Saturday, September 30, 2006


In Unity, there is strength....
We often hear that.
May Tagalog version din yan, di ba?
"Kapag sama-sama,
mas malakas."
...or something like that.
The gist of the adage was even
compared to the lowly 'Walis Tingting'....
Kapag nakabugkos,
mas di hamak na matibay at nakakalinis,
kesa kung ito ay isa-isa...
walang lakas at walang malilinis.
Ganun din sa ating Bansa.
Paano nga ba mapapanuto ang ating Bansa kung
watak-watak ang oposisyon?
Unity is the key.
This made more sense today
when I went to the KUSAKARI
[Grass cutting] activity of the area
where I live.
Today, the venue was the small Shinto Temple
that ministers to several groups in our area.
The annual MATSURI [Festival] is fast approaching,
and preparations in the Temple area
is being rushed
for the event.
Today, Sunday, at around 7:30 AM,
all roads led to the Temple area,
with scythe and sickle in hand.
Rain or shine, members
[usually homeowners]
trek to the Temple and share
a part of their time, a part of themselves
to refurbish, clean, decorate
the area .
I went in behalf of Jiji.
I always do, anyway.
Non-attendance would mean a
fine of Y1,500. or about 12 US$.
Sayang naman.
Besides, going to these communal activity
makes you keep breast of what's happening, what's the latest
and the chance to mingle, and talk to people living
in your community....
to interact.
As the people work to weed out the reeds,
there's a hum of people whispering, talking
to each other amidst the rainshower that
has been pouring since early this morning.
I looked around and saw these people:
working class, with some Shachos[CompanyOwners],
Executives, salary men/women,
and old folks [both men and women]
working in harmony
for one goal.
And I thought:
Why can't we do that in Inang Bayan?
The fact remains:
We are not a united people.
Let us all UNITE
to shoo the fly that has overstayed her
presence in the seat of Power in
Inang Bayan.
People of the Philippines:
.....and shoo that fly
all the way to oblivion!


BROWN-OUT pa rin!!!!
Sa gabing madilim,
nang dahil sa kawalan ng kuryente
laman ng ref ko,
nabulok lahat!
Hanggang ngayon ba ganyan pa rin kayo?
Kasimbagal ng pagong sa pag-aayos,
Sa pagkolekta, mabilis pa kay pygmea glorianita!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

DOG DAYS are here!

Samu't sari ang nababasa kong opinyon
tungkol sa mga nangyayari sa Bansa
at sa ibang lugar.
What pains me most is that some people have the nerve
to brandish their kind of thing when their idols parade their arrogance
which leaves the rest of the citizenry aghast by their deeds.
I'd only say this, and leave everyone thinking.
Don't ask Qs anymore....
Just examine your conscience:
open your eyes that you may see....
IN THE INTERNET..............
arf! arf!

Monday, September 25, 2006


PDI banner:
" Arroyo commends top 10 agencies in fight vs corruption
BIR, PNP, DPWH included

*What? Walang nag-check kay gloria?
Eh yung asawa nyang dorobo?
Tsaka yung anak, bayaw, ka-ehem....ehem ni ehem...?????


"Ricky Martin wants more voices in fight vs human trafficking

Puerto Rican crooner Ricky Martin called Monday for more voices to join the fight against human trafficking.
"Join us," Martin said in Washington a day before addressing the House International Relations Committee in a hearing on human trafficking.[eoq]

Why not call on gloria the bogus sitting quack-quack of the Philippines.
She whose height defies all odds, one would think Pinoys are that pygmied.
She has a penchant for sending my kababayans to work abroad
just to keep 'em dollars coming. She needs all your remittances for her junkets
and her and her fatso esposo's foreign bank accounts, including miguel junior....

She wants Japan to lift its ban on entertainment visas.
Talagang itinutulak ang mga Pinay na mag-Japayuki.
Eh si Luli kaya ang padala nyang mag-japayuki?
AY! Baka hinid tanggapin....wala sa cara!


The Daily Tribune says:

"GMA ignores CA, promotes Esperon
Senators vow to block AFP chief’s appointment

This comes as glue
" defied the Commission on Appointments (CA) by promoting
controversial Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP)
Chief of Staff Gen. Hermogenes Esperon Jr. to the rank of
four-star general despite his pending confirmation as a three-star general."

* 'Langhya rin naman si Lola glue!
Matindi ang kapal: Ni hinid pa pala nako-confirm ang three ni ASSperon
binigyan na ng four star? Naman!
Patigasan ba kayo ng CA?
Matira matibay!

KUDOS to TDT...lalo na kay Ninez...
saludo po ako sa inyo!


ASSperon was pelted with eggs and mud at the UP!

"Last week Esperon was invited to a forum on political violence
and the economy at the UP Diliman campus.
Shortly after the event, Esperon was met with a salvo of eggs
and mud from angry students outside the Claro M. Recto Hall."

ITO ang type kong news!
Kaya lang mas maganda kung si Lola glue ang mapatid
habang naglalakad sa aisle o kaya sa isang parada...

Tingnan ko lang kung ano ang gagawin ng loka!

Madonna likes this:

Madonna who is in her forties, loves to be crucified on stage.
Interviewed on TV, she revealed that what she likes most in Japan is
its heated toilets.....

News have it that she bought one for use in her home!

* Japanese technology for you, Madonna.
You may not be a virgin, but using these toilets makes one
feel better after using the WC....

Like a virgin.....


My favorite colunmist, mlq3, has this to say:
" In the punditocracy, my column for today is Referendum on Estrada.
He’s not getting a fair trial. So let him settle the issue by running for office."

*Why not? Better that than be a two-time cheat!
Let's see what happens.
But I'll bet my last Yen, Lola glue wouldn't allow that to happen.
Her [B]adviser, her fatso esposo dorobo, would think otherwise.


