Wednesday, September 07, 2005



I'VE BEEN watching endless debates on TV and there seems to be nothing substantial being discussed. It feels the same.

TWO DAYS to go before the election on Sunday, and everyone is racing against time to cover as many sites to visit. Campaign trails are inundated with those loud speakers roaming the streets till after dark, enjoining the Japanese voters to voye for their candidates.

OKADA of the supermarket chain clan proposes focus on SOCIAL SECURITY more than the POSTAL PRIVATIZATION PLAN of KOIZUMI. Old folks here support the PENSION idea since it is foremost in the minds of the greying generation.

WHILE KOIZUMI seems popular with younger ones, the majority of the citizens have grown weary of his promises and the declining economy has made every one feel disgusted.

WHY THE NEED for privatization is beyond me. While I use the Postal Saving Services since I came here, I don't think privatizing the Postal Services will make a difference. This country has so many big-time delivery-service companies already that putting the Postal Agency into private hands would only aggravate the already-clogged market. Besides, postal workers wouldn't want to be absorbed in the private sector where pay is lesser than those in government. Unlike in Inang Bayan, government employees here are well-paid and receive benefits, aside from a higher pay-scale.

MEANWHILE, the debates continue.....

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