Thursday, August 28, 2008

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the shittest lapdog of them all?

Hear, hear!
Look who's talking...

MANILA, Philippines - Malacañang questioned militant groups Thursday on their continued silence over the atrocities committed by "rogue" commands of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) in Mindanao in recent weeks.

"While quick to denounce human rights violations when it suits them, the usual crowd of human rights activists have been strangely tongue-tied on the killings of innocent civilians, including women, children and the elderly in Mindanao by criminal elements," he said.

He said the attacks against civilian populations go beyond mere violation of human rights, but human rights activists have yet to condemn or voice a strong protest against these criminal actions.

Dureza described as "cockeyed" the silence of militants on the human rights violations in some parts of Mindanao committed by rampaging MILF members.

According to him, he was "saddened that militants are silent on the Mindanao atrocities," and that he hoped their silence "will not be concluded as a condonation of these violent acts."

The MILF attacks tapered off only after the military mounted sustained pursuit operations against the rogue members of the separatist movement. - GMANews.TV

Tanong: Kanino bang kagagawan ang nangyayari ngayon?

Hindi ba resulta lamang yan ng mga lihim na ginagawa ng nang-agaw ng puwesto, not once, but twice?

Naghahanap na naman kayo ng ibang masisisi? Naghahanap ng ibang dibersyon para
matanggal ang interes ng Bayan sa giyera sa Mindanao.Bakit hindi kayo humarap sa salamin nang makita ninyo kung sino ang may sala? Huwag kalimutang buksan ang ilaw nang masilayan nang maliwanag kung sino ang halang ang bitukang nagpasimuno niyan. Nang dahil sa Cha-cha!

Kahit sino, ayaw ng kaguluhan. Lalung-lalo na yang pandaraya. Ganyan naman nagsimula ang kaguluhan ngayon sa Mindanao,di ba? Sino ba ang nakipag-usap sa mga rebeldeng MILF, kundi ang mga tao ni aling glue? Hindi ba kayo-kayo ang nagpakana ng pagpirma ng 'Peace Deal' kuno at ibibigay na sa mga rebelde ang parte ng Pilipinas?

Kayo nagsimula, kayo ang magtapos. Dapat lang na kayo rin ang humarap sa laban sa halip na mga sundalong inosente sa kaguluhang pinasok ninyo.

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the shittest lapdog of them all?

Saturday, August 23, 2008


Natawa ako sa isang komento.
Sa isang forum na nabasa ko.
" Hoodlum sa Senado" ang topic ng usapan;
Di ko mapigilan, napasagot ako.

Sabi nung isa, hoodlum daw ang isang senador.
Hangad yatang pigilan ang huntahan sa 2010.
Natameme, nawala nautal sa sagot ng iba.


Sa may bandang Ilog, may hoodlum din.
Inagaw na upuan, ayaw nang bitawan.

Kahit nga naka-Barong, tuxedo o naka-Gucci...
Kita n`yo nga sa mga korte, nagbabatuhan pa?
Baho nila, naglabasan na.

O kaya nama'y naka-terno't saya.
Sabay tapik sa noo, may tantrum pa.

Nagkalat sila. Nagkakalat pa.....
Malamang magkakalat pa.

Hay naku! Malayo pa....
Malayo pa nga ang umaga.


That Elusive GOLD

My eyes and mind have been diverted all these past weeks with the live telecast of the Games right in the comfort of my living room. And I enjoy watching them all. Imagine the pleasure if our Kababayans would have snatched a Silver or two...even a Bronze would suffice.

I can't help but laugh at how the Pinoy Team officials, including the double squatters in Malacanang`s loud cry: "Go for Gold!"

NO offernse intended to the athletes who were part of the Pinoy Team. I know they really dream of having one. Who wouldn't anyway....but everything seems to be a joke. And we all know that, from the deepest cubicle of our hearts.