And now for the joke text that made Manila roar with customary laughter...
making fun of the situation, despite the problems that beset our lives:

"What is the difference between the Thai Generals, and the Filipino Generals?

Sa Thailand, ang mga Generals, may B_Y_G! [Balls]
Sa Pilipinas, ang mga Generals, may BAYAD![paid!]

And may I add: Sa Pinas, ang pinakamaling problema ng Bayan

eh...yung mga "GENERAL Problems: Nandun din yung MAJOR Problems!
But the biggest problem of all is that pygmy by the Pasig!




Wednesday, September 20, 2006

THE DEVIL beyond the deep blue sea

The DEVIL is Dubya!
The one who called him?
The one who had the balls to do so:
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez!
Take a look:
Venezuelan president calls Bush 'the devil' in UN speech

Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez stunned the UN General Assembly
with a speech Wednesday in which he called US President George W. Bush
"the devil" who acts like he owns the world."
Chavez infuriated US officials with his sarcastic presentation in which he said
"yesterday the devil came here,"
referring to Bush's speech from the same stage 24 hours earlier.
"And it still smells of sulphur today, this table that I am now standing in front of," said Chavez.
Chavez then crossed himself, brought his hands together as if in prayer
and looked up to the ceiling of the assembly chamber.
"Yesterday, ladies and gentlemen, from this rostrum,
the president of the United States, the gentleman I call 'the devil', came here,
talking as if he owned the world. Truly. As the owner of the world," said Chavez.
Chavez launched a virulent attack on what he called
US "hegemony" and "imperialism"
and renewed calls for drastic reform of the United Nations
to reduce US influence.
His speech was warmly applauded.
It was the second anti-Bush tirade at the assembly in two days,
following Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's speech Tuesday.
Chavez brandished a book called "Hegemony or Survival" by
left-wing US intellectual Noam Chomsky,
quoted Greek philosopher Aristotle and said
that Bush's vision of democracy was like a script for an Alfred Hitchcock thriller.
He said the film should be called "The Devil's Recipe."
Chavez called Bush "a liar" and "a tyrant"
who should be taken before an international tribunal
because of the US-led invasion of Iraq.
He said Bush supports terrorism and
that the US president's speech to the UN assembly on Tuesday
should be examined by a psychiatrist.
"We cannot allow world dictatorship to be consolidated," he said.
US "imperialism," he added,
was "a threat to the survival of the human race."
Bush promoted "a false democracy of the elite" and a "democracy of bombs."
The left-wing Venezuelan president is a frequent critic of the US administration,
which he accuses of backing a plot to overthrow him.
He renewed the accusation during the speech.
Washington considers Chavez, a close ally of communist Cuba,
to be a destabilizing influence in Latin America --
even as the United States is a major consumer of Venezuelan oil.
When asked about the speech, US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said
she would "not dignify" the attack with a comment.
"It is not becoming of a head of state," she said.
"We're not going to address that sort of comic strip approach
to international affairs," said John Bolton,
the US ambassador to the United Nations.
Chavez has been pressing for Venezuela to get a seat
on the 15-member UN Security Council when a vote is held in October.
Venezuela is in competition with Guatemala for a seat from Latin America.
Like Ahmadinejad, he called for drastic change to the world body
to reduce the influence of the United States and other permanent members.
Chavez said the UN headquarters should be moved away from New York,
and suggested that even Venezuela would be a better place.
He called for an expansion of the Security Council,
more effective means to handle world conflicts,
greater powers for the secretary general
and an end to the veto of any resolution from the permanent members:
the United States, Russia, China, Britain and France.
"Let's be honest.
The UN system born after the second world war has collapsed,
it is worthless," Chavez said.
Why am I smiling?
Okay, OKAY!
I should say:
NICE ONE, Senor Hugo!
Thumbs Up


Desperate, indeed!
I am, really!
This is no joke.
I, along with 80++ million Pinoys are desperately,
desperately seeking for a new Philippine ICON!
  • One who can turn the tide of the economy
  • and be a role model for all to folllow.
  • One whose integrity is clean as the clearest sky!

  • One who won't lie, cheat, or smirk!
  • One who people can look up to
and say proudly:"That lady/gentleman is MY President!"
  • One whose record as tax-payer is unquestioned.

  • One whose marital partner [if ever she/he has one]

wouldn't meddle and play politics behind the President's back.

  • One whose sons and daughters wouldn't dip their fingers into politics

by running for a position alongside their parents.

  • One whose words are hallowed and whose promise is
acted upon.
  • One who is the exact opposite of the squatter who sits by the Pasig!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


It just wouldn't stop!
Finding someone to blame, that is!
Erap has been out of power for how long?
Five, six years?
the usurper by the Pasig River
have been blaming erap and marcos left and right
for the poor ratings the country got from IMF and related
lending institutions.
And gloria's tutas or legions,
or whatchamaccalit,
have been defending their boss to high heavens.
Is gloria being haunted by her own ghosts?
Or does she ever have a conscience?
Assuming that the period covered have been
those years prior to donya espreketek,
what then, has she done to ease the burden of the poor?
>>>to make the gap between the poor and the elite
narrower than her predecessors?
Instead, gloria loves to go on a junket
with hordes of her tutas tagging along,
the most recent of which was in Europe.
Did she gain anything from those trips?
But at the country's expense:
si gloria ay nag-iisip kung paano pang
maisasadlak sa dusa ang lehitimong Presidente ng Pilipinas.
while she is blaming everything
about anything on anyone who happens to
go against the prevailing nasty wind.

