Saturday, September 03, 2005


I WOKE UP LATE this morning! When I looked at the table clock, it says 8:30! whooo! I'm late! When I looked at the window, I saw men and women cutting grass along the street that leads to ours.

GREAT! I got to shell out 1,500Yen for not attending! That's a cool 800PPesos, kid! Waaahhh!!! MOTTAINAI! [SAYANG!]!!

EVERY YEAR residents of each town MUST participate in COMMUNITY PROJECTS and KUSAKARI or GRASS-CUTTING is one of them. Non-attendance would mean paying a fine. Each household sends a representative and being the youngest in ours, the burden fell on my shoulder. Most households send the wife or the head of the family.

USUALLY, these KUSAKARIs are scheduled from May through the hot summer months, when the grass seem to grow everywhere, and at great speed. I have participated in these activities so many times in the past. It makes me feel responsible for the upkeep of the area where I live. It reminds me that there is something I can do to help in nation-building: by making myself useful in my community. These activities are SYNCHRONIZED in ALL TOWNS, CITIES, PREFECTURES IN THE COUNTRY. And I imagine, all people in Japan are out early morning of a specific Sunday and do something for the community. Great, indeed!

PROGRAMS LIKE THESE must be implemented in Inang Bayan as well. I find the activities here DOABLE in Inang Bayan. Kaya lang, BAWAL MAGPADALA NG KATULONG sa ganitong pagtitipon. Marami sa ating mga kababayan ang ganito ang gawain. Kapag may miting sa Barangay, magpapasabi si Mrs. ni Konsehal na "busy siya"...atbpng mga kadahilanan. Reminds me of that saying: "KUNG SADYANG GUSTO, MAY PARAAN, KUNG TALAGANG AYAW, MARAMING DAHILAN."

I wonder why our 'honorable' leaders have not thought along these lines....

AS FOR me, I have resolved to attend the next KUSAKARI....promise!

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