Sunday, January 29, 2006


Beng Shiu, San-san, Fin-fin!!!
YESTERDAY marked the first day of the Chinese Lunar Calendar
as it ushered the Year of the Fire Dog.
Greetings from Tainan & Taipeh, in Taiwan poured,
where some kamag-anaks still reside and continue to live
despite "other" chances open to them.
They aren't willing to give up the properties left to them by Tatay....
San-san have been working with a big jewelry company and speaks near-perfect English, having immersed in English in one of the Universities in Manila.
Fin-fin and his brother [a perfect replica of my elder brother!] have not communicated for sometime since Tatay died.
I wonder what happened to them.
I hope they are all doing well....
and that this year, [like all the years to come....]
bring them Good Health and Great Wealth to spend for the Betterment of their People.....

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