Wednesday, October 05, 2005


ONE OF MY STUDENTS,a senior High lass

wanted to come with me [that is, if she can escape the hectic winter SHUKUDAI..]

when I go back home for the Holidays.

As I was wonderin where I'd take her,

I decided to browse the net for some tips.


I WAS SURFING for some travel tips when I stumbled upon this intro

in one or somethin...

>>>>"Introduction: The 7000-odd islands that comprise the Philippines

are the forgotten islands of southeast Asia.

Off the main overland route and with a recent history of martial law and endemic corruption,

the country has struggled to attract tourists in the numbers many of its southeast Asian neighbours have."<<<<


Grrr... at grr... pa!

Nakaka-turn off ako kaya tinigilan ko na ang paghahanap ng magagandang lugar.



So this is HOW these travel organizations abroad "SELL" our country!

No wonder less tourists come to visit the Philippines despite the 'effort' exerted by the DoT [as if there is any!].


ON SECOND THOUGHT, ...I can't help but think...maybe....just maybe...

they may be right.

Ours have the reputation of being KORAP

and THE SUPPOSED "PUBLIC SERVANTS" are robbing the country's coffers left and right.

To add salt to the wound, these people who robs us go unpunished.

Classic examples are the marcoses and ERR-ap.


Today, the pidal family continue to pillage the economy

and they stay in power via transactional politics.


I wonder when we'll ever achieve BETTER GOVERNANCE


Most good men in government have bade their goodbyes.

A good number of those left have the reputation that stinks to Hades.


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