Sunday, October 16, 2005


LAST NIGHT, around 6:30...I walked to KAKETSUKA area,

some 500 meters away from my place.


As I approached the Temple, I saw the Blessing Ceremony being performed by

SHINTO OBO-SAN [SHINTO MONKS] at the main hall.

It was open for all and from where I stood, I saw the last rites.

The monk took a branch with green leaves and swung it

over the head of this year's over-all leader.

The leader then went to the center altar and bowed.

As if on cue, the rest of the congregation, also bowed.


It's as if they all acted on cue!

But don't get it is part and parcel of ceremonies here.

[ Same is true when greeting visitors who pay respects to the departed. ]

All bowed and lowered their heads.

Then they clapped twice and bowed again.

I did, too. I also prayed for personal intentions.


AFTER that, the parade started.

Policemen in white jackets [for better visibility] and luminous vests stood at focal points

to direct traffic flow and stop other vehicles from entering the parade routes.

THE RAIN hampered the entire proceedings.

There were few people last night than the year before, they say...

.AS the rain continued to pour....I decided to call it quits.

I then bought WATAGASHI [COTTON CANDY] and walked home.

Besides, I was soaking wet already!

AS I walked home, I couldn't help but savor the sweet WATAGASHI

[which is supposed to be a NO-NO since I am in my southbeach diet: day 4! grr..].

Oh well....

I believe walking was good for me, but with a sweet tooth?



WAS it the walk that energized my being or is it the sugar in the cotton candy that made me stay awake a little longer?I can't tell...but I was able to finish writing a good enough piece for my other blog last night...tee-hee....








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