Nurturing a body needs constant care, right? In the same light, a well-toned, muscled body with all the right curves and abs isn't an overnight miracle. Unless, of course you're a regular Calayan or Belo client, suntok sa buwan ang hangad mo.

Honing a skill is even tougher. And skill is what is needed in any physical competition, just like the Olympics.

China is a shining example. It trains its atletes right after they started to learn to walk. Then there's the process of eliminations...and continuous training. Japan, USA, Germany and all other countries do so on a regular basis. And they have sponsors for athletes like these, usually the companies employing these people. This is aside, of course, from the subsidies and training allowance extended by the government program.

Even Jamaica which recently produced 'Bolt' and other women sprinters claim that it wasn't an overnight sensation. I happen to catch a TV interview aired in one of the sports channel here and the coach showed how they do it there. For lack of facilities, they train on dirt roads [we call them farmer roads here] and run early on. Children as young as five or four do that regularly. Likewise, Kenyans do the walking most of their life, hence their endurance in marathons.

Japan has been focused on almost all sports including Swimming, Judo and Baseball. Each school has a baseball/softball team which compete once a year. This is to say that practice and training is an all-year sked. The process of elimination is done first on area level, then goes on to state/provincial level, which in turn go for the national championship. From these pool, scouts look for the ones they develop for the Professional level.And mind you, these become big earners. Some even go for it in the Major League and earn double, even triple their initial earnings. Athletes are then picked up from various Pro team to represent the National Team in any international competition.

They also have a long tradition on Sumo and Karate, although these are not [yet] included in the Games, the focus here is on body training.

What I want to point out is the fact that Pinoy sport officials need not brag about what they have been doing, which is really nada. The best thing for all of them to do now is to resign and have former athletes run the agency,or the commission, whichever way they call it. Only athletes know best what to do and how. Get rid of politicos who are there only to be seen.

It is time schools focus on the athletics and make the P.E. classes competitive right from the early stages. Every teacher must have their eyes keen on looking for the potential athletes in every kid they handle. And the government must finance the sports program in order to develop the state of the Pinoy health. Enough of those sanabagan junkets which only use people's money carelessly. Sayang! Instead, put them all to benefit the entire population and sports is one of them.

The Philippines is surrounded by bodies of water. We are an island nation, same as Japan. Yet....we still have to produce the greatest swimmer in history. Why is that?

We used to have sprinters, but that was decades ago. We achieved Asian Champs but never reached Gold in Olympics, except for some in Boxing, I guess. This has to be addressed ASAP.

This is a dream of one who have watched numerous Olympics and have groaned at the dismal display of local athletes and 'officials', who, most often outnumber the sportsmen/women in the parade of nations at opening ceremonies. Time to do something if we wanna make a small dent for the next trip to London. It is never too late to do something



Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Nagwawala, nawawala: trademark glue

Dahil sa wala ang kanyang teleprompter,

Nagwala {na naman!} ang iskwater sa may Pasig.

Mga alalay tuloy, hilong talilong: nataranta{do!}!

Hay naku! Dali! Hanapin n`yo!

Hindi pala niya kabisado

Sasabihin sa publiko.

Ba`t ganun... may dala namang kodigo?

Pati na si Lupita, napangisi nang husto.

Mga gagong ta{N}ga Malacanang, parang ipo-ipo

Mistulang hangin, takbo-rito~takbo roon.

Hanap ng selyo, hagis ng kutson

Maiayos lamang ang nais ni madam pundi.

Ayan, tuloy ang nangyari, gaya nung una, panahon ni garci

Nagbasa ng idiot board, ang nagbasa isa pang idiot!

Labas tuloy, walang kaluluwang nag~parrot~ ang lola n`yo.

ITO ba ang presidente kuno?

Ow may gas! Gas-gas na ang linya....

Gastado pa ang Bayan sa kawalang sinceridad na linya...

Boom-boom boom, cha-cha-cha!

Galing sa Youtube, pinost ni jovef2,
ang taytel: President* Arroyo Outburst.