Monday, September 18, 2006


is Day for the Aged.
This is celebrated every third Sunday of September.
The Japanese used to celebrate it on the 15th of September
since I can remember. But the Law was repealed several years ago.
OLD folks are seen everywhere:
the parks, walking, playing gateball,
exercising, planting vegetables on a small patch of land.
They seem to be everywhere
and right here, they seem to dominate society.
The number of old folks in this country increase every year,
while childbirth remains the same, or lesser.
Hence Japan faces the problem of graying society。
The problem of caring for the old folks 
remains the main problem of government.
Around 99% of them recieve regular pension pay
6 times a year.
Helping an old man by offering him your seat
in public transport like trains and buses
are often met with disgusto.
Once I offered mine to an old man
as I saw him struggling on the rails while the train was in motion.
He refused nicely,
and struck a conversation with me.
He happened to be a University Professor somewhere in Kyoto.
A friend told me that most Japanese so not look well
at being helped. It would signal that it is the end of their
usefulness, if that happens.
While most Lolas and Lolos here have looked grateful at assistance
offered to them, I have since resisted the impulse to help them
wherever, whenever I see them.
Living with an old
GANKO [obstinate] OJIISAN [Grandpa]
has taught me to respect his space
and not trod on his moods
lest I want a word war to happen
right in our own living room!
Last week, I gave Jiji [Lolo]
a wallet made of deerskin.
He had been making 'parinig' about how tattered his wallet was
and that how he wish he had a new one.
I offered to buy him a new one
just to shut him up.
Oh well!
Happy Lolo's Day!

Sunday, September 17, 2006


HOW do you?
First, our country have been too lenient, too soft on plunderers of
our Kaban ng Bayan.
History tells us that we allowed those corrupt government people in the past
to get off easily.
Take, for example, the marcoses who have continuedly ingratiated themselves
among their 'loyalists' and have even gained some political seats in the process.
Again, Enrile who continue to rile the public and has re-invented himself
to face the political arena again, and again!
Or miriam who keeps changing coats
and has remained as weird as ever.
Or Recto, that Mrs. Vilma Santos guy,
or even "Senator Noted" aka: Mr. cuneta...
The list is filled with so may turncoats,
balimbings, doble-caras, tutas,
ganids, sakims, ad infinitum!
we have in our midst
the worse of them all:
gloria macapagal-arroyo,
she who is the daughter of one-time President of the Republic
before marcos: the "poor boy" from Lubao
who wasn't poor anymore,
because he lived in Forbes Park
after his presidency.
Critics describe gloria, or plain "glue"
[becoz she is like one, and has remained stuck to the seat of power!]
to various protesters, including this blogger,
as "even worse than marcos, himself!"
I must agree since gloria's actions and ways defy description.
She has copied marcos' proclamation on gagging his men.
She even deploys numerous men to protect her.
The recent SONA recorded 16,000 men
out to protect her!
Even marcos didn't deploy as much for himself!
The Country is in shambles,
despite glue's arrogant declaration that the economy is thriving.
The REAL PROBLEM of the country
is arroyo herself,
AND the FG.
FG means First Gentleman,
but I find his ways anything but "gentle"....
They continue to do as they please,
going to European junkets
with all theur tutas in tow.
Spending freely our money
despite the poverty and the ballooning debt is definitely a No! No!
What she accused Estrada of doing,
she does, also...
and how!
HOW, then,
do we solve this problem
called arroyos?
Pray, do tell!
Juan Makabayan no longer want
It is time for real

Saturday, September 16, 2006

WHY IS da fatso dorobo AFRAID?

is the fatso esposo gordo
so afraid
of journalists?
Why, oh why?
Lifted and looted from Ellen Tordesillas' blog:
The latest victim of Mike Arroyo’s crusade against those who tell the truth is Rep. Alan Peter Cayetano whom he has brought to court with a P32 million libel suit, three weeks ago.
Before that Arroyo has filed libel charges against 43 journalists. Here’s the list:

Newsbreak (”More Properties”, Dec. 8, 2005 issue)
1. Marites Vitug (editor-in-chief)
2. Glenda Gloria (associate editor)
3. Ricky Carandang (business editor)
4. R. E. Otico (editorial consultant)
5. Jose Dalisay Jr. (editorial consultant)
6. Booma Cruz (contributing editor)
Newsbreak (”Will she now change?”, June 7, 2004 issue)
7. Concepcion Paez (contributing writer)
Malaya (”Poe’s Camp says Mike is Chief Cheating Operator”, May 19, 2004)
8. JP Lopez (reporter)
9. Regina Bengco (reporter)
10. Amado Macasaet (publisher)
11. Enrique Romualdez (executive editor)
12. Joy de los Reyes (editor-in-chief)
13. Ma. Teresa Molina (editor)
14. Minnie Advincula (editor)
15. Ellen Tordesillas (chief of reporters)
Malaya (”First Couple’s idea of charity,” July 9, 2004, Business Insight column by Macasaet)
16. Rosario Galang (business editor)
+ Amado Macasaet (publisher)
Inquirer (14 counts, Tulfo’s column “On Target” that appeared on Jan. 14, 17 and 26; March 9 and 23; May 23, June 17 and August 3, 2006)
17. Ramon Tulfo (columnist)
18. Isagani Yambot (publisher)
19. Letty Jimenez-Magsanoc (editor-in-chief)
20. Jose Ma. Nolasco (editor)
21. Abelardo Ulanday (editor)
22. Rosario Gargellano (editor)
23. Artemio Engracia Jr. (editor)
24. Jorge Aruta (editor)
25. Pergentino Bandayrel Jr. (editor)
26. Juan Sarmiento (editor)
Bandera (six counts, Tulfo’s column “On Target” that appeared on Jan. 26, May 23 and 27, June 6,8 and 17)
27. Eileen Mangubat (publisher)
28. Beting Laygo Dolor (editor-in-chief)
29. Jimmy Alcantara (associate editor)
30. Raymond Rivera (circulation manager)
Tribune (stories where Tatad was quoted as saying Arroyo was his wife’s “chief cheater”, May 14, 16, 17 and 18, 2004)
31. Ninez Cacho-Olivares (editor-in-chief)
32. Romulo Mariñas (editor)
33. Gina Capili-Inciong (editor)
34. Jake Martin (editor)
35. Marvin Estigoy (editor)
36. Gerry Baldo (reporter)
37. Sherwin Olaes (reporter)
38. Lito Tugadi circulation manager
39. Jing Santos (subscription manager)
(For accusing Mike Arroyo of influencing RPN-9 network to axe “Isumbong Mo , Tulfo Brothers during a press conference in QC on August 2)
40. Erwin Tulfo
41. Raffy Tulfo
+ Ramon Tulfo
INQ7 (”How do you solve a problem like Mike Arroyo” , July 5, 2004 High Ground column)
42. William M. Esposo
TRIBUNE (El Esposo Gordo, July 21, 25, 28; Aug. 11, 13, 15 2004 So I see column)
43. Lito Banayo, now a Malaya columnist.
One of my favorite PDI columnist, Conrado de Quiros
wrote why he was not included, and said he feels shut out.
Da fatso is so afraid of journalists who makes pansin
of all his wrong doings!
Worse, journalists who are known to fight the bulok na sistema
have been gunned down and summarily executed.
Some activists remain desparecidos,
including the two UP students who were abducted
by armed men in Bulacan.
Remember, he has filed Libel Cases against 43 journalists!
Tsk Tsk
Something must be wrong
sino nga kamo?
I can't hear ya!

