Friday, October 14, 2005

THANK YOU, LORD...........

.........for another year;

....for another lease on life;

....for the opportunity to touch as many lives as I can;

....for the chance to share some thing to people I love;

....for making me what I have become now;

....for making me think the way I am;

....for making me feel the way I do;

....for granting me all the good things in lifemore than the basics I need;

..............and many more!


I thank you also for all the tears and laughters, the great moments I spend with loved ones and friends;

I thank the people who made my day: be they friend or foe,or just plain acquaintance, or a mere bystander who helped me in some ways in some nook I've been to

....I thank the Great One who continue to guide, help,enlighten me on things I should do and what must be done as I travel Life's Highway;

....I thank people who have directly or indirectly hurt me, or have hated my guts and have betrayed me behind my back.They may have their reasons, and that I fully understand.

And ....I thank all those who love C. despite her guts,misgivings and her stgraightforwardness:

I thank God for that great Gift: the LOVE I get from my closest; THEY make me carry on despite all odds.


Today I become a year older,



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