Tuesday, September 13, 2005


YESTERDAY was a big "clean-up-day" for me and my abode. I started by gathering all the decors for summer and kept them carefully in the box intended for their safekeeping.I then opened another box where atumn things and paraphernalia are kept and just went on with the usual fittings.

AH!! THE END product was as good as new! That would be great till after I come back from my Christmas Holidays.

THAT DONE, I went on to clean my room and re-aaranged my things.

I always wanted to re-arrange the furnitures and fixtures in my room.

I enjoy doing these things. Beautiful surroundings always fascinate me.

Isn't that part of being a LIBRAN? Although fine fixtures always make

beautiful rooms,I utilize old decors and recycle them to come up with new

and "reinvented" ones. That would make home decors at minimum cost.

Besides, I often go to 100-yen shops[the cheapest!] here.

I always look for things that would pass on as something elegant and classy.

Neighbors and friends of Jiji often comment that the house looks great.

Even the garden has seen some semblance of order since I came.

OH...HaH! [yabang ba?...mahilig lang talaga akong mag-arrange ng bagay2].

I must admit I am elated.... Who wouldn't be? After all, I did what I could

to transform the once-dull living room here to something liveable....at least.

And that includes all the rooms here. ANYWAYZ, I do the same thing

whenever I am in Inang Bayan. Masarap maupo sa sofa

kapag malinis na at maayos ang lahat, db?

0R PERHAPS, I am already thinking of going home

for the Holidays kaya I am already starting to clean?

Medyo maaga nmn. I NEED to do the cleaning or else,

magagalit ang matanda if I don't.

AS THE OLD YEAR near its end, people here clean the entire house

in preparation for the coming Year.They want to welcome the New Year

with clean surroundings and that includes the whole house, the closets,

kitchen, and practically everything! The idea is to get rid of

the past year's "malas" [by cleaning]. Having a clean surrounding

would be conducive for "good luck to enter the place.

AUTUMN IS fast approaching, and the early morning breeze is changing.

Dusks come earlier than before and the morning dews are heavier.

My special plant has begun to turn whitish from its original green.

During cold winter days, it'll turn to red again.

MEANTIME, I have embarked on jogging again

as part of my slimming program [daw! ].

I hope it works.


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