Friday, October 14, 2005


OFTENTIMES, we hear people sing praises to people who have done extraordinary feat:

artists, beauty pageant winners,thespians, or even kid geniuses...

SUCCESS seems difficult to find for most of us.

Others have the 'knack' for turning anything into gold.

Others bask in the glory of achievement while others wallow in the pool of unending woes.


Hence, I am sharing some WORDS TO LIVE BY......

It works for me...I sincerely hope in my heart it'll work for you, too!


*****1. NEVER AGAIN WILL I PITY OR BELITTLE MYSELF.====Oftentimes we indulge in self-pity. This isn't good.Believe in yourself!

2. NEVER AGAIN WILL I GREET THE DAWN WITHOUT A MAP.====Plan ahead, ika nga. Ang taong walang plano,mahirap makausod sa buhay. Remember the 5 P's:Proper Planning Prevent Poor Performance.

3. ALWAYS WILL I BATHE MY DAYS IN THE GOLDEN GLOW OF ENTHUSIASM.====Yes, there will be days when we feel down and out and can't decipher what's eating us out.Pero kailangang labanan ang ganoong isipan. What we exude is like a magnet.Kapag pulos simangot, meron kayang ngingiti sa atin?

4.NEVER AGAIN WILL I BE DISGREEABLE TO A LIVING SOUL.====So far, ito ang mahirap gawin. Even I find myself with uncontrollable passionkapag yung kausap mo, eh nagpipilit mang-inis ba.But I try to control my temper. Iisipin ko na lang, gunggong yung kausap ko, and any amount of reason would be usueless sa mga walang isip. Iwas na lang....

5. ALWAYS WILL I SEEK THE SEED OF TRIUMPH IN EVERY ADVERSITY.====I used to cry and hate all those who crossed my lines. Eventually, I learned that we live in a world with different people and as such, different characters. Let us learn to acceptthings we cannot change. And if ever we encounter failures, make that as our springboard to learnso that next time, we won't make the same mistake.

6. NEVER AGAIN WILL I PERFORM ANY TASK AT LESS THAN MY BEST.====Sabi nga, always put your best foot forward.There will be lapses, I know, but the point is, Try to do it the best you can.

7. ALWAYS WILL I THROW MY WHOLE SELF INTO THE TASK AT HAND.====I guess this is the same as the previous one.But this one needs concentration.Remember, pangalan natin ang nakasalalaysa bawa't gagawin natin.

8. NEVER AGAIN WILL I WAIT AND HOPE FOR OPPORTUNITY TO EMBRACE ME.====Sabi nila, tamad daw ang Pinoy. Like the Pinoy ican, Juan Tamad, we wait and wait unti opportunity comes our way.I did. I never wanted change then;not anymore!I believe, if we want to be successful, we must be aggressive. Sabi nga sa kanta:"MAGSIMULA KA...." Let us be involved in any good undertaking. Start at your own backyard,then go to your community, then GET INVOLVED IN NATION BUILDING. Waiting for manna from heaven to come is a defeatist motto, and we are not LOSERs!

9. ALWAYS WILL I EXAMINE EACH NIGHTMY DEEDS OF THE FADING DAY.====Self-examination leads to fruitful and more productive endeavours the next day, and the next... Let us learn from past mistakesand make amends for anything we did.Kung baga, may assessment,db?Ganun din nmn sa business [o sa trabaho]may performance rating, right?

10. ALWAYS WILL I MAKE CONTACT THROUGH PRAYER WITH MY CREATOR.====PRAY! Pray to whoever you believe is the Great Being.Iba-iba ang tawag natin sa Maykapal, pero pareho rin yun. Let us give thanks first before asking for anything.Ang hirap sa atin, hingi na lang nang hingi,ayaw magpasalamat. Show GRATITUDE to our Creator by doing good deeds too.




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