Sunday, July 29, 2007


I have been tagged by schumey!

I have known this game (sort of,) since way, way back, even before
I started blogging.

It was THE SEVEN THINGS (August 07,2005*
and I am now thinking if I'd post that and tag some new bloggers whom I did not meet then......just for fun!).

Actually, I posted that in one of the fora where I've visited....
but later thought: why not post it here....And so I did!
I was jubilant becoz one of the best answers here came from....wouldyabelieve?...
Manolo or the famous MLQ3
to avid readers.....
Yes....DA ONE!

I never imagined a well-respected Journalist of his stature would answer a fantasy by a simple and humble blogger as that of yours truly. I was surprised and grateful for the time he spent to post such long answers....
and the chance to 'know' a little about MLQ3.

Anyway, so much for that. Let's go to the


[*] In the 8 facts about [name], you share 8 things that your readers don’t know about you. At the end, you tag 8 other bloggers to keep the fun going. Each blogger must post these rules first.
[*] Each blogger starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
{*] At the end of the post, a blogger needs to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.
[*] Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

But just the same here are 8 nonsense facts about yours truly:

1. I love to eat! Maybe you see me post something about food, drinks [non-alcohol for me!] and fruits and all that! Well, I really love 'em guys and I indulge myself sometimes. But mostly, I cook them myself. Nowadays, I prefer my cooking than eating outside ....except of course, if I am dining out to a "real" resto, then anyone can force me to.....Oh-la-lah!

2. I love to travel. I have seen around 80% of this country I live in (except Hokkaido and the islands down south)....and a good 80% of Inang Bayan as well!
Japan is beautiful, no one can deny that! But to say the Philippines isn't is far from right. Inang Bayan is astounding and different! And I'd always choose Inang Bayan to spend my sunset years, no doubt about that!

3. I am a fast reader. I love books and I can finish a book by one sitting! Unfortunately here, I don't have much collections since ordering English bestsellers heretakes enormous time...and hassle! And I don't use my CCs in the iNet!

4. I water so many times a day! I can finish more than 2 liters a day....that is, aside from the fruit juices and some couple of cups of coffee I have from time to time!

5. I adore the Japanese Sweet Corn! The very reason I posted an entry about it here some years back....and retained the memory by posting the picture on the side bar.
I can eat as much as five ears a day...while surfing the net, that is! I have to get up early and drive the long roads that lead to that tiny village by the hills. In these parts, that is where you get the best among the best! It is not only juicy, but the sweetest one I have ever gobbled! Nothing beats that!

6. I love to tinker in the garden: be they in MManila or in this place I now call my temporary home! I usually do my thing early morning or late afternoons, when the mighty sun is still far away. The only time I don't do gardening is when I am away from both....I posted some flowers/trees here....

7. I am scared of heights! I don't know...but whenever I go traipsing in the woods in my Father's hometown here, I can't seem to cross over those hanging bridge. I can't even go onboard those ferris wheels in Fiestas in Manila. As long as it is enclosed, like airplanes and helis...I think it's OK, but those rollercoaster rides? No, Thank You!

8. I am a Cry-Baby, dude! I easily cry over simple matters. I cry when someone is hurt, or die, or treated unfairly! I cry when the drama thickens in a TV series, or a tear-jerker of a movie! I cry when a song hits me right through its lyrics and chords.... and I cry everytime I see people's right being trampled upon in a situation where tyrants reign! I also cry....whenever I see Nature at its best: the vibrant colors of Autumn....or the Snow-capped Mountains in our midst....or the Cool Blue Waters of the verdant seas!

AND NOW I tag 8 others....(I wish I can come up with 8 dears....) for this TAG-GAME to prosper.... and I tag the following:

1. Soleil -
2. Alitaptap -
3. Yuko -
4. Ellen Tordesillas- Life Worth Living
5. Ely- da Playboy!
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7. Reyssie-
8. Chinita


ALL ROADS led to the Temple for the Summer Community Service In Our Area this morning......

Protected by hats, and with scythes and towels in hand, community folks, mostly homeowners [why they never include apartment dwellers is beyond me! Unfair, di ba? ] in the area troop to the place picked by Community Leaders. The sun was hot, but no one seemed to mind.

The day was good and sunny.....with temperatures soaring. The morning call was for 8 a.m. but almost all were there early. Some came in bicycles, but most of heattendees< including this humble member, walked our way to the Temple. I had to walk be able to take pictures unnoticed using my celfone. He-heh!

