Monday, September 19, 2005


IT USED to be SEPTEMBER 15 but in the past year or so,

it was moved to the third Monday of September.

Perhaps that day [9/15] used to coincide with Japan's surrender to the Allied Forces.

Some legislators here do not want to celebrate being "old" with that day of shame.

This year it was yesterday.


IN THE PAST DECADE, the greying of Japan has rattled the country.

ROJIN [or the aged/old man/ elderly]

are everywhere and their presence cannot be denied.

The ratio of the elderly far outnumber those of the young ones.

MORE AND MORE Japanese opt not to have babies or worse, some have remain unmarried.

When asked why, they reasoned out that

they wanted less encumbrance,or lesser responsibilities.

The younger generations want to enjoy,so they say....

WHILE THE GOVERNMENT supports childbirth and rearing up to seven years of birth,

still the birthrate isn't moving up.The fact is more Japanese pose to live longer

while their is a distinct lack of younger ones to rally the old.

This is evident in the closing of more elementary schools each year

because of lesser enrollment.

Reason? No enrollees. No kids around.


ROJIN HOUSE or their equivalent of the HOME FOR THE AGED is rising.

The good news is, at least for Pinoys,

is that more CAREGIVERS are needed to take care of them.


GIFTS in all forms are displayed in flowershops, supermarkets,or department stores.

Cups, shawls, flowers, plants, kimonos, you name it, they have it.

BTW, I didn't buy Lolo the canestick [tungkod] I used to joke about.

He doesn't need it...not yet, anyway.

DRAWINGS of Grandfathers/mothersare prominently displayed

in supermarketsor department stores.

These were collated from nearby schools [usually kinder classes].


IN MY CLASS, I had this traceable pattern for kids to do.

They are advised to present them to their Lolos/Lolas.

More likely, all of them still have the extended family living with them.



I OFTEN JOKE Jiji about the ROJIN thing.

Whenever he turns into tantrums [usually when he gets drunk;

...and I thought lasenggo ang Pinoy!mas drinker pala ang nasa malamig na bansa!]

and gets angry at me, I always remind himnot to be sooo nasty,

since I am the only one who volunteered to take care of him in his old age.

That, I believe makes him stop and rethink his words.

Sometimes, the boorish ways of old people gets into one's nerves, really!

I have oftentimes threatened to leave him and go back where I came from

if he doesn't behave.

Oh yeah, there ARE tantrums still,but not as much as when I first came.

I believe he got the message right.

After all, no one's gonna put up with his ways?

The other realtives are too busy with their own lot

that no one bothers to be with him.

Nakakaawa lang talaga...

I GUESS I'm stuck here...

until when, I really have no idea.


AS FOR ME, I'd rather spend my ROJIN YEARS in the country of my birth.

I believe there is more of Pinoy in me than the Yamato and the Shogun combined.


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