Monday, September 19, 2005


OFTENTIMES, when friends and family ask me

which place I want to go to unwind,

the City of Pines almost always pop up.

I DON'T KNOW but I have this thing about Baguio.

It all started when I was young.

I always look for articles about exotic placesand tourist destinations.

I plan and imagine myself in some exotic cruise and in some faraway country.

But the one place that has not lost its magic in me is BAGUIO.

ABOUT A couple of years back, a friend and I went to Baguio.

We just did it to see some lots for sale in the outskirts of the City.

I also called up some old acquaintance who rents rooms for transients.

THEN SOME five or so years ago,I rented a taxi and went to Baguio on an impulse.

With me came Flor and Millet and Makoy.

So there we were....heading for Baguio during the Christmas holidays.

We stopped by McDo at Pampanga and ordered "TO-GO".

We ate inside the taxi as we sped thru the circuitous route.

WE ARRIVED in time for lunch. We went around in a whisk

and spent more time shopping for veggies and strawberries, walis and jams.

I guess I spent more time buying pasalubongs than enjoying the views.

I loved the DEBONED-BANGUS and the

VIGAN SAUSAGES I bumped into

at the wet market.

We didn't stay the night opting to go back to the Metropolis

lest we be caught in the New Year rush.

I stayed awake while the rest slept.

I wanted to be sure Eugene, the driver wouldn't sleep while he's at the wheels.

I saw him close his heavy eyes several times.

I offered twice to take over the wheels, but he refused.

It was indeed, a tiring experience but everyone of us didn't mind,except the driver, I presume;

but looking at his face after the generous fee was paid plus some tips and pasalubongs,

I'd say he sure was ecstatic, judging by the wide grin he sported.

My friends and I had a grand time chatting and exchanging chizmiz

about everything since I went away.

I MUST agree nothing has changed since the Baguio of my youth.

Some say it has seen better days.


But one thing is sure. I don't smell the PINES anymore

as we approached the "WELCOME" sign.

It used to be good to be met by fresh, clean air.

I USED to attend SUMMER CAMPS in Baguo City and its ourskirts with the BOYSCOUTS.

I enjoyed the time being the STAFF MEMEBER and

as ALT of the National Training Team of the BSP.

God, those were the times!

I miss the camaraderie and the training grounds.

I miss [Dr.] Edith

and others who were really, really good friends

and allies from way, way back.

I hope in my heart to see them once more.

BAGUIO also means being with BOYS from all sectors:both public and private kids.

They were a terrible lot.They were funny, and at times troublesome,

but with me, they always showed respect and served as my 'aide-de-camp'

whenever I need one.

To them, I'll always be "Ma'am AKELA"[THE GOOD LEADER].



I'LL DEFINITELY go back some other time

given the chance and time;

I hope to own even a small parcel of land,

preferably near or around LOAKAN near the Airport.....


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