Sunday, February 12, 2006


The name PASIG has been unanimous with that RIVER
featured several times in the nation's history.
It was the main passageway used by our forefathers
as they travel from Laguna down to the central City of Manila.
Recently, Pasig has been converted into a City,
and an important connector to the province of Rizal to which it once belonged.
These past weeks, PASIG has been in the limelightnot only once, but twice!
Not for good reasons, though,
but because it has been involved in STAMPEDES.
Oh yeah, two!
One was that Game show stampede in which hundreds were injured
and nearly 75 [79?] dead;
I don't newspaper says 74,
another 75 and still,
I saw one with figures rising as high as 79!
Now which is true?
Hardly do we get true reports from our media nowadays....
Another stampede occured when a raid produced some 300 people
caught inside a compound, including 59 minors:
a one-stop shop for shabu and related "services".
The irony is that it is located merelyhalf-a-kilometer away
from the nearest Police HQ and the City Hall!
Good grief!
Right under the very noses of the authorities?
I smell somethin fishy here....
And it has been there for several years now!!!!
I bet there are more in the cities that surround the Pasig.....
I wouldn't be surprised if "honest" citizens come out and cry wolf. ....
Just like JUETENG, these diseases must be stopped
lest they eat up the entire nation,
particularly the youth of the Land....
Now who wants to talk?

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