Saturday, October 22, 2005




....believe me!

I have always tried to control tempers since my youth.

You see, when I can't all hell let loose and I end up saying things I regret later. And how....

Sundays always find me going out for lunch, or shopping for some eats at the grocery.

Often I start the day at home, preparing some breakfast for my Lolo who loves to poke fun [that is how he sees it; I don't!] at all things.

I know, I know...he is old enough so let it be. He won't change...not at this time, anyway.

But sometimes, he gets to my nerve!

He starts his day off with O-SAKE [LIQUOR]. Anything will do: whiskey, local rice wine, beer, shochu [gin-like concoction...just anything!

A Chinoy business friend once came by. We showed him around the area and ate out. He was amazed at how Lolo drank. "Talo ako," he commented. "Buti, hindi pa nasusunog ang atay ng Lolo mo." This friend used to describe his drinking spree with Tony and the rest of his barkadas as "case-to-case" basis, meaning they finish up cases [take note, plural po iyan!>..<] of SanMig in Inang Bayan.

He is nice to talk to when he is "normal">>>>meaning when he isn't drinking. He jokes around, and popular among his colleagues. He talks good business and plays a fairly good game of golf. He can be charming with his friends and business associates.

But when he starts the bottle, the torment starts. He'd start using foul language and shout. Well, maybe this is due to the fact that his left eardrum has been busted, which, eventually makes him talk on top of his voice.

I take leave when this starts, lest I start hearing curses and badmouthing, things I don't wanna indulge in. Either I go out of the house and stay in my area ...0r....I go out and drive to some window-shopping spree, et cetera...

I do this after I have prepared his meals, and OTSUMAMI [PULUTAN]. I always prepare his meals since he refuse to eat O-BENTO [PACKED LUNCH] sold by convenience stores or delivered by O-BENTO delivery companies. He needs to cut on his cholesterol level.

He used to get sick some years ago. This was due to the fact that he was living alone and thus, has to eat out always. His meals weren't "controlled" thus make him eat whatever he can lay his hands on at convenience stores.

Nowadays he has regained some semblance of health, except, of course for his drinking.

This is my ordeal...every time he is around.

It's a good thing he doesn't come home every day. If he did, then that wouldn't be as bearable as the existing one.

He was adVised by his doctor so many times in the past... to cut on the O-SAKE [LIQUOR] drinks. He even vowed he'd stop. Alas! a year hence, he is still into it and no sign whatsoever he'd stop.

But what can I do? Nakakawa namang iwanan. Walang mag-aalaga sa kanya. His 'other' relatives refuse to even talk to him. Makulit nga kasi....



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