Friday, September 15, 2006


I have been amused by the description anna gave
about the reception in Brussels
as she blogged in Uniffors' blog:
Here's the transcript, looted from the Uniffors:
[I hope they won't get angry...
and Thanks, guys!]
I gave the title
becoz I feel it best describes brenda's actions:
I hope you enjoy the entries as much as I did....
or more!

anna de brux said,
on September 14th, 2006 at 6:40 pm
I met Brenda in Brussels.
She’s gone a bit ga ga! Her teeth were yellow too.
She looked as if she hadn’t taken a shower for some time.
Talagang, she’s starting to sound like a screwball.
We’re not discounting that what’s keeping her
from going totally nuts is her legal training but even this,
I’m afraid is becoming intermitent.
I’m not kidding Uniffors -
I believe she is in the first stages of Althzheimer’s disease.
There’s a pic of her with Gloria but believe me,
I saw and spoke to her close up.
She was by her poor lonesome self most of the time and looking lost!
anna de brux said,
on September 14th, 2006 at 6:41 pm
The sad thing is she had bouts of incoherence!
anna de brux said,
on September 14th, 2006 at 6:51 pm
I saw and heard her saying “hello” to C Ortega
and they started on one liners.
Then Brenda turned to my friend to say hello -
she smiled and said, “can i do anything for you?”
My companion said, “just want to say hello Senator”.
She asked her, “Why?” (I personally almost fell off my seat!)
Ambassaodr C Ortega was still beside Brenda.
Then Brenda turned to Ortega and asked her the same thing!
I MEAN IT: “Can I do anything for you?”
(She had just been speaking to Ortega 10 seconds ago and all of a sudden,
she didn’t recognize her anymore!)
Even Ortega looked a bit jolted and said in Tagalog,
“No, wala ma’am…” and left Brenda by herself!
I mean it - it was very strange!
And you know what? She started looking for her purse.
She started to panic and said, where is my purse????…
she couldn’t find it (a black handbag)
So security came and they scampered to look for it.
They scoured the hotel lobby, restaurant - no dice!
Half hour later, a PSG guy came and haded it to her and said,
“M’aam naiwan yata ninyo kagabi sa koche!”
He had found it in the car. She’d left it the night before
(coz it was very early in the morning and the delegation
hadn’t left for a meeting yet so the purse had been sitting in the car the whole night
and she only found out that she didn’t have it with her at breakfast time!)
uniffors said,
on September 14th, 2006 at 8:29 pm
Wow. Now we feel sorry for her. But not for Romulo who should have known better than to respong that way. Besides she would have forgotten she said it anyway pala. Hehe
anna de brux said,
on September 14th, 2006 at 9:11 pm
And then, Romulo is also one strange person.
I mean, he’s sweet, gentle and all pero, gosh, the guy is already ulyanin!
Uniffors, ano ba naman iyan? He’s saying n’importequoi!”
My friend (a European) said afterwards, “I had no clue what he was trying to get at….” Your venerable secretary, my dear uniffors was mixing up dates and places, events and was doing a tit-for-tat over something else, meaning to say, he was chatting about something else that was not the point of discussion.
I was just absolutely GOBSMACKED!
The only guy who had his head on his shoulders it seems, was a guy who looked like a shark and was introduced as Congressman Suarez. The guy looked like he was in the wrong business… I mean the guy was obviously on the Gloria bandwagon to do business with Europeans! Halata talaga! hahah!
anna de brux said,
on September 14th, 2006 at 9:14 pm
I never met Suarez in my whole life but boy, he was too obvious. I mean, he was making bida about how, what he can do to help Europeans in Manila if they wanted to do business - hahahah!
One European came to me and said, is he a broker or an agent? I said, I don’t think so, coz he’s a member of Congress or at least, that’s how he was introduced to our group! Heheheh!
uniffors said,
on September 14th, 2006 at 9:34 pm
No wonder Romulo picked up Miriam;s suggestion. Suarez has a reputation for questionable deals. Your european friend was right. He is a facilitator.
I was so amused by anna's kwento that
I can't help guffaw in my seat.
My Lolo gave me that strange look
as I was smiling throughout.
Lolo might think I have joined
brenda's legion...
or is it gloria's?
Thumbs Up

