Sunday, February 12, 2006

VALENTINE'S DAY, Japanese Style.....

Chocolates perhaps, is the world's oldest known aphrodisiac,
and the very symbol of Valentine
as one can glimpse on items for sale in Department Stores and
Supermarkets in February.
Aside from that, flowers like Roses sell like hotcakes days prior to the Day of Lovers.
In the Western world, and also in Inang Bayan,
the girls usually receive something from boys.
Likewise ladies await for something special from the man of their dreams.
Not so in Japan.
Here, it is the girls/ladies who scamper to stores to buy something
for their favorite male friend or boy friend[s]/lover/husbands.
Females swarm the stores [like we did...yesterday! ]
and buy some small things for men/boys who matter to us:
>via workplace or those who make our hearts beat faster!.
I do not know when this "tradition" started
but old folks insist that this is commercialism to the max.
They opine that Department Stores think of ways and means to commercialize
each single occasion in the Calendar in order to boost sales.
I have had encounters with this celebrationfor several years now.
I have to go and buy some chocos [simple they may be] for my male students.
My list includes older men who attend my classes.
I believe I have to, since my social obligation is put to test here....
....and I spent more than I allocated for this occasion!
A month later, on March 15 to be exact,
the Japanese [Oh, well...the young ones...only!]
celebrate WHITE DAY
which is the day when males give something to those who remembered them
on Valentine's Day.
But a word of caution to the wise:
better not expect a 100% return of your'investment'
lest you turn out frustrated.....
as what happened to some young girls I know.......

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