Thursday, September 18, 2008


OO nga naman. Nadedenggoy ang Bayan.
Ilang beses na, hindi na mabilang.

Nabuking na sila, kaya sagot ni Alan Peter,
nanggugulo lang daw itong si Mang Ping.
Barya lang daw yung 200 M na insertion sa budget.
Barya nga ba?[sabay ikot ang mata]
Sa mga gutom at libo-libong walang makain,
paradays na po iyon, G. Cayetano at ibang mayaman....
Sanabagan! May you burn in hell!

Barya-barya na nga, ninanakaw pa!
Unang-una na, sa senado pa nagsimula....
Mas lalong maragol kung galing sa may Pasig
Nakupow! Ubos ang pera sa Kaban ni Mang Juan!

Akala ko ba, "Pag bad ka, lagot ka?"
Nasaan na ang kredibilidad, ha, sirkerong joker?
'Kala ko ba, "good" ka? Respektabol, ika nga?
Huli ka! Huli ka, hwag nang mag-deny....
Nang dahil sa pera, bumalimbing ka na!

Tsk-tsk-tsk! Bad boy na, joker pa!
Ilan nga ba kayo, pangalanan na!

*Litratalk, pahiram lang po,
Salamat, PSN.

Monday, September 15, 2008


THE HOODLUMS in robes have spoken: there was no kidnapping as far as Jun Lozada was concerned. Why am I not surprised? Well, to say the least, it is an open secret that almost all public officials in our country are deemed corrupt. Yeah, you read it right, baby...corrupt.

I AM not even surprised. I'm just plain disgusted. After all, these people are really puppets who do whatever their boss says. Wanna bet?

EVEN IF the videos were shown, people involved were asked, multi-media coverage were done by big networks, the very same people who were the subject of recent exposes that they involved in scams investigated, questioned, the hoodlums in robes ruled out kidnapping. Goodness!

KAHIT na nakahambalang pa yata sa daan ang mga ebidensiya eh mananatiling bulag ang mga huwes na ito, naturingang sila ang tinaguriang 'kagalang-galang' na hukom. Kagalang-galang nga ba? Ni katiting na respeto kaya...kaya ibigay ng katulad kong ordinaryong mamamayan ng Bayang Pilipinas?

KAHIT na nandoon pa ang ebidensiya ng 500 k na pinadala ng Malacanang sa kaptid ni Lozada bilang 'tulong'...o kaya'y ang 50 k na binitbit ni Little Mike sa Greenhills. Wala yun.

KAHIT na makita pa ng Bayan ang video footage sa CCTV ng NAIA na lumalakad si Lozada kasama ang kanyang escort sa pamumuno ng mismong namamahala sa airport.....Wala rin yun.

KAHIT na hindi dumaan sa Immigration si Lozada.....OK pa rin yun!

KAHIT na pinaikot si Lozada, matapos isakay sa sasakyan, ayaw ipakita sa sumundong pamilya na tumagal ng ilang oras din....pinapirma ng dokumento, at sangkaterba pang ebidensiya, wala yun!

Onli in da Pilipins! Onli wen da iskwater bay da Pasig seys so...Parang malalabo na yata ang mga mata: napalabo ng kakaibang pag-ayon sa anumang utos o "tawag" ng sinumang nagluklok sa kanila sa puwesto. Itong mga hukom na ito'y mga walang bols para magdesisyon kung ano ang tama o ano ang mali. Nakakhiya ang mga anak-anak ng mga ito. Napakamalas nila at nagkaroon ng mga magulang na ganid na walanghiya pa.

IKAW, igagalang mo pa ba ang mga ganitong gago na naka-robe at nakasilya sa korte?

Gising, Bayan!

Going Gaga Over Sarah

IT SEEMS that people have started to talk about Sarah Palin. And....why not?
After all, she is that other half of the McCain Republican tandem. She exuded youth, beauty and well, After all, she really has the looks.

FUNNY but people have been going gaga over Sarah Palin. Media as far as Japan have even discussed the eyeglasses frame she was seen using during recent appearances.News abound with Sarah after she was proclaimed McCain's vice-presidential
running mate.