Thursday, September 14, 2006


I have often wondered how gloria and her fatman [baboy na asawa]
could get away with it [the impeachemnt, that is]
with all those boxes [7 of them!]
of evidence against them.
Sons and brother-in-law having numerous accounts
and allowed by banks in Manila to open under several aliases?
My oh my!
Pwede palang mag-open ng bank account under aliases?
Did BPI or that other bank break any rule?
Will they be punished if they did break any law?
Were they?
Do these people with various bank accounts ever pay their taxes?
Do they declare their Income,
both from the 'hatags and the commissions"
and those 'lagays' they get for "services rendered"?
To think I have had several brushes with some
PNB and other bank officials while opening an account
simply because I didn't bring enough IDs to present them!
Pwede naman palang magbukas ng bank account under any alias,
as long as "may tawag galing sa itaas!"
This is Pilipinas in the twentieth century!
Kung kailan pa nag-moderno na ang mga taga-ibang Bansa,
saka pa parang naurong sa kabulukan ang Bayang Magiliw.
Hanggang Kailan?
Hanggang kailan ka magtitiis,
Bayang Minamahal?

Saturday, September 09, 2006


For those with sorrows in their hearts, this is for you.
May you find Peace and the serenity to accept the things we cannot change, and remember that God does things His way....
Sally jumped up as soon as she saw the surgeon come out of the operating room.
She said: "How is my little boy? Is he going to be all right? When can I see him?"
The surgeon said, "I'm sorry. We did all we could, but your boy didn't make it."
Sally said, "Why do little children get cancer? Doesn't God care any more?
Where were you, God, when my son needed you?"
The surgeon asked, "Would you like some time alone with your son?
One of the nurses will be out in a few minutes, before he's transported to the university."
Sally asked the nurse to stay with her while she said good-bye to son.
She ran her fingers lovingly through his thick red curly hair.
"Would you like a lock of his hair?" the nurse asked.
Sally nodded yes.
The nurse cut a lock of the boy's hair, put it in a plastic bag and handed it to Sally.
The mother said, "It was Jimmy's idea to donate his body to the university for study.
He said it might help somebody else. I said no at first,
but Jimmy said, 'Mom, I won't be using it after I die.
Maybe it will help some other little boy spend one more day with his Mom."
She went on, "My Jimmy had a heart of gold. Always thinking of someone else.
Always wanting to help others if he could."
Sally walked out of Children's mercy Hospital for the last time,
after spending most of the last six months there.
She put the bag with Jimmy's belongings on the seat beside her in the car.
The drive home was difficult.
It was even harder to enter the empty house.
She carried Jimmy's belongings,
and the plastic bag with the lock of his hair to her son's room.
She started placing the model cars and other personal things
back in his room exactly where he had always kept them.
She laid down across his bed and, hugging his pillow,
cried herself to sleep.
It was around midnight when Sally awoke.
Laying beside her on the bed was a folded letter.
The letter said:
"Dear Mom, I know you're going to miss me;
but don't think that I will ever forget you,
or stop loving you, just 'cause I'm not around to say I LOVE YOU.
I will always love you, Mom, even more with each day.
Someday we will see each other again.
Until then, if you want to adopt a little boy so you won't be so lonely,
that's okay with me.
He can have my room and old stuff to play with.
But, if you decide to get a girl instead,
she probably wouldn't like the same things us boys do.
You'll have to buy her dolls and stuff girls like, you know.
Don't be sad thinking about me.
This really is a neat place.
Grandma and Grandpa met me as soon as I got here and showed me around some,
but it will take a long time to see everything.
The angels are so cool. I love to watch them fly.
And, you know what?
Jesus doesn't look like any of his pictures.
Yet, when I saw Him, I knew it was Him.
Jesus himself took me to see GOD!
And guess what, Mom?
I got to sit on God's knee and talk to Him,
like I was somebody important.
That's when I told Him that I wanted to write you a letter,
to tell you good-bye and everything.
But I already knew that wasn't allowed.
Well, you know what Mom?
God handed me some paper and
His own personal pen to write you this letter.
I think Gabriel is the name of the angel who is going to drop this letter off to you.
God said for me to give you the answer to one of the questions you asked Him
'Where was He when I needed him?'
"God said He was in the same place with me,
as when His son Jesus was on the cross.
He was right there, as He always is with all His children.
Oh, by the way, Mom, no one else can see what I've written except you.
To everyone else this is just a blank piece of paper.
Isn't that cool?
I have to give God His pen back now.
He needs it to write some more names in the Book of Life.
Tonight I get to sit at the table with Jesus for supper.
I'm, sure the food will be great.
Oh, I almost forgot to tell you. I don't hurt anymore.
The cancer is all gone.
I'm glad because I couldn't stand that pain anymore
and God couldn't stand to see me hurt so much, either.
That's when He sent The Angel of Mercy to come get me.
The Angel said I was a Special Delivery!
How about that?
Signed with Love from: God, Jesus & Me.

Another HOT DAY!

'Twas like being burned alive!
Everyone I met had the same comment: "It's too hot today!"
The heat we are having these past two days
have been unbearable.
Talagang "tulo to the max" ang aking pawis!
Makes me think it's a lot better to stay in Manila
than suffer the extreme heat
in this Land of the Rising Sun.
Panay na tuloy ang dilig ni Lolo sa mga halaman....
para naman maibsan yung init sa lupa,
at hwag nang sumingaw ang init papuntang bahay.
Most shops do that, too.
The heat from the ground becomes horribly unbearable
especially during high noon and 2 hours before and after.
Imagine being inside an oven!
THe Weather people here says that
all these will be over by next week.
I hope they're telling the truth.
I realize why Pinoys go malling often.
They just enjoy the best seats inside the
coldest place in their community.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Ilang taon na ba ang nakalilipas?
Parang ibang-iba na ang Pilipinas ngayon.
  • Bawal magsinungaling!
  • Gumagamit ng "po" at "opo".
  • Humahalik sa kamay ng Matatanda bago umalis at pagdating sa bahay.
  • Magagalang ang mga kabataan.
  • Nagbibigay ng upuan sa matatanda ang mga bata lalo na sa loob ng bus.
  • May tanging respeto sa mga namumuno sa Bansa.
  • Bawal ang Baril!


