Thursday, October 13, 2005


YESTERDAY, I went to my usual rounds then bought some fruits and mineral water at IY.

Before that I tried to weed some grass that borders that place which faces my room.

Some have gone berserk and invaded the plots.

I was so engrossed with my garden that I didn't notice the time.

Time do fly when you love what you are doing....Indeed!

And so I was off to my adult class.I have to be there in twenty minutes!



It was when I came back home that I noticed I was wearing an old pair of socks!

Eh may butas yun!

I did not notice I was wearing that socks...

I wonder if anyone noticed that....



You see, I use always use socks.I

f you live here or in the NW, one has to get used to wearing bobbie socks even at home.

More so in the Land of the Samurais.

But I use the old ones at home.

The other night, I used one that has become thin at the heels.

It was black. Nanghinayang akong itapon,puwede pa nmn kasi...

Then yesterday, I failed to change it!

Nakakahiya ang medyas ko!


SOCKS are common here.

WHENEVER ONE ENTERS a Japanese home,

it is imperative to remove the shoes.

Not doing so is deemed unethical.

Para mo nang binastos ang may-ari ng bahay kapag hindi mo tinanggal ang sapatos.


I remember one time when some Pinoys came by and used my Karaoke.

It was the height of summer and most, if not all, do not wear 'medyas' at home.

As soon as they entered, I knew my Lolo would make reklamo....

Sobrang umalingasaw ang ere.....

The carpets would have to be scrubbed clean...and I had to do it!


Cleanliness if foremost in any Japanese setting.

Although this also depends upon each person involved,removing one's shoes when one enters one's abode is a must here.

Therefore one must be responsible for his own personal hygiene.

And with that follows the use of socks.


There have been varied stories about socks:some are hilarious, others are embarassing.

I was embarassed yesterday and felt so guiltyI wasn't able to sleep....

Did they notice?

Did they see?

How did I walk?

Was anyone looking at my feet?

So many questions kept reeling in my head....


Alas! I have to let go, or else, this guilt-feeling will keep me crazy

and I must focus on the tasks at hand.


BTW, I did some test-drive in one Car-Shop in Hamamatsu on my way home yesterday.

The LEXUS was enormous!

Despite my "butas-na-medyas" thing, I felt like a zillionaire

driving one of the luxuriest new cars around.

I wasn't aware then that I had ona pair of "butas-na-medyas"...

Had I known, I wouldn't have felt as excited.....


I guess I have to discard of these pair, huh?

Mahirap na.......

and I've got to check it all before I go out of the house!





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