LATELY, there are articles probing her leadership-style. That hers is based on secrets and loyalty is well-known in her hometown.

MANY lawmakers, Democrats and Republicans alike, described Palin as a leader missing in action. She has spent 312 nights at her Wasilla home, 600 miles from the capital, according to state records. Some legislators became so frustrated that they took to wearing yellow "Where's Sarah?" pins.

OLD folks say where there is smoke, there is fire. Is this true?

CLOSE friends have been 'rewarded with juicy positions with even juicier perks. She was said to have been partial to people close to her and her family.So when there was a vacancy for director of the state Division of Agriculture, she appointed high-school classmate Franci Havemeister to the $95,000-a-year job. The former real-estate agent, one of at least five high-school classmates hired by the governor, cited her childhood love of cows as a qualification.

STATE legislators now are investigating accusations that Palin and her husband pressured officials to fire a state trooper who had gone through a messy divorce with her sister, which she denies. But interviews make clear that the Palins draw few distinctions between the personal and the political.

SOUNDS familiar? Parang ngang carbon-copy yan ng isang mag-asawang nagnasang mapapunta sa may Pasig. Kung kaya't gumawa ng paraan para nga naman mapatalsik ang isa, kung kaya't nakaluklok siya! Pinili rin ng Presidente-wannabe ang isang hoodlum na pirata na mamuno sa isang komite! Nakipagkasundo sa mga rebelde nang palihim....
At marami pa pong iba.....

HAY naku! Baka kaya kay Biden na lang ako. Pero teka, ayaw raw ng iba, kasi kasingtunog ang ngalan niya nung kay BinLaden. Ay! Ewan! At ito namang si Obama, para raw katunog ni Osama! Oh my! May gulay! Ay du nat no wat to sey!


Wednesday, September 10, 2008


News came out: KimJongIl fell ill....

ILL-fated IL is ill?

What the nuke, better still, hold that nuke

Be sure to hook him there: blast him, ban him, kick him off.


Sarah may be fallin`..or is she failing
=[Palin pronounced as pay-lin, ayt?]?

But she's wearin glasses made in 'heaven!'

News revealed that her rims were made somewhere in Fukui-ken.

So she's using `Made-in-Japan' labels, now....Hah-hah!

Mine's made locally since they started to rim my eyes....hee~heeh!


MCCain may sound pain....or ca[i]n' why bother?

Ditch him, stump him, get rid of the ol` man!

But Bin Laden's very much look like Biden's!

And Obama may be from Osama....

I don't know with you

but I think I need a respite from all these nicks!


Then there's Sabio....who doesn`t want to say Sabi-sa 'yo;

Just suspended for leaning on the suspects.

Name names, pipol and learn honor, respect and accountability.

We need that there where people never learn.


Or an illegit government that deals with rebels!

Better throw them all out to that murky river.


Friday, September 05, 2008


The race to succeed Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda as president of the Liberal Democratic Party became more heated Friday with three more lawmakers indicating their intention to run.

Earlier, four well-known politicians said they were planning to run or were stepping up efforts to obtain the signatures of the 20 LDP Diet members needed to file papers as a candidate for the party presidency. The campaign will formally begin on Wednesday, with voting on Sept. 22.

The four are: LDP Secretary-General Taro Aso, 67; Kaoru Yosano, 70, state minister in charge of economic and fiscal policy; Yuriko Koike, 56, a former defense minister; and Nobuteru Ishihara, 51, a former LDP policy chief.

On Friday, another former defense minister, Shigeru Ishiba, 51, told a gathering of LDP Diet members belonging to the faction led by Yuji Tsushima, a former health and welfare minister, that he also planned to run.

Pointing to foreign policy and national security issues as well as the growing economic gap between urban and rural areas, Ishiba also told reporters, "Economic issues are not the only topics that need to be discussed."

Political analysts said one factor behind Ishiba's move was a desire among some Tsushima faction members to cement bloc solidarity by becoming a key player in the LDP presidential race.