  • Walang respeto.
  • Pwedeng mandaya: anoh?! si gloria lang ba ang pwede? Pati nursing, bar, at kung anu-ano pang test, wala yan! Nasa usapan na yan: pedeng bigyan ng milyon-milyon ang mga nasa PRC tsaka may travel junket lang yan, ayos na! Si 'garci' nga inayos ang mga boto ni gloria! Pinalabas na nanalo! Anong batas-batas!????
  • Uso ang sinungaling! Nagsimula sa mataas na puwesto ng Bansa!
  • Pwedeng magkaliwaan: aba'y ang Unang familia despotika ang ehemplo!
  • Magnakaw: hindi lang ng Kaban ng Bayan, kundi ng BOTO ng Bayan!
  • Magpapatay: Uso na yan ngayon! Kitam, si palpakan pa ang 'trusted and ever loyal general ni ate glue!
  • Pwedeng labagin ang Batas, basta ba ka-legion ka, ayos yun, pards!
  • Bawal mag-raaly at magsabi ng totoo: pag napag-initan ka, bigla ka na lang mawawala!
  • Bawal magsalita! May EO 464 at kung anu-ano pang ka-ek-ekkan ni ate glue .Kailangan, maygo-signal si gloria...., at kung wala,patay kang bata ka!
  • Bawala mag-attend sa anumang hearing, imbitasyon ng Senado o ng Kamara ang mga nasa ehekutibo.....Kailangang ma-screen muna at ma-ensayo ni gloria at kanyang mga tao or else, ayos ang buto-buto!
  • Pedeng magnakaw at magtago ng mga kadatungan sa Germany, Swiss, at anumang Bayan sa Europa o kahiit sa Africa! Say?
  • Pedeng magkabaril! Madali lang makakuha, ...ang 'lagay' ba naman....Nakukuha yan sa mabo-BOTEng usapan at sa mga "envelopmental assistance"....

ALL becoz the supposed-leader is

a cheat, a cheap, and a congenital fucking liar!




KUNG KITA SA KITA, madali ang pera dito,
kesa sa ibang Bansa.
Kaya lang,mahigpit sa rules ang mga Companies.
For me, OK lang!
Kasi if you don't follow the Company rules,
why bother applying sa ganoong Kompanya?
Rules make life easier.
Besides, hindi naman imposible ang mga rules nila.
Take for example yung RULE on route o daanan ng isang empleyado
to^and -from the Company.
Tinatanong talaga kung saan ang daan mo papuntang trabaho.
This is to be included in the application form/ file ng isang empleyado.
WHY do they do this?
Para malaman ang route/ daanan ng isang employee
becoz the insurance for workers here covers
from the time you lock your door in the morning
to the time you go back to your house in the evening
on any ordinary working day.
Pag nagka-aksidente sa ibang lugar,
o during Company holidays,hindi covered ng insurance yun.
Pansariling medical insurance na yun,which the Company ALSO take care of.
Isa pa, nag-sa-suggest ang Company sa mga empleyado
KUNG SAAN ang SAFEST na route/daanan.
Maganda kasi may guidance ng Company and after sila sa kalagayan ng bawa't empleyado.
FOR the protection of its employees!
SAANG Kompanya sa Pilipinas meron nyan?
Sa government employees, wala rin di ba?
I couldn't believe these Pinays!
7 out of 10 of them violated the route na napagkasunduan sa meeting.
Nandun ako at that time, and I jotted notes and the route itself!
Tapos deny to death ang 7 while yung 3 were commended by the Manager
for keeping the rules.
Bara-bara kasi sa Pinas, di ba?
Take a look at the traffic flow[kung 'flow' nga na maituturing yun!]sa Metro Manila.
No order, altho there are traffic rules, no one bother to follow!
One more rule is to wear the uniform properly
.Yung iba kasi unbuttoned shirts, or daming dangling from the pockets...etcetera...
The Pay is good,but Pinoys say 'Strict' daw!
I don't see it that way!
Been here for a while....I know!
It's just a matter of self-discipline
and Proper Work Ethics!


...and so she must face
the final curtain....
Recent news and developments in Inag Bayan
sends some signal:
IS it the beginning of the end of gloria and her minions?
Human Right advocates have repeatedly called on glue to
stop the spate of kilings and disappearances of students, activists, lay leaders
and most of all, journalists who have spoken against arroyo and her ' legion.'
Not only that, foreign governments also, have
made calls..."request" to quote some,
to do something to stop these crimes.
Lately, the "secret" bank accounts of gloria and her esposo dorobo,
have been exposed, thereby making gloria's secret,
" NOT a secret anymore!"
Altho the first gagoPig has made that trip to Germany along with
a handful of tutas and his lawyer to get that certification,
the numbers of which were different from what Cong. Cayetano
has stated. Hence, a waste of time and money.
gloria, as usual, after a long hiatus,
proclaimed in a press statement, that
Cayetano must apologize to the first family
[the first, indeed! in kasinungalingan!]
for staining their reputation.
I say, what reputation?
Meron pa bang maganda sa kanilang
sin verguenza familia?
Que horror!
ALL things in this world has an end.
And to those who live dangerously,
comes an equally dangerous end.
Gloria's end must be near.
All signs are there.
I await with faith and hope
until she leaves the seat
that is not hers, anyway,
in the first place.

Monday, September 04, 2006

PILIPINAS, sa kuko ng Sinungaling!

