Monday, February 20, 2006


I've been reeling and seething with something I can't place....
It started when the Trainees assigned to me did not follow the instructions.
IN JAPAN, one has to keep his words,
lest he be branded as unworthy, someone who cannot be trusted.
As in any other place, SHINYOU [TRUST/REPUTATION] is something we earn.
Here, it is EVERYTHING!
And one way is to keep our promise.
The leader and two others didn't.
They were supposed to meet me after lunch,
but they got back to their 'House' a few minutes before 6PM!
And they didn't even bother to call me via the Company mobile.....
When asked why, one of them, R, was defensive, and rattled:
...that she knows what to do,
and that they needed to go around....
et cetera....blah-blah-blah!
She couldn't even look at me straight...
Here, that is tantamount to someone you can't trust!
So today, I called the Plant Manager
and asked that I be included in the next meeting with the Trainees.
He told me to report at 5.
I did!
They were all gathered at the Conference Table.
As I entered the Hall, I saw the Company Owner at his desk
at the far end of the Hall.
He looked my way and I nodded in greeting.
He nodded back.
As we were talking: the Manager,
the 6 trainees and myself,
the Owner came around and started to listen.
He began to sit down as he listened
and became interested in the discussion.
I reported on the happenings since the onset of February
and they were all ears.
No one countered my report
because I was just telling the truth....
The Owner reminded them that once they break the rules,
they will be sent home PRONTO!
The words were strong,
so much so that I feel the warning must be heeded...or else...
The Manager told me to "teach them the proper way of living,
going around daily life in Japan".
..and that "whatever problem they have,
to please contact C-san...."
I translated them all for everyone's ears...
When all of them went back to work,
we [the Company Owner, the Plant Managerand I discussed rules of operations and discussed each Trainee's personality.
SHACHO [Owner] knows each one of them:
it was he who interviewed them back in Cebu.
We compared notes on how we find the
of the Pinay Trainees......
He laid ways and means to follow:
expenditure notebook, shopping,
and the like.
He instructed the Manager to be strict next time,
and refrain from smiling as that can be misconstrued as being lenient and soft.
Having said a piece of my mind
was a load off my back.
I just hope the Trainees
got the message loud and clear.

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