Thursday, September 15, 2005


I LIKE DRINKING COFFEE. BUT I limit my intake to one [or two at times] cup a day.

RESEARCHERS SAY that COFFEE is good to the body, if taken in small quantities.

BY ITS AROMA alone, Coffee makes us feel good.

BTW,......DID YOU know that the most expensive coffee is one that comes from the feces of a nocturnal animal in the tropics who eat the coffee beans and the excrement are collected and sold as 'exotic' coffee beans? Most big-time hotels order this rare and expensive variety.WELL, I haven't tasted that...not yet [and I don't think I'd like to venture into that....not in the next twenty or so years.But who knows? I might have drank one while staying in some hotels out there. The thought gives me that strange feeling. Goodness!

COFFEE comes in different varieties: ESPRESSO, AMERICAN BLEND,CAPUCCHINO, MOCHA, GOLD BLEND, PRESIDENT, BLUE MOUNTAIN BLEND#1, etcetera...balh-blah-blah...The list is endless!

HOWEVER, I LIKE the NESCAFE PRESIDENT best. Tama lang ito sa panlasa ko.I just bought that BLUE MOUNTAIN BLEND #1 but I haven't tried that...not yet anyway.I guess I'm keeping that for special occasion,or I'd better include that in the box am gonna send for Inang Bayan.

COFFEE VARIETIES have also intrigued most people in the world. Some like to go to STARBUCKS just to try. I guess people go there not because of coffee but that they simply want to be identified with the 'IN" crowd.Some may take umbrance at this but COFFEE is COFFEE wherever you go. Trip lang natin minsan yung lalagyan [o lugar]at hindi yung laman.... I myself have these coffee cup collection:mugs from all over but I like to use the one mug which was given free from the PAN-YA [BAKERY] here. It just seem comfy to sip from.

TALKING ABOUT COFFEE reminds me of this story:

A group of alumni, highly established in their careers,

got together to visit their old university lecturer.

Conversation soon turned into complaints about stress in work and life.

Offering his guests coffee, the lecturer went to the kitchen

and returned with a large pot of coffee and an assortment of cups:

porcelain, plastic, glass, some plain-looking and some expensive and exquisite,

telling them to help themselves to hot coffee.

When all the students had a cup of coffee in hand, the lecturer said:

"If you noticed, all the nice-looking, expensive cups were taken up,

leaving behind the plain and cheap ones.

While it is but normal for you to want only the best for yourselves,

that is the source of your problems and stress.

What all of you really wanted was coffee,

not the cup, but you consciously went for the better cups

and are eyeing each other's cups."

"Now, if Life is coffee, then the jobs, money

and position in society are the cups.

They are just tools to hold and contain Life,but the quality of Life doesn't change."

"Sometimes, by concentrating only on the cup,

we fail to enjoy the coffee in it."



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