Sunday, September 18, 2005



I ALWAYS LIKE MONDAYS even if sometimes it makes me reel

from the rigors of the day before.

SOME people I know hate Mondays.

They call it 'Blue Monday'.

Why they color it blue,

I really have no idea.

BUT for me, I await the Mondays of my life

as if that is the only breather I need from the hurdle

I have to put up with the past week.

MONDAYS have always signified the start of my week.

That is the day when I can go back to my world and be with myself.

I AWAIT Mondays eagerly because it is the day when my pals call me and me them.

I don't know why we have refrained from using the phone on Sundays.

Perhaps it's that unwritten rule that Sundays are for other things personal....

but Monday seems to be open lines for all of us.

And I find it COOL.

AM I ALONE in making Monday my day?

WHAT about you?

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