Wednesday, October 19, 2005


IJIME also means BULLYING....

or teasing

or hazing.

It can also refer to the person doing the bullying....

A lot have been said about this problem based usually in schools from the elementary grades way beyond the HS level.

Threatening someone is punishable by law,but some get away with it because victims refuse to report such abuses to parents, or school authorities.

Some of these abuses lead to deaths....some become rejects of society,

refusing to live normally with the rest of the community.

Others simply become recluse and depend so much on parents for their existence.

In a country where independence is generally the rule once a person reaches his/her twentieth birthday,this is something of a burden not only to the parents but to society in general.

LOOKING into the heart of the problem is a must.

This is a society that boasts of high-tech gadgets have long been immersed in improving life but has neglected the necessary things in life:that of family and inter-personal relationships.


Huwag naman sanang magkaganito ang Pilipinas

habang nagtratrabaho bilang OFWs ang ating mga kababayan.

Ang pagkakawatak-watak ng pamilya

ay isa sa mga dapat isipin ng ating pamahalaan.


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