*Alay kay gng. glue pandikit y pidal*
ang diwata ng lagim.
Natatandaan ko noon si Ina,
na sa tuwina'y nagpapaalaala
"Huwag magsinungaling,
pagka't ito'y kapatid ng mandarambong!"
Tunay na tunay
ngayon ko naalala,
sapagka't itong nagpapanggap na lider,
reyna ng sinungaling!
Hindi lang yan, aking Kababayan,
Pati na ang pera kinuha sa Pondo....
Kasahog ang esposo dorobo
Kawawang Pinoy, ayu't naghihirap!
Bakit nga ba nagkaganito?
Hindi mawari madasalin kuno!
Pakitang-tao, ismid naman dito,
Yun pala ang ugali, pakitang-tao!
Tantrum dito, sigaw doon,
ang image ni madam, mapait at pilit.
Kaya naman pala, palabas ang lahat
pa-sweet-sweet sila para sa camera!
Ngayon naghihirap sa kuko ng sinungaling
Bayang minamahal ano ba ang nakain?
Bakit hindi iluwa kung ang lasap ay pait din?
Palayasin ang hudas Bitayin ang sakim!
Smiley Sunglasses

SAD SONA[State of the Nation]

A funny way of presenting the sad state of affairs in the Phils.

Kung Pinoy si Noah....
Ganito ang mangyayari sa ARKO.

Taong 2005 at isang ordinaryong middle class pinoy si Noah.
Nagpakita sakanya ang Diyos at sinabing

* "Pagkatapos ng isang taon ay bubuhos ang ulan at babahain ang buong kapuluan ng Pilipinas. Gusto kong gumawa ka ng isangmalaking arko at isakay mo rito ang pares-pares na mga hayop at mga mag-asawang pilipino sa iba't-ibang kapuluan."

Ibinigay kay Noah ang specs ng Arko at taos puso nitong tinanggap ang responsibilidad na sagipin ang sambayanang Pilipino sa napipintong pagbaha.Lumipas ang isang taon, muling nagpakita ang Diyos kay Noah.

Walang arkong nagawa si Noah at galit na galit siyang tinanong ng Diyos,

"Nasaan ang arko na ipinagawa ko sa iyo?"

Tumugon si Noah, "Patawarin po ninyo ako kung di po natupad ang utos ninyo!
Nagkaroon po ng malaking problema sa plano po ninyo."

At inilahad ni Noah ang mga sagabal na nakaharap niya sa pag-gawa ng arko.
Humingi siya ng Mayor's permit pero papayag lang daw si Mayor kung ang
gagawa ng arko ay ang construction firm ng kanyang pamangkin.
Tumungo siya sa Congressman pero papayag lang daw si Congressman
kung may matatanggap siyang 30% commission.

Nagtayo ng unyon ang mga kinuha niyang manggagawa at nag-strike.
Natunugan ng mga left-leaning groups ang kanyang balak at ang mga ito aynag-rally dahil daw sa hindi makatarungang pagpili ng mga taong sasakay sa arko
(mga taong naniniwala lang sa Diyos ang pwedeng sumakay).

Nakisali sa rally ang mga bakla at tomboy dahil biased daw na normal na
mag-asawa lang ang pwedeng sumakay.

Ang civil society group ay nakisali na rin sa gulo dahil napag-alaman daw
nila na ang pondong gagamitin sa paggawa ng arko ay galing sa donasyon ng
mga gambling lords at katas ng jueteng.

Sa kaguluhang ito ay napilitang magpatawag ng hearing ang senado "in aid oflegislation". Sinubukan ni Noah na gamitin ang EO 464 para makaiwas sa hearing pero
dahil hindi sya executive official, napilitan siyang tumestigo.

Nang malaman ng senado na utos ng Diyos ang pagpapagawa ng arko,
dineklara nila itong unconstitutional dahil hindi raw nito iginalang
ang separation ng church at state.

Nakialam na rin ang NBI at PNP at sinabi nilang meron silang impormasyon
na ang arko raw na ito ay gagamitin ni Erap sa kanyang pagtakas.

Sinabi naman ng ISAFP at DOJ na ito raw ay gagamitin ng grupong Magdalo
sa binabalak nilang coup laban kay Arroyo.

Nilapitan ni Noah si Mike Defensor na siyang GF [as in General Factotum kuno!...ahehe!]
para makipag-usap kay GMA. Payag daw na ituloy ang arko kung ipapaskil daw sa
ang malaking mukha ni arroyo na may slogan "Towards a Strong Republic"."

Hindi po ako pumayag kaya hanggang ngayon po ay may TRO ang pag-gawa ngarko.
Sa palagay ko po kailangan ko pa ng 10 taon para matapos ang inyong proyekto."
Ang huling wika ni Noah.

Napa-iling ang Diyos at sinabing,
"Di ko na kailangang wasakin pa ang bansang ito.
Hayaan ko na lang kayong sumira nito. "


Ganun na lang ba?
Wala pa bang pag-asang makaahon ang Bansa
at malipol na ang mfga lagad ng legions of darkness?



Kapten Barbel!

Nasan na kayo?