AT THE ONSET, the over-all Chairman gave a small talk... while others listened. Here, assignment areas were announced and sub-leaders were enjoined to keep attendance. Non-attendance would elicit fines of as much as 1,500- 3,000 Yen per household, at most. Not that it hurts, coz it isn't that expensive. The thing can see a community in action here....and enjoy the activity!

Young and old alike, men and women all joined hands for a worthy cause. Soon, we all went where we were assigned. The grass has grown and the place has to be cleared of its weeds. Note the weeds.... and the trees needed sprucing up.

AND the task on hand began.....AT first, it was only a faint of whispers.....then it grew into that buzzing-like talks between acquaintances who haven't seen each other for so long...... Laughter and smiles can be heard all over!

Exchanging news about friends and families. just like the cicadas who make beautiful noise....the laughter and the smiles were all there, and not one minded the heat from the scorching sun.....Hands and lips seem to synchronize.....

SOON the ground was clear.....
and the menfolk helped load the weeds to a truck waiting at bay.....
WHILE some find time to smoke, maybe, or just plain talk!

THE TEMPLE's warehouse was also opened for cleaning....and checking.
Gadgets and all other paraphernalia used by the community is stored in these two sheds....and used by all in public functions, like the annual MATSURI [FESTIVAL] or the annual BBQ PARTY inside the TEMPLE AREA.

AND SO is done....
and we all went back home, tired, but happy ...........
in thinking that at least today, we found ourselves useful....

AND THE same thing will be repeated next month....and the month after next!

depending on the need of the moment.

ALL activities are geared towards October,
where the Festival To Thank The Gods
For A Bountiful Harvest usually takes place.

Before we left the area, our Group Leader was handed a basketful of drinks, all canned: Tea... Coffee, Colas, all kinds! I picked this up. WHY? I find it funny! Japanized English, that is! Cheers!

*I took pains to take pictures again today.....
to show how a Community can work together for a common cause.
Unlike in our BARANGAY system, na pahirapan pa nag pagtawag sa mga miyembro,
dito, hindi. How I wish may gumaganang komunidad din sa Inang Bayan.
Hindi yung maid ang ipadadala kapag nagpatawag ng meeting ang lokal na asosasyon.*

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Four Years After Oakwood

This midget must really be dreaming!
After her SONA which was purely fantasia-land speculations....
(I luv Neal Cruz' column today! =GMAland vs.the real Philippines)
here's the latest news in this part of the World: gloria's Enchanted Kingdom!

RP asks Myanmar to release Suu Kyi by ASEAN anniversary.....
The Philippines appealed Thursday for Myanmar to release pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi by November, when the Association of Southeast Asian Nations marks its founding anniversary.

Yet they haven't cleaned their backyard yet with the killings, the lying
and the cheating including the numerous disapppeared, prominent of which were the two UP students who were taken along with a farmer in Bulacan, and consider Jonas Burgos who was abducted and dragged in April. No news yet, no body found as of this moment.....

Release all political prisoners, then! Those who dare oppose arroyo and her men!
Release Trillanes and let him do his work at the Senate! Release Erap, who is the rightful President of the Republic, having been truly elected by the people until "something happened" in 2001.

Release them ASAP...before ye dare say that and make pleasant copy to international press. Pa-Pogi points? The world already knows!

And, speaking of Jonas Burgos' case....was it coincidence that the CA court Bluiding got burned and those 'important records' burned? Sniff-sniff....something fishy?

I am thinking...there are a lot of things happening in Inang Bayan that can compete with Ripley's Believe -It-Or-Not trivia. Look, Bedol collected the CoCs...then he claimed it got lost! Then there's joc-joc who went a-missing with all the funds used up! Same thing with garci. These people never run out of jokes, man!

And, lest we forget.....
In the predawn hours of July 27, 2003, more than 300 military officers and men seized the Oakwood apartment-hotel in Makati City, protesting corruption in government and demanding the resignation of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. The mutiny failed and the mutineers landed behind bars. Most of them have pleaded guilty to a lesser offense or entered into a plea bargain. But several dozen have opted to go on trial, believing in the justness of their cause.

Four years hence, the Magdalo spokesman, Antonio Trillanes IV... is now a member of the Senate, having been elected by more than 11 million voters from all over.

Yet the fight is far from over. Most of those detained gave way, simply because that is the game gloria wants to play! She simply wanted to coerce these people to cave in and thus, achieve the last hurrah: 'O! Kita nyo na!? Eh di sumuko rin kayo!'....complete with that sneer that only glue can muster!

