursday, February 02, 2006


Woke up to find the weather as chilly as ever!
The thermometer reads -1 C!
OMG! In Shizuoka?.....
whilst in Washington, Cherry Blossoms bloom because of warm January days!
How is that?
Today, all Japan celebrates the SETSUBUN.
Literally, it means the day before the beginning of Spring.
....But Spring is nowhere to be found!
Maybe in far South: in Okinawa...
.It is possible in those warm areas....but here?
I guess that is what the Calendar says:Feb. 3= SETSUBUN......
Expect the ANNUAL BEAN-SCATTERING ceremony everywhere!
Schools, and community centers as well as private residences do this annualy to drive the bad demons away and invite GoodLuck to stay inside the abode.
Ceremonies everywhere will be done and stars and celebs will grace each place to lend a hand in celebrating this tradition from way, way back.
Kids will have a grand time throwing the beans
as well as eating the beans given them for a year of Good Luck.
Eating the beans depend on one's age, thus the kids eat only a handful.
The elderly first eat the last digit of their age...then eat the first.
If, say, Lolo is 72y/o: he eats 2 first,then eats 7 beans.
Eating all of 72 would be next to impossible!
And I get to eat a ...err....

Wednesday, February 01, 2006


A man is not old until regrets take the place of dreams. -JB
He is young who pursues a great dream....
He is full of life and makes every step count as he finds his place in the sun;
But once a person while away time and let it pass sans doing anything productive.....
........................he is nothing!
A person must never wait for regret to seep in
lest he spend his lifetime
mulling on what might have been!

Our ACTIONs....


be they words we say...or things we do....
reflect a lot on who we are and where we came from......
This reminds me of a line:
A gentleman can live through anything.-William Faulkner
I have often encountered men whose mouth precedes themselves....
They yak and yak and never think of the other party;
whether they hurt anyone
o r
whether their views aree appreciated or rejected.
I have seen and heard most whose head are found down under
and whose limbs are atop their bodies that they often display what is considered outrageous in polite society.
Pity the women who entertain such fools!
I may not outrightly despise such actions done to anyone,
but it disgusts me no end to be with such pigs in any given gathering....
I would rather be alone and find comfort in my books
than associate with a wolf.
I look up to one whose looks may show some unpolished trimmings...
but whose heart is pure.
I enjoy a good talk and a man whose very core speaks of genteel breeding.
I'd love to know a man who can show respect to other women and
who treats them the same way he treats his mother and sister...