Monday, February 20, 2006


That seems to be the, at least!
Take the CAMERA: it used to be heavy and big,
but lately, camera icons has come up with
still smaller versions.
and lately the MP3s, ad infinitum....
And so the BETA became the VHS,
then came the VCD, and the CD.
Although the TV set has become bigger through the years
with the introduction of PLASMA and all its derivative,
it has evolved and became HOME-TV/THEATER,
but we also have MINI-TV sets good for the bathroom.
Now comes the CAR-NAVI [car-navigation system]
with all its attachments,
and then the PORTABLE TV/VCD/CD Player combi.
The latter is so small, you can bring it anywhere you go.
It is similar to the ordinary school notebook,
or is it smaller?
There's the iPod, and those mini-games PS,...
the PCs with smaller notebooks available on the shelf.
New products come out one after the other.
Your PC may be new today,
but tomorrow a new one comes out and it is outdated!
MINI-CAR Sales have marked up,and has become popular,
even among men.
has been the best-seller these past years.
I drive a LimitedEdition Model.
The list is endless!
Even the famous Japanese noodles have become mini
with the smallest version translated to minicups and minibowls.
RICE are available in small packs,
instant and at every one's reach, anytime!
Same goes with basic viands, dishes, pickles, and many more.....
Minis and Instant are the trend....
It is OK by me for the instant thing,
but what I cannot fathom is the MINI in Winter!
I mean the MINI SKIRT in Winter!
Good if these girls wear something over their legs!
They don't! While they wear some boots or high black socks,
one can glimpse
A Chinoy friend once commented
when I accompanied him and his wife on a tour of Kyoto:
"Kung kelan malamig,saka pa nag-mini!"
Mini, anyone?

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