Thursday, September 01, 2005


THE CALL for six more votes seems difficult to achieve. MOVEMENTS of all kinds are seen, felt and "noted". Rumors are hot that money has changed hands since last week. Telephone lines have been busy with the demolition team doing its calls "personally" to gather as many allies. Some blogs [ particularly mlq3's ] reported that visitors trooping to Malacanang is endless [if we are to consider the cars with low numbers passing by its gates.

GANUN NA lang ba yun? Wala na bang mahalaga kundi pera, dinar, yen, dolyar atbp.?

AREN'T THERE any more modern-day PINOY BAYANIs these days? Wala na bang may konsiyensiya sa Bayan?

THIS IS the time for all good men to show the world that we still have good, honest people in this part of the world.

CALLING ON all good Pinoys in Congress.....and all government offices........

CALLING ON gloria and here 'husband": MAKONSIYENSIYA NAMAN KAYO!


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