People cannot blame these men for doing Oakwood. They believed in something and thus, made some move towards change.....while most of us looked, and did nothing.

Even as we speak, AT4 is still in jail, although his colleagues in the Senate has made appeal for the court to allow him to attend sessions in the Chamber.

Meanwhile, all the 'core officers' as the military people describe them, still awaits the long arm of justice to do its will....and their lives are wasted....with no work, no salary, no nothing.

....And as far as AT4 is concerned, he awaits the decision of the court if he be allowed to do his new job as Senator of the Republic.

Let's just hope justice don't fail them as they find their way through gloria's enchanted kingdom.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

House of Comedy

The House opened to vote their Speaker early Monday and
most first-termers stared in awe.....
not because the spectacle was something worth emulating....

The first-termers sat uneasily in their seats and stared
as shouts of older lawmakers demanding to be recognized by the
presiding officer, whose legitimacy they were questioning.
This was compounded by cheers and jeers from a partisan gallery.

Some writers say it's democracy at work,
but for most neophyte members of the House,
the shouting and the bickering leans more on the
palengke side of the House of Crocodiles.

Passions were at a high pitch as the debates that started at 10 a.m.
showed no sign of a clear result at past 2 p.m. They rose even higher
because of apprehensions of not having a House leader by the time
gloria arroyo was to deliver her supposed State of the Nation Address at 4 p.m.

As soon as House Secretary General Roberto Nazareno
ascended the rostrum, members of the opposition and
of the Garcia camp rose and filled the plenary with shouts of
"Mr. Presiding Officer! Mr. Presiding Officer!"
----precisely to question his serving as such.

Nazareno, you see, is known to be close to De Venecia
and the opposition and the Garcia camp, had wanted someone else
to preside over the amendment of the House rules to pave the way
for a secret vote for the new Speaker.

But the majority that favored De Venecia voted down the motions of
Garcia's supporters to do away with Nazareno. But of course! These
sanabagans have the numbers!

BTW, why secret balloting in a Chamber voted by the people?
Isn't is secret balloting is only applied to the people's direct choice?
When assembled inside the Chamber, isn't it logical and legal to use
viva-voce instead? What happened? They og top their usual way, don't they?

Parang kanila na ang Bansang ito! Sanabawitz!

Then there is the speech delivered by gloria.
With her shhhhz and schsss...and all those shhhhitsssss!
What happened? Did gloria had one cognac too many?
Or is her lisping a natural phenomena?
I guess those two front teeth protruding doing their work again, ei!?

Now that's supposed to be a joint House Convention of sorts....not a circus, guys! Unfortunately, for this Country,...
................and for so many years now,
the Circus has again began! Whoooooahh!

The House of Crocodiles are fighting each other for the blood of their countrymen!

And at the helm is a swasshhhh---shiiizzzh-mussshhy drunk
who quivers and shouts
as she throws her tantrums before a gallery of her kind!


Tuesday, July 24, 2007

SANA.....hindi SONA!

SANA....hindi SONA!

Yan ang sinasabi ng Kababayang naaapi na' nagugutom pa!
Samantalang si gloria suot ay pula, ang taba'y kitang-kita;
Si Juan-de-la-Cruz nama'y tuyot at tiyan ay kumakalam
Sikmura'y nagtatambling dahil ito'y walang laman!

SANA....hindi SONA!

Dahil pare-pareho naman ang binabandera
ng sinungaling sa may Pasig! Mata'y nanlilisik
Baka maagawan ng puwestong ninakaw...
Kay erap na kinasuhan kahit na ito'y gawa-gawa lamang.

SANA....hindi SONA!

Sangkaterbang pera, ginastos na naman
Sa walang kakuwenta-kuwentang speech na pulos banta lamang;
Sankatutak ang escort, bantay sa kanya lamang...
Kung bakit takot, pakitanong kay Mang Teban.

SANA....hindi SONA!

Puro palpak din naman, trabaho marami raw...
Bakit kung ganun, sa libu-libong nag-aplayan,
Ni isa walang nakuha, wala na ring pamasahe
pagka't ito'y nagtaasan!

SANA...hindi SONA!

Hindi na kailangan sinungaling sa Bayan
Nais nami'y matino't mapagkakatiwalaan;
Hindi sinungaling, salita'y walang katotohanan,
Pagkatao man, tiyak: hindi pagdududahan.

SANA....hindi SONA!

