Thursday, October 06, 2005


...................EAT SINIGANG!


after several days of gloomy weather,the sun crept out from behind the clouds....

It's a welcome treat, even for half-a-day only,

if we are to go by the weather prediction [which is, btw, almost always perfect].

After all those laundry needs to be done and the rooms need some air.

I always go for airy clean rooms.


HOT SOUPS on cold days [or nights] always make each meal a great feast for me.

Last night, feeling cold and alone,I made some SINIGANG.

I still have that Mix I brought from homelast time.

Some pork, veggies [radish,tomatoes, leeks] and hot new rice made my dinner superb.

There are lots of left-overs,so my lunch wouldn't pose much problem,would it?

As usual, I gave a bowlful to the nearest Oba-San, to which she wasgrateful...I hope!

She always liked that 'EZU-NIK' [translation:ETHNIC] concoction

since she liked the SUPPAI [MAASIM] AJI [TASTE].

I remembered that and her many YASASHI [KIND] gestures to me in the past, so there.


Here, the people live like the Barangays of old.

People in the community share some of the harvest and in return,

recieve those from others as well.

I guess this works [still] in the small towns and cities. Perhaps, it does in big cities and the Metropolisamong old friends and neighbors.

With the proliferation of "MANSIONS" [ that is the Japanese version of CONDOs],

and apartment-housing, most modern-day Japanese no longer know the art of socializing.

Same is true, I guess with most Pinoys, huh?


TODAY, I'll be a bit busy.That is, I need to go to the Bank for some transactions.

Jiji can't do it since he's been busy in his business

and no one except I can negotiate [yabang, ano?] his Bank account transfers, ad infinitum.


GOT TO GO and check where that fire trucks are going...

The sirens have become louder....

must be near here....



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