Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Our ACTIONs....


be they words we say...or things we do....
reflect a lot on who we are and where we came from......
This reminds me of a line:
A gentleman can live through anything.-William Faulkner
I have often encountered men whose mouth precedes themselves....
They yak and yak and never think of the other party;
whether they hurt anyone
o r
whether their views aree appreciated or rejected.
I have seen and heard most whose head are found down under
and whose limbs are atop their bodies that they often display what is considered outrageous in polite society.
Pity the women who entertain such fools!
I may not outrightly despise such actions done to anyone,
but it disgusts me no end to be with such pigs in any given gathering....
I would rather be alone and find comfort in my books
than associate with a wolf.
I look up to one whose looks may show some unpolished trimmings...
but whose heart is pure.
I enjoy a good talk and a man whose very core speaks of genteel breeding.
I'd love to know a man who can show respect to other women and
who treats them the same way he treats his mother and sister...

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