Friday, September 02, 2005


THE VISION that flashes through the screen never stop to amaze me....or is it disgust I feel? I am numbed by what is going on in america! And yet they can afford to send so many troops to Iraq and spill blood all over the once-beautiful place.

THE WEALTHIEST country in the whole world, who regal themselves as a "superpower" now seems to be the opposite. The devastation transformed the area as if to look like a third-world country scenario. The victims of Katrina's wrath have become refugees in their own country, with five days of no food, no water, no power and no nothing except a sea of floodwater. The desperate people of Biloxi and New Orleans are desperate: they were promised buses to transport them to Texas, but wait is the word and no buses on sight.

THE SITUATION is getting worse, with America's CRISIS MANAGEMENT in question. The slow-paced relief operation seems to be at a loss. Some say they have a plan for disasters like this, but that none of its residents have heeded, nor were they interested ...until this came along.

MEANWHILE, STINKING dead bodies are left to rot under the baking sun. Someone among the residents quipped that it looks like Hiroshima [I beg to disagree here, since Hiroshima was much worse, if not the worst!].

I HAVE relatives who embraced everything america; I wonder whether they are truly happy with the situation and the government's response to situations like these. I hope in my heart that they won't suffer the same fate as those in the affected areas.

I BELIEVE that every nation, including ours, MUST have a CRISIS MANAGEMENT TEAM that would truly respond to situations at a flick of a finger. Japan has, and for that, I salute these people who have made it their duty to safeguard the citizens and to respond ASAP whenever, wherever needed 24-7/365. Besides, DISCIPLINE is one good thing to bear in mind. Chaos and anarchy in the midst of disaster makes beasts of men, regardless whether you belong to a third-rate country or the G-8s.

MAY WE BE BLESSED WITH ALL GOOD THINGS so that we can cope with anything that comes our way.



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