Monday, October 17, 2005


We have cleared half of October yet the rain never stops....

There is a looming typhoon [#20] on the Pacific side and it has been unusually slow in its movement.That posed some problems since I have not touched my laundry since Saturday!Goodness Gracious!

The local weather bureau predicted continuous rains till the day after next. DOSHO?

All the other areas can have sunshine today except the KANTO area, which includes Tokyo, Kanagawa and our -KEN.


Latest news here vary but this one is capping all headlines:

Koizumi visited YASUKUNI TEMPLE yesterday,

to the despair and subsequent outrage of China and Korea.

Why, this is an INTERNAL AFFAIR of Japan!

Why show outrage to some internal affair, I really cannot fathom.


China and Korea have been both annexed by Pre-WW2 Japan.

There have been reports of abuse and carnage made by the Japanese Imperial Forces in Nanking and elsewhere.

With Japan's defeat, the Land of the Samurai have made apologies and paid reparation packages to the two countries, including the Philippines and other nations annexed/invaded by Japan.



>>how many times would these countries want Japan to pay reparations?

>>how many times must Japan apologize?


China and Korea want the Japanese to stop going to YASUKUNI Temple where Japanese war dead are buried.

Specifically, the two countries are pissed off by the Prime Minister's action of paying homage to the country's war dead.

It must be noted that the war dead included the remains of the leaders of the last war.


I AM FOREVER at sea and I do not know why...

That action is an internal affair!

I do not believe that China nor Korea, for that matter, should dictate to tthe people of Japan what to do and what not to do.

The Japanese do not dictate other countries what to do with their internal affairs, do they?

Neither do the Japanese ask something in return for any AID, OR HELP they give.

Unlike the US which almost always have hidden agendas behind their "help",

the Japanese have never manifested that in any way...any time.



we may have committed sins against others and in time accepted we made mistakes,

thus make amends for our sins and promised never to make the same mistake again.

But some people we crossed in the past would be relentless and continue to harass us and extract monies from us,everytime...or else.... litter our backyard with threats and missiles aimed towards our shores.

Despite the fact that we have declared to all and sundry that we have bowed in shame and made amends by way of huge packages of reparation programs and aids, harassment to compatriots living and doing business in their shores continue to be treated as lepers of old. Their shops have been ransacked, burned,broken into and more...

The oil drilling along the territorial lines have been drilled by China with its pipes intruding diagonally towards the Japanese territory.



On another front, I am glad Pinoys are not as vindictive as other nations.


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