While it remains uncertain whether the entire faction will back Ishiba, a number of younger faction members insisted that a representative from the faction should run.

Two other younger Diet members also indicated they wanted to run to demonstrate that the LDP was handing the leadership baton to a younger generation. Fukuda is 72.

Ichita Yamamoto, 50, a state secretary for foreign affairs, said: "Our group has continued with discussions in the belief that a candidate should be entered with a campaign manifesto. In the end, I hope to be that candidate."

Yasufumi Tanahashi, a former state minister in charge of science and technology policy who heads a group of younger Diet members intent on speeding up the reform process, also indicated that he, too, would run.

Tanahashi, 45, said, "What is lacking in the LDP is the dynamism of generational change as well as the ability to gather up the feelings of the public."

All three will have to acquire the endorsement of at least 20 LDP Diet members to formally enter the presidential race.

The increasingly crowded field has led to concerns among the other potential candidates. Some may lose their base if all these people run.

Ishihara, the son of nationalistic Tokyo Governor Shintaro Ishihara,is deemed too green for the position by many, including private citizens hereabouts.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Manny, tatakbo raw sa Sarangani?

*Litratalk galing sa PSN 09-03-18*

Pers witness {sa likuran ni ng mamang naka`markana}
: "May gago na namang nagoyo si bossing...ngek...ngek...ngek..."

Sekan witness {sa may likod ng kamao nung gago}: "Bahala ka jan, pre....May datung ka kasi, kaya ganyan...Tingnan ko lang pag nalaman mong kung bakit ka welkam todits...."

Tard witness [yung mamang nakasilip kung tama ang basa ni pakyaw}: "O, money, ...este mane...male! Pesteng yawa, Mani...ayosen mu ang basa mu. Male ang pagbasa mu kay nakaheya naman kay bus."


Prime minister Fukuda bows at a news conference where he announced his resignation.

NEWS are all over about the sudden resignation of Yasuo Fukuda as Prime Minister of Japan. Varied reactions came from all sectors of the populace. As expected, fliers from major broadsheets gave out free late editions of the news last night. Most TV stations interviewed people from the streets and aired their reactions on national broadcast.

SOME says the timing was a surprise to all, including people close to the former Prime Minister himself. They say there were different plans that need to be carried out. Everything they had planned, they say, were hampered by blocks from opposition parties{ which is understandable,,,,}, hence, nothing could ever be achieved. This prompted Fukuda to resign but the timing appears too soon. Fukuda was said to be still mulling on the revamp of his cabinet before the announcement last night.

CRITICISMS abound about the sudden resignation of Fukuda. Reactions were varied, polls were opened to seek people's mind. Some say they weren't surprised since they saw it coming; Others were disappointed and voiced that Fukuda should have tried to push through with his planned reforms. Still, many were angry at the resignation and asked: 'How many more reshuffles/resignations can Japan tolerate? They suggested that it is time to form another political party that would replace the ruling majority. But a small majority maintains that Fukuda's action was an honorable thing to do.

I BELIEVE it's a combination of all the above views, but I'd like to delve more on the word honorable and how people here have been guided by it since the olden days. That's a far cry from that moley-dopey- power-grabber in some far-away islands whose smiles are as fake as a worn-down papermache in Boac.

BEING honorable is a Japanese trademark since the days of the Samurais. There are of course, specks of bad boys here as anywhere in the world. But in my heart, I believe there are still more honorable men left in government. And the best they could do is to give way to other good men who would lead a nation better than they think they can.

HONORABLE is the word. Fukuda feels he was so ineffective, so he chose to give way to others who might make the reforms go on smoothly. Some Samurais of old even resort to Seppuku/Harakiri {embowelment} to atone for their shame. This trait is sorely lacking in that cold, cold heart {... if ever she has one!} of that squatter by the murky Pasig. Will that sinister, tantrum-trotting madam pave a peaceful way to power-change in her banana republic? Or will the people need to drag her out of Malacanang? OR will she opt for the honorable way of doing a Harakiri? Your guess is as good as mine.