* what she says she is...
or how her men address her. She isn't MY President.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

MILAGRO SA TSINA : na naman?


and, just like those Bagoong or the beloved Tuyo of some, the stink will set them all stories free for the world to smell....

IT turned out that glue that globe-trotting mama-mia of mikey da hus[h]ban-d witnessed the signing of the favorite Malacanang lackey Mike,[napu}Tol Defensor.

METHINKS this is just the tip of the iceberg. We'll know later what these people have been up to. Yung kay MikeDef lang ang sinabi sa madla....Lasa ko meron pang mas matinding kabulastugan diyan. Lalabas din yan...wait and see.


AND while glue, da peyk....travels again to China, the Moros are attacking Barrios and Sitios in Mindanao. I wonder, what is so important in attending the Opening of the Beijing Olympic Games that even if there were news that there were gunfighting in the second largest island. She even had the nerve to visit Shichuan and "commiserate" with the Chinese when all the innocent people caught in the crossfire aren't being attended to? She should be reminded of the misery in Bicol, or Capiz ...even in Metro-Manila. There are work to do here. There are crooks to catch, liars to check, dorobos to bring to court.

ANO meron sa China?
Nakakadala na kapag nagbiyahe si madam.More often than not, may "milagro" o himalang nangyayari na nabubuking naman pagkalipas ng panahon. Wala yatang kasiyahan sa buhay ang mga yan: sobrang suwapang.


ILAN ba ang bitbit na naman ni madam sa Tsina? Isang eroplano na naman? Mahiya naman kayo. Buwis ng Bayan, galing sa hirap at pagos, sa bawa't butil ng pawis na ibinuno namin ang ginagamit ninyo, mga switik na buwaya!

SAMANTALA, si Juan at si Aling Petra, kalam ang sikmura.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

EXASPERATION with gluesperon

The recent signing of an MOA with the Bangsamoro group by the alalays of glueria,da peyk has shocked the entire nation. It shows the true colors of glue and her cohorts in selling the country if they can, to attain their innermost gruesome motives.

I cannot fathom how we, as a people tolerate glueria and her misdeeds. A relative here says why we do nothing. I have explained with professors and teachers here the reason and they all agreed that we aren't doing enough. Sad to hear but true.

Treasonous as it is, why aren't our 'respectable' senators and representaTHIEVES do something? Naunahan na naman ni Lozano mag-file ng impeachment complaint? Naisip agad yun? Ibang klase talaga ang mga alalay ni glue.

The MOA was agreed upon behind the scene and no one in Mindanao suspected anything. Mukhang ito ang istayl ni glue. When was the last time she did it? Yun ba ang sa China para sa ZTE broadband deal? Iba na namang deal ito. Wala pa ngang kalutasan yun...eto na naman si glue. Pa-China!

SA China na naman si glue. Mag-a-attend daw ng opening program ng Olympics, samantalang yung problema sa Sulpicio at sa nalubog na endosulfan, ayun pa rin. Nakalarga na nga yata ang Sulpsicio...suspicious talaga! And the hundreds of evacuees , hanggang ngayon, walangf malinaw na kabuhayan. Taas pa rin ang presyo at ang VAT! BA-VAT-batin talaga ang bulsa ng Bayan, may maipanggastos lang ang mga walanghiyang kasama sa mga escapades na yan! Huy, mahiya kayo at TAX ng Bayan yan!

SAMANTALA, etong si glue, makikipag-"rub-elbows" na naman kay Bush-bush da bulol at syempre, picture-piktyur! Si Juan-de-laCruz ang gagastos sa pagmamaldita ni glueria.
Nakakainis na nakakasuyang nakakatawang nakakapanggigil ng gilagid.

The heat is on...not only the temperature which soared to 37 degrees C in some areas here....but the heat that glue and her ally esperon does with the future of our Motherland. Kawawa naman ang Pinas......HELP!

EXASPERATED here with gluesperon