Sunday, September 11, 2005




Kayo naman... Sa Lupang Hinirang...TULOY PA RIN!

IT WAS A LANDSLIDE WIN for Koizumi's Group.

AND MOST OLD FOLKs don't feel good. That includes Jiji. His retirement pay and pension plan won't change, that's why!

KOIZUMI's win would spell shelving [again!] the social security matters which would benefit the greying members of society. His focus is limited to the postal privatization only! Before the plenary voting last month, he threatened to abolish the SHUGIIN [THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES] if and when his Bill won't get the needed majority approval. The Lawmakers were defiant, even those from his own coalition. From his defeat, he vowed not to support those who opposed him. Then he abolished the Lower House, hence, this snap election. By doing so, isip ko, 'Grabe nmn itong si Junichiro Koizumi; hindi lang nasunod ang gusto niya, nilusaw na ang House of Rep.!

OLD FOLKS hereabouts supposrted the opposition led by OKADA. Okada is targeting the SS issues since Japan is now experiencing the lowest Birth Rate of all times. He espouses additional support for families in an effort to encourage parents to have babies. The alarming rate of people from 60 years and over is s overwhelming that officials are adamant to increase benefits for child-rearing. It must be noted that hospitalization bills for Childbirth is absolutely free for all Japanese. Added to this, each child receive a certain amount from birth to about six or seven y/o.

THE MARGIN OF VICTORY is overwhelming that interviews are non-stop. All programs show the latest trend and special talk shows have started their marathon reporting 'Live' . Supporters of all candidates are out cheering, even at this late hour.

WHICH REMINDS me of the election campaign while I was still in Inang Bayan. The only difference is that cheating and manipulation is quite far from here. Siguro, hindi puwede dito si gloria. Tiyak, hindi tatagal si gma dito. Bawal kasi ang manipulasyon ng numero, noh!

It is amazing to know how fast the Japanese gather info and numbers without a hitch. Unlike in Inang Bayan where it took days [or weeks?] to get the exact numbers, here,it's just a matter of minutes. It is also difficult to manipulate the returns. Or is it dependent on "Honesty-is-the Best-Policy" system? Wala na ba talagang pag-asang maging honest ang Pinoy? Huwag Naman....

ONE THING, though...Jiji said something about voting for 6 MEMBERS to sit as JUDGES IN THE SUPREME COURT. There were 7 candidates and each voter must name 6. I wonder why we, ordinary Pinoy Voter are not allowed to choose the candidates for our Courts... Bakit nasa Presidente LANG ang karapatang ito? Kaya tuloy nagkakaroon ng POWER-PLAY sa Pinas, eh! Partisan Politics ang nananaig.

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