Friday, September 09, 2005


REPORTS OF AN UNHOLY ALLIANCE between marcos and gloria, between ERR-ap and gloria abounds. In fact, the scuttlebutt is here and there. It fills every nook: from talk shows to editorials, columns and blogs from everywhere.

SPECTACULARLY MISSING from the plenary voting in Batasan this week was imee, that daughter of imelda who was reported to have been in Singapore during the crucial moment. Ei? WHAT GIVES?

LIKEWISE, ERR-ap's 5 loyalist congressmen casted 'YES' votes, meaning...they support non-impeachment. Again, WHAT GIVES?

KNOWING PHILIPPINE-STYLE POLITICS, gloria must have put her machinery [again!] into good [for her and her family, at least, but not for the country!] use. With the husband around and that artista-son of the desgracia-familia arriving in time for the marathon circus, wads of money and promises of juicy positions must have been the call of the day. Indeed, PARTISAN POLITICS played to the hilt. All because someone is afraid yet she desperately wanted to stay in power.

THE PROBLEM with our leaders is that they lack the CREDIBILITY, INTEGRITY AND THE HONESTY to lead a nation to a better future. If there are any left, counting with one hand would produce a sad few.

A LEADER, particularly if you're on top, must act respectably in order to be respected. In gloria's case, she must earn that respect. Looking at her actions of late, I don't think I'd respect someone as 'sinungaling' and as unfeeling as she is. Besides, some persistent rumors have it that she isn't a practicing Catholic as she wants herself projected to the public. With nani at one side, she has to 'act' as a submissing wife' to pidal who calls most of the shot in Malacanang.

I DO NOT KNOW whether to pity or admire her, to hate or commiserate with her....ALL I know is that she is not a good leader for this country at any time. After all, I hate liars and cheats. I hate magnanakaws and manipulators. And I hate people who do not have 'PALABRA DE HONOR'..

THE CLOUD OF DOUBT is like the sword of Damocles hanging over gloria's head as long as she keeps her stance of holding desperately to dear power.


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