SANA mabuking ka na!
Mahuli at maparusahan...
Malaman ng Bayan ang tunay mong kulay,
Matigil na ang iyong kagagawan!

Sana nga....

Pero sa totoo lang,

gutom pa rin ang karamihan sa mga Pinoy!

Sana nga, puwedeng kainin ang SONA na parang biskwit,

nang maibsan kahit sumandali ang kalam ng sikmura

at uhaw sa katarungan ng Taumbayan.

Sana nga.....



*Nakuha ng Karikatura na galing sa
Daily Tribune Editorial Cartoon 07-24-2007
ang tunay na pananaw ng Bayan,
kasama na po ang sa inyong lingkod!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Summer Heat and All Those Sweat!

Officially, it' summer in the Land of the Rising Sun, and,
amidst the rains, and typhoons that come visiting
during these months,the summer heat are known to be unbearable.

Summer months here are notoriously hot and mushy,
which can lead to a range of health problems.
Summer fatigue leaves people feeling tired, lethargic and/or
sleep-deprived. Many people lose their appetite and
become irritated, while others suffer
digestive problems such as diarrhea, constipation
and/or giddiness...not to mention the onslaught of
those that attack the feet: those watery-thingy-yucky ones!

Summer fatigue refers to a condition brought on by prolonged
exposure to the sweltering summer heat, but these days summer fatigue
starts early even in late June for some people, because of
sudden changes in the weather and freezer-like air conditioning
in trains, buses and buildings.

A lot of people can tolerate the change of temperature
between 5 degrees C. at a time, but during summer, the difference
could jack up to as high as 12-15 degrees at most!
And these conditions should not be taken lightly,
according to doctors.If left unattended, it can
lead to dehydration, cramps and heat stroke.

And what do we do to avoid such conditions?

*-Wear light Clothes.They have this crepe-shirts that
goes easy on the skin. Light on the washer, too!
*Bring a cardigan, in case you feel
cold inside air-conditioned rooms.
*Turn coolers down. Saves the earth, as well!
Study says that coolers are the culprits, sometimes!
*Get enough sleep. If you can't, then turn on the cooler for a while. Using the cooler throughout is one cause of summer fatigue, too.
*Exercise regularly.People who can sweat effectively are less likely
to suffer from fatigue because their bodies are better conditioned
to accommodate temperature changes. Regular exercise can prepare
people for that. It also helps them build stamina to survive the summer.
*Eat three meals a day. Summer vegetables like eggplants, tomato and cucumbers (God is really great! He timed these veggies & fruits
for summer!
)contain antioxidants that help protect against
ultraviolet light. Local summer fruits such as watermelon and pears
are rich in the minerals that are lost due to perspiration.
Summer tangerine rich in potassium and magnesium, is also good
because its citric acid helps people recover from exhaustion.
The key, however, is not to gorge on any particular food item
but to -eat a little bit of all of them-.


Better still, try those cold soup...similar to those served in French Dinners
during the summer season. Don't forget to cool them first before serving.

Take Care now......

and don't get yourself under the sweltering sun!

Use a parasol,...or those sombreros.... for your own sake!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Human Goldfish :

Swimmers perform like gold fish in a large fish tank
during a preview of the Muscle Musical at a Tokyo theater.

I like fish tanks, or aquariums.
They give balance to things on this earth.
Be it the home or in the workplace......
I love to look at the fish swim here and there.

The graceful movements of tamed sea creatures and divers of the
human kind always convey that peace and serenity in my book.
Gazing at the aquarium always bring me that calming effect quite
similar to the calm one experiences when snorkelling or scuba diving
under the great blue sea.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Amidst the heavy downpour, I had to go to Tokyo last week.

Of course, I can't ignore Tokyo Tower calling from high above.

So I went up there for the nth time and savoured Tokyo from up
333 meters high. Looking down from 150 meters, this was what I saw:

The Tokyo skyline was really hazy,
with Typhoon No.4 looming beyond the horizon.....

From the Yotsuyasanchome Station (where I stayed),
I took the Metro Tokyo Subway System around as much places
as my feet and energy can muster....

Tired and weary, but very happy (with numerous shopping bags in tow), I decided to go back home....and wait for the

Hikari Super Express Shinkansen back to Shizuoka!

<<<<<<-----While Aboard the Shinkansen Super Hikari Express


Where I was met with more rains...and the taxis are nowhere,
perhaps busy transporting passengers here and there.
So I waited for my 'sundo' which came late!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

BRACE YOURSELF: the storm is coming!

