Monday, September 12, 2005


NEWS ABOUT KATRINA and the slow-paced relief operation of the richest nation in the world has inundated most news page since it struck weeks ago. This also prompted the lowest rating garnered by Bush,Jr. He was vacationing at the time Katrina struck. Huh!

THE CATASTROPHE revealed something the outside world did not know before: that the mostly African-American communities in the South are as poor as any third world country could be. It pulled the shroud that has been in place since time immemorial. It also revealed that the poor is helpless amidst the ramblings and the posture to maintain the image of being the 'superpower of the world.' It also projected tot he world the INADEQUACIES of a program fro DISASTER-PREPAREDNESS of a superpower.

LOOKING AT all these from the outsider's view makes me wonder: Is INANG BAYAN ready for such disaster? I wonder.

RECENT DISASTERS such as the Tsunami last December and the Katrina devastation must open our eyes and ears. We must insist on a DISASTER PREPAREDNESS PLAN that must be given priority just in case. Being caught red-handed and unprepared is a big NO-NO!!

FOR ALL its faults, JAPAN has adequate plan properly laid out in case disaster of great proportions strike. There are constant updates and drills being conducted in companies, schools, and even in government offices. Every year, they conduct a General Drill at all levels utilizing all agencies.

It was put to use when the Great Hanshin Earthquake struck one winter morning in January ten years ago. The concerted effort and the DISCIPLINE of the victims were obvious WHEN THEY LINED UP AND WAITED FOR THE DISASTER WORKERS TO DO THEIR JOBS. Apparently, this same discipline was sorely lacking in Katrina's wake.

ALTHOUGH PILIPINAS do not suffer as much earthquake as Japan, our country eats typhoons every other day during the Wet Season. This should make us ready and aware.

HAS THE PROPER AGENCY made studies regarding the strengthening of our shorelines?

DO WE have a DISASTER-PREPAREDNESS PLAN in place, ready anytime to do their job?

DO WE have enough DISASTER-PREVENTION PERSONNEL who can respond anytime?


DO WE have LOGISTICS to go by? Baka lang naubos na sa 'pagbili' ng simpatiya.

SO MANY QUESTIONS. YET the government led by the putative-president appears to be focused ONLY on holding on to dear power as if it is defending life itself.

I HOPE in my heart that WE THINK ON THESE LINES....

...."Tommorow may not come...By then will be too late."

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