Thursday, September 08, 2005


THE SKY WAS CLEAR after the storm. Altrhough there were thin clouds here and there, the sun shone magnificently all through the day.

IT IS ALWAYS LIKE THIS. After each storm, the sun will surely shine and bring sunshine to all, regardless whether you are in Baton Rouge or in Miyazaki, in Quezon City or in Alabang.

THE RECENT MARATHON CIRCUS in Batasan was like a bad dream. There is a POLITICAL STORM that looms in Inang Bayan. Reading the news and hearing from Kamag-anaks over the phone about the massive death of democracy, I can't help but feel disgusted. I was so angry I cried. Imagine a bunch of monkeys [mas mabuti pa yata ang unggoy, may pakinabang!] conspiring at the behest of that putative winner in the last election. Parang mga puppet at walang isip. Halos lahat mga ganid at walang konsiyensiya. May matira man, iilan at walang makinarya.

BUT I BELIEVE IN MY HEART that something good will happen. After all, it is not always night. As sure as the day breaks after midnight, we will see the sun shine for all of us who want a better PILIPINAS. After the storm, we can be assured of a clear sky.



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