The dark sky said it all. The rains kept pouring
and Typhoon Number 4 made landfall in the southernmost part
of this country. But back in Inang Bayan, the gloom was
characteristically the same. And the tainted
COMELEC proclaimed another Miguel: Zubiri, that is.

Bittersweet victory? Or is it just bitter?....and never sweet?
Either way, the people knew that the young Pimentel was winning,
until they counted Maguindanao's ballots.

He eventually overtook the number counts and, guess what?
We expected that! What this people would do just to gain power, ei?
Just like the old hag. Like his master before him, they both used
their connections only this time, it's not "Hello garci!"
but "Hello, bedol!"

And today, people who go against the tide and say anything against her majesty from her enchanted kingdom, will be branded a communist! Sounds like the 50s USA,or even Kremlin, and the Gulag!

So much tampering, so many violations, so many killings and the disappeared, so many lies! This is the legacy this fake administration will definitely leave the country plundered doubly, no...many times over since Estrada was booted out from his legitimate seat by the Pasig.

The sky is hazy.

The rainclouds amass overhead.

The future is bleak.

Brace yourselves, guys....for

The storm is coming!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Remember The Wolves!

The GO as a group may retire for a while, but the goals it aimed to accomplish has been made
---says Mr. Tamayo, GO spokesman.

Did it? Look what is happening now!

These sanabagans have not been sworn yet,
but look at them gyrating to the pied piper who dangles her sweets!

I voted for Villar; But look where he is now:
he sings a different tune and dances with the wolves we hoped so well to stop.
I feel I was duped.

I believed in Cayetano, but am now thinking if my votes were really 'sayang'....

Escudero was farthest from my mind, but becoz he was with GO,
I thought, 'Why not?'

All these for naught!

Never again!

I have heard these words said over and over again in the past. But we often do not recognize that the words have become hollowed and that we ourselves allow these people 'to sit at our table' and feed on our blood (taxes)! We must remember!

As the electorate has been awakened, thanks to that stinking mole by the Pasig, I am sure we shall overcome all these hulabaloo soon. The people will remember what they say and do, and the sooner they shed their true colors, the better for us to think. Not all who come in sheep's clothing are gentle lambs; most of the time, they are wolves who long to go to their pack again, and again, and again! That, we must remember!

Lest we forget, it is time to remind one and all that there are a lot of lowlifes who would do anyything to gain power. They belong to the same power-grabber who can never satiate their lust to stay in power. And we know the reason why. Most have set their sights on 2010....and that, is exactly WHY we must remember!

Remember the wolves in our midst!

They are bound to eat us with their sweet howls.

Friday, July 06, 2007

GMA to Team: Do or die!

Today's headline says:

"GMA to economic team: Meet targets or lose jobs"

She should have added:
"......while me and my men go out and traipse, gallivant,
and squander the loot!"

The nerve!

Gloria's men includes the greedy crocs who inhabit
the House of Crocodiles
who feed on the blood of their countrymen
and care for nothing at all except themselves.

Same is true with those who work for her so
she can stay in office illegaly, that is.
gloria's men must do it or they die.
When gloria goes, they all go with her hell!

All these they do, despite the desperation in the hearts of the
ordinary Filipino Common Tao who have to survive a day by eating twice
or is it once (?) a day, or if luck strikes, three times.

One question that lingers in the people's mind, though:
Does gloria truly believes she has the right to squander all these?

The country is being run by duplicates of all kinds.
Duplicates who can turn colors as easy as changing one's inner wear!
You sanabawitz! I hope to God your balloons blow up.


In almost everything we say and do, there is always looking after. Not checking things out would spell disaster in more ways than one. This is best observed in the smallest unit of society: the Family.

A couple look after each other. Soon, when the stork arrives, the parents look after their children. This goes on until the children themselves grow old and make their own families. It doesn't stop there. It can go on till the children's hair turn grey.

Looking after the eldest was quite a job. Parents must set the rules straight and solid, so the next kid would just follow the `leader.' Then the rest would be smooth-sailing. But of course, parents need to follow up, lest the rules break somewhere along the way.

I remember my Mother used to say:
"My son is my son, until he gets himself a wife. But my daughter's my daughter until the rest of her life."

I used to think: maybe she is just patronising me. You know, those kind of words Mothers say to their daughters so the daughters would likely care for their Moms in their old age. Little did I know that the care and Love a Mother gives to her children, be they sons or daughters goes on until after the parents say goodbye.
On second thought, my Mother must have been a little jealous when my brothers got married and established their own nest. Perhaps she longed for the usual hugs and kisses my brothers used to do. Oh well....