English-Tagalog Translation: New Version

Bagong Salita sa Wikang Tagalog
Nakalista sa baba ay mga titulo ng mga posisyon sa English at
ang bagong nababagay na bansag sa kanila sa wikang Pilipino:
  • President - Pasimuno
  • Vice President - Kunsintidor
  • Secretary - Palsipikador
  • Treasurer - Kubrador
  • Auditor - Kasabwat
  • Business Manager - Gastador
  • Public Relations Officer - Tsismoso
  • Sergeant-at-Arms - Pasaway
  • Representative - Pahamak
  • Observer - Usisero
  • Advocate - Taga-batikos
  • Spokesman - Bolero
  • Moderator - Taga-bulabog
  • Announcer - Manggugulat
  • Monitor - Taga-silip
  • Inspector - Taga-lapirot
  • Investigator - Mangangalkal
  • Enforcer - Tirador
  • Jail Warden - Sadista
  • Prosecutor - Tagapaglait
  • Judge - Tagahugas-kamay
  • Aide - Taga-istorbo
  • Assistant - Galamay
  • Adviser - Sulsol
  • Consultant - Mangangalakal
  • Contractor - Estapador
  • Expert - Punong-Yabang
  • Technical Writer - Manlilinlang
  • Spin Doctor - Taga-himas
  • Headhunter - Taga-silat
  • Headshrinker - Basagulero
  • Director - Taga-udyok
  • Manager - Taga-kulit
  • Boss - Busabos
  • Supervisor - Ambisyoso
  • Chief Accountant - Punong-Gahaman
  • Sales Vendor - Pirata
  • Collector - Mangingikil
  • Custodian - Taga-ligpit
  • Dispatcher - Taga-dispatsa
  • Distributor - Taga-kalat
  • Delivery Man - Taga-iwan ng Gamit
  • Circulation Head - Taga-bilog ng Ulo
  • Purchaser - Palengkera
  • Receptionist - Palikera
  • Clerk Typist - Taga-parami ng Papel
  • Messenger - Tagatulak ng Papel
  • Janitor - Taga-limas
  • Plumber - Taga-tagas
  • Repairman - Mambubutingting
  • Gardener - Damuho
  • Utility Man - Inutil
  • Watchman - Istambay
  • Security Guard - Bantay-Salakay
  • Doorman - Nagpapalusot
  • Driver - Kaskasero
  • Chance Passenger - Malas na Nakikiangkas
  • Comedian - Alaskador
  • Entertainer - Kerengkeng

Ayos ba?

ALE BOBA breaks her silence....

and now, Ladies and Gentlemen,
the fake president breaks her silence:
"I am breaking my silence because I can no longer allow my family to be pilloried in this manner," the DZMM report quoted Mrs. Arroyo as saying from Malacañan.
"My husband and I had been officially cleared by HypoVereins Bank, the alleged depository of our non-existent account. My lawyer can belie congressman Cayetano’s accusation to the last detail," she added.
The President's husband has filed a P30-million libel suit against Cayetano before the Quezon City Prosecutor's Office.
Mr. Arroyo filed the suit after obtaining a bank certification that said he does not have a multimillion-dollar account in the bank."eoq
Wow naman!
AFTER SEVERAL WEEKS, saka nagsalita!
....."within the sound of silence!"
Gudnes, may dir...
kadiri da denayal naman, oh!
It's old already...
as in OLD, noh!
Why naman you speak onli naw?
Isn't it tu leyt por dat?
Just like the garci tape controversy....
You perst allowed Bunyeta to show two tapes...
en he sed
"I have two tapes, the left and the right"....
+ater, you went on national TV and said....
pa-simpol-sipol ka pa,
with your doeful look....
And now na lumabas ang
da Forbes' Powerful Women,
you take the cue and break your silence?
What for?
May gulay naman yu!
RESIGN na lang you,
para matapos na yang ka-ek-ekan mo!
NOW na, OK?
In the meantime,
clean your backyard muna,
and make sure
what you say is true!
You don't know truth pala!
Bikos yu ar da mader paka- sinungaling!

Saturday, September 02, 2006


nagkaroon ng
Disaster Drill sa buong Bansa.
Taon-taon, ganito ang ginagawa ng mga tao rito.
Kasabay nito ang anibersaryo ng tinatayang pinakamalaking
lindol sa Tokyo na tinawag na
The Great Kanto Earthquake
na naganap noong Setyembre 1, 1923.
Dahil dito, naisipan ng gobyerno ng Hapon
na gawing paalala ang
sinapit ng mga ninuno nila
at papaghandain ang taumbayan sa ganitong situwasyon.
Kaya nga
lahat ng tao kasali!
Pag sinabi kong lahat,
[medyo nag-internet pa kasi ako,
kaya nahuli ng ilang minuto!]
May information sheet na ibinigay
kamakailan tungkol dito.
Divided ang bawa't lugar, gaya ng ating Barangay,
kaya lang mas kakaunti.
Parang 17-18 households ang sa amin.
May lider na siya ring taga-kolekta ng KUHI[monthly dues]
na siyang ginagamit sa mga proyekto,
paglilinis at pagmementena ng maliit na Templo
sa aming lugar.
Ang lider na ito ay pinapalitan kada isang taon.
Sa tunog ng sirena
[ang lahat ng lugar ay may communication tower
na nagpapahatid ng anunsiyo anumang oras;
naririnig ito sa lahat ng dako ng aming siyudad],
lahat ng tao ay lumabas at naglakad papunta
sa mga designated "evacuation centers."
Sa Prefecture Level, meron din sila, coordinated sa National Level
kung saan ang Prime Minister ang siyang namahala.
Masasabing mabilis at high-tech ang gadgets dito.
Siyempre naman, noh!
Japan pa!
What I admire is the dedication of all people:
volunteers or those in the Fire Brigade.
Sila mismo ang in-charge sa mga fire drills,
at sa lahat halo ng evacuation procedures.
ALL of them were there, identified with their uniforms.
Helicopters, ambulances,
Including doctors who came and
made the activity a success.
Ang misyon ng bawa't Drill na ganito eh,
para malaman kung gaano kabilis makakaresponde ang
mga awtoridad sa anumang kalamidad,
kung sakaling magkaroon.
Alam natin na ang Japan ay nasa
linya ng Philippine plate
at karaniwan na rito ang Lindol.
Halos araw-araw ay merong Lindol dito,
lalo na sa lugar kung saan ako nakatira.
Kaya dapat lamang na
Laging Handa
sa anuman.
Bawa' t bahay ay meron ding handang tubig, pagkain na de-lata,
radyo, pangginaw, blanket,
damit na naka maleta
para sa anumang
hindi inaasahang pangyayari.
Ito ay karaniwang nasa may pinto ng bahay,
para mabilis na makukuha sa paglikas.