Wednesday, August 31, 2005


SEPTEMBER 1st is BOSAI NO HI or.. DISASTER PREVENTION DAY in this part of the Pacific. I believe this is timely, after Katrina and the Tsunami that rocked Asia last December.

EVERY YEAR, the Japanese set aside a day to conduct a nationwide DRILL involving all sectors of society, at all levels of hierarchy: from the smallest town to municipalities or cities to Prefectural Level. All activities are coordinated with the National Leader with the Prime Minister at the helm. The Program begins at 8:30 A.M. and is synchronized everywhere. Residents are involved and asked to cooperate.

INANG BAYAN needs these kind of program ASAP. LET US LEARN FROM RECENT DISASTERS. I doubt if we have one in place, or something doable which can be tapped anytime, anywhere AT AN INSTANT.

THIS IS TIMELY. Looking at the recent devastation of Katrina makes us feel inadequate in Inang Bayan. Proper coordination, readiness of the government to respond to natural disasters, evacuation procedures, evacuation logistics, information dessimination, food ditribution, basic necessities and more.... are needed to be put in place.

MANY THINGS are needed:

====PLANNING: apparently we need to be armed and forearmed. It is better to be ready than be caught unawares.

====COORDINATION: of concerned agencies to truly implement the plan.

====LOGISTICS: ambulances, other transport, food, water, tents, medicine....the list is endless.

ALL THESE need money. And that is the problem.

IF ONLY the "Pork Barrels" or the Countryside Development Funds so abused by our Tongressmen and Senatongs are diverted DIRECTLY to address basic services, then ordinary citizens like us won't feel neglected.




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