Wednesday, October 26, 2005


I had so many things in my mind and cannot concentrate on cooking Lolo's meal today...

so what I did was to put concoct some 'cory style' sauce and put them all together in a pot,

on to the burner via long-slow-cooking,

and voila!POT ROAST with super-duper yummy sauce!


I got the idea from my Nanay who had so many children to feed and she had a hard time doing all chores despite her numerous 'HHelp'.

All she did [at that time] was what I just did...


But hers was a style and skill no one among us[her kids, e.g.,] could surpass,


Her MORCON was simply marvelous,

and her SUMAN was adorable!


I have asked Plapla to teach me how to make SUMAN,...

Marcia, too, but I have not an inch of confidence to do so on my own.

Her version of the SUMAN is done this way:

.Cook malagkit in a kettle: the sabaw must be oodles and oodles of gatang malapot.

Add a pinch of salt...

..When the malagkit is done, it is wrapped in banana leaves and boiled again for about 30 minutes or less.

The SUMAN is best eaten when cold........

with a lil sprinkling of sugar on top.

That was the best and Nanay usually prepare them when we have family gatherings like Christmas and other Celebrations.

How I miss 'em...


Come Christmas, I'd like some SUMAN on my table.

So I decided to make Marcia come to the house before the celebration and ask her and Jovy to share the burden with me and prepare the dishes.

I'm sure Aling Bening [our long-time Cook]would be too old to come to MonteBello this time....but then, knowing Aling B., well...who knows?

There's Benny, her son, who knows the way to my place.


IT'S getting a bit chilly and the wind starts giving out bites that stirs the spines....

the first snow was seen atop FUJI-San and the northern cities of HOKKAIDO.

GOTTA have those FUTONs and BLANKETS out and aired before we are caught in a chilly morning shivering to our bones....






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