Friday, February 03, 2006


Got an INVITE to join Camp Pag-ibigat Balara Compound, QC!
It's been ages since I got one!
While in College, I used to be part of a group of people
close to the organizers of the Original Camp Pag-ibig.
We were always tapped to join the multitude of Volunteer Youths
who comprised the Camp Staff.
Some of us lent our 'expertise' on Bases set up for the participants.
Participants here meant the HANDICAPPED or the PHYSICALLY DISABLED.
Most of the Core Volunteer Group have gone their own ways and
some have left the country to work/stay in another.
This is a Day-Camp held every February,more or less
on the second Saturday-Sundayof the Love Month.
It is held for two days.
Not only was it fun to join....but that feeling of being able to make someone happy
makes our adrenalin surge no end.
How I wish I can join them once again....
but distance makes it impossible!
Here's wishing for a successful Camp Pag-ibig 06!
Kudos to the Staff as well......
This year, it will be sponsored by the Quezon City government.
I wonder if the original organizers:the DCS, Manilawill be joining them......

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