Tuesday, October 25, 2005


Last week, it seems someone among the people here forgot to close the door of the big car properly.

This morning, as I prepared to go out and do my rounds the big box didn't start!

The doors were left open, hence the battery was busted and I have no one left here, except my lonesome self!

*&^%$!!!! ...

and my car was at the furthermost in the garage!

Great! I have no idea HOW this thing works.

Ang alam ko lang gawin, sumakay sa kotse at paandarin.


So what must I do?

I called Lolo and he was angry...

He told me to do something;

He'll be in hot waters if the money do not reach his people that day.....

I am supposed to go to the bank for the employees' salary.

Today, being the 25th is payday and the drivers expect the bank transfer by 1 o'clock.

Pity the families who wait for pay day.

So I walked my way to Bank #1 and withdrew the amount.

Then I walked my way [again!] to Bank #2 and transferred the corresponding amounts due each driver.

I walked BRISKLY for around two hours flat....

and my upper thighs ache....

Goodness!Lolo came home around 6 and listened to what transpired.

As usual, he listened poker-faced and just blurted out "OK!" ..no more, no less.....

but wait, did I see a hint of a smile on his withered face?

Anyway, I am off to OFURO [HOT BATH ]to ease the pain in my legs...

I am sooo tired.....

I feel sleepy....



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