Thursday, September 15, 2005


Jeremy [again! Ewan ko ba dito sa taong ito; trip magbasa pero laging may hila]

mentioned he'd pass this on to me, and some others. Mahaba nga lang pero here goes....


>>>>20 YEARS AGO

I went to school with my Nanay making hatid at sundo. She used to park her jeep near the entrance to the Main door, kaya dyahe; my classmates always made 'kantiyaw' kasi 'Mama's Girl' daw ako. I really wanted to go to school alone, kaya lang ayaw pumayag si Nanay. Ayun.

I guess I enjoyed my Grade school with classmates and my neighbors. I was allowed to play with them but I needed to come home before it got dark. My Nanay was the strict type. Considering/despite the fact that we had hordes of Yayas and househelps[marami kasi akong kapatid], she wanted me to learn how to make house: clean, cook, wash the dishes, et cetera. So I was tasked not only to watch but lend a hand to the househelp. I didn't relish the mess then...and I didn't know why she has to make me do what I did.

>>>>15 YEARS AGO

Ganun hanggang high school. "TA[N]GA-Maynila" daw ako, according to my classmates. Quite true. I happened to be brought up in Manila since I can remember yet I feel I didn't know Manila and its crevices. I never got around even in Quiapo BY MYSELF. I didn't understand then why Nanay was so 'mahigpit'. My father was accomodating. He allowed a lil freedom, especially if Nanay went to her home province to overlook her Copra harvest and visit her relatives.

I guess I enjoyed HS best: the camaraderie and the lunch box which my Nanay lovingly prepared for me everyday. I remember a PE teacher who stopped by while my friends and I were eating at the school Cafeteria. She peeked at my lunch box and commented: "Wow! Your Nanay must be good!" Mrs. Tomelden even tasted the green salad. When I replayed the conversation to Nanay, she was amused and smiled like she won a gold medal. Great compliment, huh!

>>>>10 YEARS AGO

Graduate na ako ng college nito. I started school when I was five. I applied for a job at a local radio station. Katuwaan ba. How surprised we [my barkada at that time]were when I made the 32 out of the 230 or so applicants. That gentleman from Davao conducted the interview. It was a Sunday in July.We were made to read a portion from a newspaper.Then a soft sell and a hard one for commercials. I remember a NESCAFE and a JOHNSON'S BABY POWDER lines. Since I have been doing these thing [that of reading aloud in front of the mirror since HS], I made it. I found it quite easy then.

Anyway, I made it and worked for a year or so on a 6 to 9 P.M. slot. I learned a lot from this experience.But Radio isn't for my type, I guess. And the hype in the networks even if it is only the airwaves, are so disturbing for someone who was brought up in a home that is modest and strict. Besides another job, the one for which I was prepared for came along. So I willingly transferred from that job to the next. I guess the latter was my true calling. I embarked on furthering my studies and hurdled the long tripfrom Alabang to Diliman, with classes till late on Monday evenings.Dito yata lumabo ang mata ko, kakabasa ng libro habang umaandar ang sasakyan.


By this time I was already moving.

Despite the odds and everything,I learned a lot.

I also got my first taste of AUTUMN LEAVES on TREK to Aomori.

I shed tears of JOY seeing the glorious colors of gold, red and

the magnificent maple leaves.

I'd like to remember this as the BEST among my memories.


I spent some time traveling from one place to another. I tried to absorb everything I see, learn, read and most of all I learned the ways of people from opposite sides of the globe.


I started to teach young kids abroad.

Got involved with a Volunteer Group.

Met new acquaintances, but no real friends yet.

Most Pinays I met were far from those I'm used to.


I started my own small school in this part of the Pacific.

Not much, though...but I guess I am still lucky.

Jay had JA, and Von will soon be a father with Indi

heavy with their first child.


I continued arranging the house. There are a lot of unused boxes here and there.

Called Marcia and learned that Aurora has not paid..yet! Grr....


Saw a movie: "Taras Bulba, The Cossack" starring YulBryunner:

An old movie via the NHK BS 2. I waited for my fave series till 12 mn here.


Called Marcia again. Learned that Aurora is making reklamo.

Mayabang daw ako kasi may pera na.Sus! Goodness!!!

Ako pa ang mayabang.Ibang klase rin nmn ang mga taong yun

.Ayaw nang magbayad, tapos, mayabang pa ako. Ano ba yan?

Makoy emailed me saying they recieved the box already.


Who knows what tommorow may bring?

Let tomorrow come.

I have no plans yet.


I need to work more perhaps...

para mapagawa na yung bakanteng lugar sa likod-bahay

for Von & Indi in case they still want to transfer.

>>>>5-10 YEARS FROM NOW....

God knows that.

I'll let God handle my fate.--------


AND NOW....I pass this on to: .




.......and ....................."M." [kung trip mo lang naman...]

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