But then I stayed with my parents until the last bachelor eloped. It was then that she said those lines to me. The very same time I decided I wouldn't leave her. It turned out that she did, earlier than expected.

Nothing can compare to what our parents must have done to bring us up in this world.
I can just imagine how parents spend sleepless nights mulling on ways and means to relate, or that IN-word commonly used these days= "bond" with their children.

God must have had His purpose why He took my parents away that early....but this much I know: God in His wisdom gave me my parents and I couldn't ask for more. I learned to know my parents and with that short period, I learned to know and love them. Nothing ever compare with the Love they gave us.

Tinkering on the PC keys, look what came out!

Father And Mother I Love You


Wednesday, July 04, 2007

The Three Stooges

The recent scenario is disturbing. And I feel betrayed.

The midterm elections' results proved to be a resounding slap to the face of gloria and her men. The people chose most GO candidates as against the well-oiled machinery of gloria's TUTA. The people have spoken: we are sick and tired of this illegitimate people who run the government! And we tried to find guys who will stand for principle.

Some of the GO winners were men I believed in: Alan Peter and Trillanes IV. Despite all odds, Alan Peter Cayetano was elected Senator. Trillanes also ran, and having been accused by the courts due to his involvement in Oakwood, he was not allowed to campaign himself. Yet, still, these two won the hearts of the people who wanted change. But the difference stops there. Trillanes is proving himself to be a man of conviction: he is living up to his words, unlike Alan Peter. And I thought Alan was really great, hence I pushed for him.

The same can be said of Escudero and a kapitbahay: Manuel Villar. I must admit I was really apprehensive of Escudero. He was the son of a marcos crony and thus, never wanted to include him in our list. However, like most Pinoys who wanted change against gloria's moves, I gave in and voted for him. Manny Villar is different. I believed in him since way, way back. He is unbelievable as business acumen is concerned. He has built an empire in Las Pinas and thereabouts. Being a 'southerner' for quite sometime, I simply chose him. Period.

Today, we hear some unholy alliance being concocted behind dark alleys of political corridors. This speaks of dark intents and dark secrets. And I find myself waiting for clear words from those concerned to deny all these, but alas, there are none.

All these for the position now at stake in the Senate.

Villar is running again for the Senate Presidency. So with the veteran Aquilino 'Nene' Pemintel, Jr. Thus, the problem begins.

It seems that there were Opposition winners who never were hiding behind sheep's clothing. The dark goats were there, all along! This brings to the open the names Cayetano, Escudero and Villar, himself to the fore. These three have formed an agreement to join forces with the administration senators to put Villar as President of the incoming Senate. It appears that Villar promised juicy committees to people who will support him. Of course, we are talking of the committees in the upper chamber and they mean budgets counting in millions: money, moolah, dinero ad infinitum, not to mention the power these positions wield as far as investigation, confirmation and other "assistance" they could muster.

Ambition is good, but when ambition gets tainted with personal interests, then it begins to corrupt everyone. Villar never denied his ambition to run in 2010. The same is true for Escudero, whose name has been whispered as gunning for the VP slate. Of course, all senators are qualified to do so, as well, but most have been discreet. Villar's name have been floated since before he ran in the last elections.

Using the Senate Presidency to gain more mileage is a must, I know....BUT to jump ship and form an alliance with arroyo IS THE wrong move. This news made me realize Villar was a mistake! The same is true with Escudero and my, oh my! >...Cayetano! These three stooges suck!

Sayang kayo! You've just branded yourselves traitors, and sit with the old hags of the Senate: brenda, inkorporeyted.

A great number of us may just be observing, but we shall remember what you do and say. The Filipino electorate may no longer be fooled. No, not this time.


Monday, July 02, 2007


Japan's Defense Minister Fumio Kyuma has offered to resign to take responsibility for his controversial remarks about US atomic bombings of Japan in 1945.

On Tuesday afternoon, Mr Kyuma expressed his intention to resign to Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, and Mr Abe accepted this.

Mr Kyuma triggered criticism for saying on Saturday that it is his understanding that the atomic bombing of Nagasaki brought the war to an end, and it was something that could not be helped.

It's worlds apart from what is happening in glue's "Enchanted Kingdom!"
His men have oftentimes blundered and erred.....including the master cheat herself, but nowhere can we find resignations or giving up borrowed powers, regardless if the entire populace raise their howls.

Hay naku!